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* Because these are "Future Bible Studies" this means that they are not finished, but are still being developed. Please help with suggestions, but don't expect anything close to a finished product.



The Bible is True
This is to prove to church people in truth what they don't actually believe or practice.
I'm getting together the main verses on this subject, and trying to clarify some misunderstandings people have had.
The Bible commands us to not help other people sin. This could endanger your normal way of life and set you apart so that you might actually face persecution for keeping yourself clean.
The Bible commands us to live above reproach
Calling people to repent of the satanic, demonic religious spirit that irrationally and insanely compulses and enslaves people to make excuses to evilly speak against national Israel.

The Biblical Dress Code

"...God actually cares about us enough to not let us carelessly continue dressing how it seems best in our own culturally blinded eyes. Get ready to be redeemed from sensuality unto a life style of dressing modestly, protecting your fellow brothers and sisters from sin, and being freed up to live in the pleasing honor and greatness that God has called us too..."

Personally Destructive Doctrines

Some people have addictions to doctrines that particularly hurt them. Do you have a dangerously destructive doctrinal pattern in your life without even knowing it?

A Bible study about Loving the Truth, and why it has become nearly extinct. As wickedness and deception increase, do you hold the Love of the Truth that will save you from the coming deception?
The focused life
In a distracted world of media, entertainment, and indulgence will you ever break away from it all, and get focused enough to hear what God has been trying to say all along? What is it like to live intentionally instead of bumbling around through life with out a clue?
Has idolatry captivated you unaware? Why is it that so many people find it so easy to be excited about sports and find God, well, less than exciting? Is it possible to participate in sports in a way that pleases God?
From Agnosticism to Unitarianism, what makes you any different? Do you have a form of religion that different, but a spirit that is the same?
This is a Bible study challenging people to REALLY connect with Jesus. Don’t settle for anything less than getting a hold of Jesus! [These are my personal notes, so some things are not straight forward yet]

Disclaimer: Please email me (Josiahs@trueconnection.org) with any corrections to mistakes you find in these documents. I know that I need help avoiding errors, especially when it comes to spelling.

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