Sitemap of Our Three Main Websites


By Josiahs Scott,,

2/10/12; 2/14/12


The Purpose of this Sitemap

This page is a sitemap that seeks to summarize the proper categories and themes of the three main websites that I (Josiahs Scott) have created (,, and


Site 1:

This is our primary website proclaiming truth and calling the modern church to repentance.


This is an extremely important site that gives many urgent Bible studies and vital resources such as, how to get free from the immoral wickedness of premarital romantic indulgence, repenting of the damnation of constantly loving to talk, Scriptural lists of condemnable sins that will send you to hell, why real disciples are commanded to judge the church, my personal prayer journal, my life story, and much more! The home page is somewhat of a Topical Hub for the main Bible studies that we have made, to demand that religious people repent.


Site 2:

This is a very specific site about calling the church to repent of adulterous remarriage.


We are providing free but critical resources such as the book entitled, “Divorce and Remarriage Repentance Revolution,” and even a brief track outlining the basic Scriptural facts about divorce and remarriage.


Site 3:

This is my main web site for my local home business in Gainesville, FL, which provides onsite computer help to Gainesville and the surrounding area (including Alachua County specifically and north-central Florida in general).


My home business helps provide supplemental income so I can keep laboring for truth and providing it free of charge. 





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