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Beware of the Lawless End-Times Prostitute! (10min Preview)


This was my final exhortation to the church in Flemington NJ where I was a (missionary) youth pastor.

(This is a very, very short preview for the main teaching)

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~ 10min

Embrace The Revolution


I was invited to speak to a youth group in an Arabic church in New Jersey. Especially because this message went long, you can also listen to it in sections by clicking the files below.

"Mr. Too Quick, Mr. Too Slow, and The Rich Young Ruler."
This last point begins with The FIRE of God.
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I was invited to speak to a Saturday night service which had a mix of every kind of background: rich/poor, young/old, churched/unchurched, and dedicated/undedicated.

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~ 17min


Wednesday, 2/21/06, to The UpRising Youth of First United Methodist Church

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~ 57min

The Path of True Christianity

I was asked to speak in Oklahoma Sunday 1/6/2008 to a "Church of God" church. This message has some elements from "Embrace The Revolution," (see above) but has a focus on discipleship.

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~ 35min


A two-day retreat for my friend's youth group which took place in my family’s cave.

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~ 25min

"...I have not hid Your mercy and Your truth from the great congregation." (Psa 40:10 CAB)

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