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Josiahs Scott



There is a forsaken Truth that most dont dare to embrace. And those who do, find themselves going against the tide and facing opposition all around. Will you dare to believe what the Bible says about divorce and remarriage?


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Table of Contents


Preface Information and Explanations. 7

1. Considerations, Contact, & Copyright 7

The Website for this Book 7

We are in Beta Stage Please Help Us with Corrections and Feedback. 7

If You Are Poor, Please Contact Us With Questions. 7

Technical Copyright Information. 7

2. How To Use This Book. 8

Hebrew and Greek Basics. 8

Representing More Advanced Details From the Ancient Languages. 8

MT vs. LXX Old Testament Source Texts. 9

Genesis 2 Example What Do All Of These Details Have To Do With Marriage?. 9

Notes Concerning Genesis 2 and the New Testament 10

Important Appendix Resources Where I Document a Lot of My Extra Research. 10

A Heart for True Salvation. 11

Chapter 1 Demanding A Revolutionary Return to The Garden. 13

1. An Initiating Call (An Introduction) 13

2. The Ancient Marriage Teaching. 14

A. The Original History of Degradation. 14

B. Jesus Restored the Reverence of One Flesh to His Church. 15

C. Scriptural References for The History Of Degradation and Restoration of One Flesh Reverence 16

D. Approaching Today How Does Jesus One-Flesh-Reverencing Garden Revolution Look Now in Our Generation?. 18

3. It is Time to Re-Reverence The Creation of One Flesh. 19

Genesis 2 The First Husband and Wife. 19

Mat 19 Jesus on The First Husband and Wife. 20

Bound For Life. 20

GOD is The One Who Binds No Wonder Its Permanent! 21

To Be Glued/ Joined. 21

Death Has Always Loosed a Spouse. 24

A Summary of Being Glued/ Joined and Bound, Together 26

The Lawful Outcome of One Flesh Marriage is Cohabitation in The Bible. 26

4. Salvation Never Alters Your Marriage Covenant 34

The Marriage Covenant Applies to Everyone, Before and After Salvation. 34

Marriage Covenants Are Love-Debts that Continue After Salvation. 34

Salvation Has No Bearing on the Validity of Marriage Covenants. 38

2Co 5 We Must Believe that All Things Have Become New WITHOUT HYPOCRISY! 39

College Debts Teach Us about Marriage Debts. 40

1Co 7 The Command to Remain With a Pagan Spouse Proves Salvation Does Not Change One Flesh. 41

Summaries of Salvation and Marriage It is Absolutely Clear that these Standards Apply to Everyone! 41

Chapter 2 Divorce, Adulterous Remarriage, and Real Repentance. 43

1. Some Basic Terminology. 43

The Biblical Words Behind Divorce in English. 43

Defining and Understanding Geographical Separation. 44

Remarriage After Divorce? No Permissive Statement Given. 45

2. Deuteronomy 24 A Brief Preview Summary of The Mosaic Law of Divorce And Remarriage. 45

A. A Brief Summary of Deu 24:1-4. 45

B. Basic Notes About Deu 24:1-4. 45

C. The Great Mystery Surrounding Deu 24:1-4. 45

3. Malachi 2 Gods Surprising Opposition of Divorce and Astonishing Persistence in Affirming Original Marriage! 46

Malachi 2 Prep A Necessary Technical Textual Explanation. 46

Malachi 2 A Source Text Summary: God Opposes their Divorce and Reaffirms their First Marriage. 47

Meshing Malachi Together to Clearly Demonstrate its Implications on this Issue. 47

4. Matthew 5 The Clear New Covenant Proclamation Against Adulterous Remarriage! 49

Matthew 5 Divorce and Remarriage Is Adultery. 49

Matthew 5 Immutable Truths that Jesus Taught About Adultery. 49

Matthew 5 Some Basic, Undeniable Facts about What Jesus Said. 50

Matthew 5 4 Ways Men Become Guilty Concerning Adultery. 50

Matthew 5 Some Ways Women Become Guilty Concerning Adultery. 51

Matthew 5 It is Clear and Certain that these Standards Apply to Everyone. 52

Matthew 5 The Seriousness of Adultery. 52

5. The Rest of Matthew and the Gospels Confirm this Strong Opposition Against Adulterous Remarriage. 54

Matthew 19 Divorce and Remarriage is Adultery. 54

Mark 10 Divorce and Remarriage Is Adultery. 55

Luke 16 Divorce and Remarriage Is Adultery. 55

6. The Epistles Agree with Jesus and Make it Absolutely Clear that Divorce and Remarriage is Adultery, Without Exception! 55

Romans 7 Only Death Looses (Ends) One Flesh, and Marrying Another Before this Makes a Woman An Adulteress. 55

First Corinthians 7 Remain Unmarried: The Only Option After Divorce. 57

First Corinthians 7 Only Death Looses (Ends) One Flesh. 57

7. A Summary of Some of the Main Divorce And Remarriage Passages, and the Missing Exception Clause. 57

8. The Basics About Repentance from Adulterous Remarriage. 58

Religious vs. Biblical Repentance. 58

What Is Real Repentance. 58

Deu 29 You Cant Make Yourself Forgiven Apart From True Repentance. 59

You Cant Continue To Sin and Go To Heaven. 59

Maintaining a Remarriage After Divorce Is Continuing to Sin Because Jesus Called it Adultery. 60

We Have Got to Start Taking Repeated Acts of Adultery Seriously! 62

Jesus Called It Adultery and Ascended into Heaven! Anathema* to Anyone Who Tries to Change This! 63

Repentance Pragmatics. 64

How to Repent of Adultery. 64

God Positively Judges Adulterers. 65

Choose This Day Whose Testimony You Will Believe! 66

9. Distinguishing Sins. 67

All Sins are Not Created Equal. 67

Condemned Sins. 67

10. How to Face Ignorant Adultery. 68

Is Ignorant Adultery Still Adultery?. 68

Biblical Fact: Ignorant Sin Exists If you Dont Believe, Repent! 69

Ignorance Means Less Punishment, Not Immunity. 69

Punishing Ignorant Sin is in Accordance with the Divine Standard. 70

Gen 12, 20, 26, and Mal 2 The Bible Specifically Teaches that God Punishes Ignorant Divorce and Ignorant Remarriage Adultery 71

Ultimately, God Spares Faithful People From Ignorant Sin So Ignorance is No Excuse! 74

11. A Few Basic Principles That Demand Repentance from Adulterous Remarriage. 75

The Law of Non-contradiction God Does Not Change His Mind. 75

Our Awareness of the Sinfulness of Fornication Testifies Against Us. 75

The Root and the Branches Are We Talking Holiness or Unholiness Here?. 76

12. A Few Grammatical and Contextual Principles That Demand Repentance from Adulterous Remarriage. 78

The Present Tense and Continual Context of Adultery in Greek. 78

A Very Simplified Overview of Some Greek Grammar Considerations. 78

The Context of Continual Action is Even Clearer than the Grammar 79

13. Confronting and Condemning the Hypocritical Excuses to Not Repent of Adultery. 81

The False Accusation of Teaching Unforgivable Divorce. 81

I Warn Everyone Everywhere: This is What It Means and This is What it Looks Like to Remain in Adulterous Remarriage. 83

14. The Law of Moses vs. Remarriage Repentance? First We Need to Go Over Some Basics. 84

God Related to the Israelites Flesh From a Distance. 84

First the Flesh, and Then Adaptations For Its Sin. 85

The Spiritual Solution is the True Solution. 86

Dont Misapply the Old Covenant Against the Flesh of New People. 86

First, We have No Right to Judge the Law of Moses. 87

The Law is Not Sin.