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Last Updated: 7/4/2022


Until you are at war with money, you are no disciple of the Anointed One.

(Tip: Get discipled to obey Matthew 6!)



Christianity did not take over the Roman Empire, but instead the Roman Empire took over Christianity. Churchanity has never regretted, repented, or recovered from this devastating apostate adulterous prostitution. If we would just get our basic historical facts straight then maybe we wouldn't be so ignorant, oblivious, and naive as to why the church is so universally desolate, dead, and evil.

6/30/22; 7/2/22


Humility That Begs

Don’t be a phony, but instead be wise 1:

Humility that doesn’t beg is pride in disguise.

Religious hypocrisy claims much virtue, but stands up tall,

Because it does not have real humility, no, not at all.

6/24/22 (line #1 by a disciple V; the rest by J); 7/2/22


Younger people often have a naive optimism. Older people almost always have a complacent apostasy. True people continuously increase in clean zeal as they get older.



All lawful happiness is required because...

~5/9/22; 5/20/22


No need to fear the strong man, because his strength is already perishing in hell, but fear* the meek one instead, because his God is in heaven.

[* as generally commanded in Rom_13:7 Greek: φόβον]



Most people end up dreadfully de-educated from their experiences. What glory is there in getting older if all you have to show for your life is a weaker body and even more foolishness and satanically inspired pride than when you started?

4/17/22; 4/23/22


--------------- \/

People are only defensive against “getting judged” by other people when they keep on doing things worthy of being judged. You only complain about people judging you when you keep on doing things for them to judge.


Hypocrites dislike judgment because they always hate the light of accountability which exposes all of the darkness and unrepentance they are walking around in and hiding in (Joh_3:18-21, etc.; Eph_5:5-14, etc.).


Innocent people welcome judgment because that's when they finally get vindicated and rewarded for enduring all the sins of those who are afraid of being judged.


As for the hypocritical judgments of sinful flesh, which is done by those who themselves are continually living in sin, this is the only “judgment” forbidden and opposed by the Bible (Matthew 7, etc.), and the righteous are still not intimidated by it at all (1Co_4:2-5 vs. 1Co_5:3-13; 1Co_6:1-11, etc.). They have no need to fear the hypocritical judgement of flesh because they themselves continually abstain from and repent (change) away from such sins (Joh_8:15, etc.; Joh_12:47-50, etc.).


If you were righteous your only hope of ultimate relief would be the Judgment, because only then could you finally get vindicated from all of the sins of those who are afraid of being judged for continually sinning against you.


Only unrepentant people are concerned and hung up about people judging them, because they are so far from hoping in justice that they are actually afraid of the Judgement which they really do deserve and anticipate coming upon them, because they are not walking around in the light and confessing-together their sins and having them sent away, Truly forgiven, and stopped.


The wicked hate the “judgements” of the righteous because they are the exact same Judgements of God when He judges the World for living in sin, as perfectly consistent and clearly seen in Act_10:42; Joh_5:22, Joh_5:27; Joh_9:39; 1st Corinthians 5 through 6; 2Co_5:10, and many more passages.

4/12/22; 4/23/22


--------------- /\



Those who are closest to the real answer are those who are most aware that they are far from it, and do not have it yet. Because of this, those who are closest to the real answer will exhibit hunger and even begging more than anyone else, and will not be satisfied with what they already have until they find Truth, and they will beg and compel all righteous people to help them, and they will beg every True person, even the youngest clean person they can find, until the Word of God is finally trumpeted in their midst.

5/9/21; 4/23/22

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"Ignorance is Bliss" if ignorance is what you love. But if you crave Truth, you will cry out for what God says even if it breaks your heart! Those who love deception increase ignorance and those who sacrifice everything for immortality will know all things.



When a woman honors her husband everything she says is relevant to him, but when she is negligent his heart wanders elsewhere in search for Love.

Dear woman, I just told you the secret to get your husband (any reasonable man) to always want to talk with you more, and thus improving marriage relationships throughout the whole world, because honor is the way to any real man's heart. Is anyone finally ready to make marriages romantic?

11/21/21; 4/23/22


To be saved, look unto God outside of you. To verify salvation, look to God inside of you.

To obtain salvation from sin you must believe in God on Earth and hope into God in heaven.

For assurance that you have been saved from sin you must verify and prove that God is in your life, where sin cannot continue and obedience is inevitable.



Sinning people are incapable of being merciful because they are too preoccupied with resisting the redemption of the mercy shown unto them. They cannot show mercy to the poor whom they persecute, and yet all day long they stand indebted and in need of immeasurable mercy from those they persecute, and from the God of the persecuted.

10/30/21; 4/23/22


If you are not aching or even writhing in pain from the lack of legitimate prophecy today, you don't know God.
In fact if you are content to keep doing sub-divinities you aggressively hate the Creator who is at war with your satanic flesh.

7/29/21; 4/23/22


The flesh that can continue in uncorrected false doctrine is flesh that is not crucified.

An un-crucified man has no part in Jesus’ death and much less in His burial and resurrection.

Original: The Flesh that is not rebuked from false doctrine is a flesh that is not crucified. (~11/8/20)

~11/7/20-11/8/20 (Studying Evangelicalism); 11/15/20; 11/19/20


Life is most beautiful when its greatest needs are answered beyond the scope of human ability.



Alas, translators miss-translate the Bible so that church people can disobey it more.

Alas, even if some people correctly translate the Bible, church people will just have more of the Bible which they will disobey.

Therefore, direct (and confrontational) Truth proclamation is the only solution.

07/29/20; 5/9/21; 6/21/22


Warning: Harlot Christianity is Judged. Get Righteous Now!
The times of rejection are upon you, oh Harlot Christianity. Because just as fast and just as close as the Kingdom of Heaven finally draws near to all of your obnoxious abominations, so also to this exact same degree judgement is pronounced upon you, and rejection is slammed right in your face. The shame of your confident salvation boasting will never leave from condemning you, nor will your irrational superstitions cease from burning you forever. You will not escape all the torments and condemnations of hell unless you immediately jump out as soon as you hear the trumpet sounding. And all who do not gather unto those two faithful prophets within the allotted days will be cut off from His people. Wake up now because if you wait too long you will not have time then.
Where is the proof that you are free from all sin? And where is your certification of all obedience? I do not know you, oh you foreigners who do not know the Assembly of the Righteous.

6/21/20; 6/21/22 (sp)


You don’t get to rejoice in the dignity of being unique (and special) until you have embraced the integrity of being holy and truly different and set apart from the rest of the typical sinful world.

stop being evil just like everyone else.



Why are so many people celebrating a Resurrection on Easter when they have not yet even died to sin? Without death there is no Resurrection.

And what is the resurrection of our Anointed One to you, if you have not even received a Roman 6 baptism (“death”) to stop sinning?

Yes, one of the main resurrection passages in the Bible solemnly condemns your vain theoretical hope:

1Co_15:17 CAB  …your faith is vain; you are still in your sins.

(Romans 6, 8; 1Corinthians 15).

4/12/20; 6/20/20


Yes, talk is cheap, and being Truly rational will cost you everything.



All too often, the good God is what we call “bad” and the bad devil is what we call “good”.

After more than 400 years of Protestantism church people still don’t believe in the real depravity (complete evil) of man: they still go to church and claim salvation and boast in their savior and brag much of their non-canonical testimonies and experiences, all of which are obviously a disgusting repeat of the same old rebellions of sinful religious man that has been going since the beginning…

3/10/20; 4/19/20


My earthly family is basically trying to make the most they can of this life, and they don’t realize that my poverty and lack despite all my labor comes upon me as a punishment from this life because, after a brief moment, I’m seeking to get on up out of this life with flames of fire and glory to be in good company with the likes of Elijah and Moses.



The real Good Message (Gospel) has both condemned and concurred sin and the flesh. If you still have sin in your life, then it is clear that you still need the REAL, Biblical Good Message.

2/13/20; 3/6/20


Poverty makes you see, but luxury makes you blind. Ever wonder why everyone is going so crazy in our modern cultures? Ever wondered why some Bible verses were so hard for you to understand and accept?



Go ahead oh flesh ball, and think I'm crazy, because I want the pure in heart to see how absurdly evil you are when you reject me.

You are only strengthening my cause when you persecute me.



Psychotic-ology – When the study of psychology and its disorders becomes one of the very sicknesses it sets out to study.

1/9/20; 4/19/20

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If a white man verbally assaulted a black cat with all of the Prejudice he had against Africa he would be the Prince and Saviour of secularism and atheism today, because from the overflow of their worldly wisdom they so often attack the Bible with the accusations they derive from churchianity and still have no clue what they do.

1/2/20; 1/5/20


Churchianity is in the big business of using the name of Jesus to completely overthrow the Words of Jesus. Open your eyes, because this big money-making monster is at the root of why everything is so crazy and apostate and completely deceptive in our age today.



I need to write but first I need to be right, both always and in all ways.



--------------- \/

Illogical Murder - Guilt That Kills

You don't realize that you are murdering people with your illogical irrationality, and here's why...


If you are righteous you are supposed to ‘hope against hope’* and believe against all the odds, but you are never supposed to hope against Logic!


Circumventing and avoiding and altogether disregarding Logic in your hope is unlawful and bad pagan boasting. As seen in Paul's Corinthian confrontations: 'your boasting is not good'*.


It's great whenever 'mercy triumphs over judgement'* but superstition will never triumph over Logic and Truth. You who run around as a chicken without a head, bearing so much faith without accountability to the facts – When you so boastfully smile and brag about your faith that is happy against all Logic, consistency, and reason, which so freely and flexibly lets you be confident without inspiration or perfection as you (without fail, always) sin against those more righteous than you, your illegal faith without a basis is cheating Justice and defying valid hope with defiling and criminal superstition. And your illegal, sinful, unjust, confident, irrational, unthoughtful, uninspired, imperfect boasting allows you to be happy even when you sin against the oppressed!  No matter how much you think to the contrary and no matter how much innocence you boast and goodwill you claim, each man boasting his own virtue* as the Scriptures repeatedly forbid, yet your hands are full of blood, because your dis-arrangement, disorderliness, irrationality, mindlessness, and recklessness have hurt and grieved and violated and torn down and crushed those in trouble and those in need, as a blind person driving a car who plows over a pedestrian and never pauses or stops to account of this as anything wrong.


She who obeys knowledge is the same as her who has salvation and you have murdered these both as best as you could.


And how will The Powers* that so excellently created the universe be well pleased (that is, with REAL faith)* when you so ignorantly, gullibly, naively, thoughtlessly, recklessly, and carelessly violate His standards and rules against the dignity of His council and violate the honor of His favorite people, 'the least of these His brothers'*, then your vain and unrestricted happiness which boasts against Justice, all without any need for Holiness as a prerequisite for happiness – how will your lawless boasting escape the full force of His judgment and hot unbearable wrath when He finally makes all things right at the Great and Glorious Terrible Day of His Judgment*?


No, you have not and will not think through these things, you who refused to tear your clothes or your heart, and pridefully and defiantly resist conviction or change unto repentance, and you will not care or pause to consider or think or concern yourself with anything righteous until you are already too late in your condemnation and already sunk too deep beyond redemption in the burning pits of Hell!


The Earth won't be vindicated against you until you are destroyed, and because your happy boasting was so flexible without restriction or accountability to God's beloved orderly arrangement of personified Logic*, from which you always sinned against everyone and everything good, so also to this same measure your destruction is without restriction or mercy, and is at full force and completely just when both Heaven and Earth are relieved and even appeased at the fragrance of your torment. You ‘rich are fattened as in a day of slaughter’*.


Just as you don't really care if I cry over your soul and you don't 'believe our report'* so also God's beloved Wisdom will laugh* at your misery and ignore all of your appeals against the judgements which we have declared and spoken against you this day.


[* Scripture References:

(A) Hope against hope: Rom_4:18

(B) Your boasting is not good: 1Co_5:6, etc.;

(C) Mercy triumphs over judgement: Jam_2:13

(D) Boasting one’s own virtue: Psa_12:1, Pro_20:6 MT; Pro_25:14, Pro_27:2; Ecc_7:28, Jer_5:1, Mic_7:2; Luk_18:11;

(E) Powers (Hebrew: “אלהים” -- i.e. “God”): Genesis 1-2, etc.

(F) Well pleased -- i.e. with REAl Faith: Gen_5:22 LXX, Gen_5:24 LXX; Gen_6:9 LXX; Heb_11:1, Heb_11:5-7; Pro_15:8; 2Co_5:9

>> Sync: PRL | INSP

(G) The least of these: Mat_25:40, Mat_25:45, etc.

(H) Great and Glorious Terrible Day of His Judgment: Joe_2:31; Mal_4:5; etc.

(I) Personified Logic (Greek: “Λόγος”): Joh_1:1, Joh_1:14, etc.;  also: 1Pe_2:2 (λογικὸν); Rom_12:1 (λογικὴν), etc.

(J) Fattened as in a day of slaughter: Jas_5:1-6 (esp. Jas_5:1, Jas_5:5)

(K) Believe[d] our report: Isa_53:1

(L) Wisdom will laugh: Pro_1:24-33 (esp. Pro_1:26)]

12/11/19; 12/15/19; 12/22/19

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Go ponder and find out the meaning of this paradox: the real Jesus came to open the door to God's favor, but His real friends are recognized by being the only ones willing to close it.



Doing things based on worthless principles is how people waste years of their life investing toward a great hope only to fall away in the end. This principle works in business as well as (even more) in discipleship. At first it may seem technical and obscure to focus so strictly on things that don't seem apparent, but that is the very definition and nature of uncovering underlying root causes of inconsistent values, and people of wisdom will appreciate drawing them out, and will love basing their hard work on a firm, clear, logical, consistent foundation that rewards handsomely and avoids years of waste.

because the root cause of inconsistent values is often

But focusing on the non-apparent root cause of inconsistent underlying values will be drawn out and appreciated by those who love wisdom and hate waste.

12/5/19; 12/8/19; 12/22/19 (sp)


If a person is dependent upon the church to know what the book of Romans is all about, he could easily conclude it is a book from hell. After all from the discussion of it flows countless varieties of profanity and defilement and empty worthless philosophy and goofy boasting. But when you look at the actual book and read the actual words it says and the teachings it gives, it is clearly a sizzling Revelation out of this world from heaven!

    You can’t live in sin anymore if you were successfully baptized (Romans 6). Divorce and remarriage is adultery (Romans 7). Those who do good works are the ones who inherit heaven (Romans 2). If you read it, this book is jam packed with revolutionary things I never heard of in churchianity my whole life! And if church preaching and the actual Bible are so different, then do you know who is responsible for this discrepancy and who is the liar here? (Hint: they are mentioned in Romans 3.)

12/3/19; 12/8/19

> Sync: INSP | LOG > with great irony this deconstruction is the same repeated deconstruction that was done in the Days of the New Testament against the teachings of the religious leaders concerning the law of Moses (see Matthew 5, Colossians 2, Ephesians 2)


Are you a Bible user or are you a Bible Obeyer?

Do you use the Bible or does the Bible use you?

Being a Christian today is partly about being a Bible user, but inheriting heaven is all about being a Bible obeyer.

Is your relationship with the gods “greater” than the Bible or do you know the right God because of the Bible?

Is your personal relationship with J.C. more important than “a book” (antichrist fornication) or do you relate to the Biblical Jesus who is the Word of God?

And if you boast in your “personal relationship” over “a book” remember that is of greater authority and canonicity than your experience and condemns your boasting in antichrist.

11/27/19; 12/2/19 (Christian today); 12/8/19


The Bible: the most frequently read book of all time, and the rarest obeyed book of our time.



Every Scripture in the OLD Testament is infinitely better than everything NEW in churchianity today. Not so with the Two Witnesses, because with them The Best is Yet to Come.

[This saying was repeatedly composed and rehearsed throughout my dreams, which felt like hours, and was dictated as soon as I could wake up enough to talk.]



I support everything that helps you obey the Bible more, which is why I vehemently oppose virtually everything called “christianity” today.



If a man sets up a stop sign and then gets in his car and drives right past it without stopping, he is the model christian today who carries his Bible with him as he goes and never stops to obey its commands.

11/17/19; 11/25/19


From all of my decades of searching and research it looks like basically nothing in the English language within Society that has ever been called “christianity” is the same group of people called Christians in English Bible versions.



Pleasure is a fool's food, but obedience is the life blood for one with knowledge.



What if the secret to the happiness and resolve and real salvation that you have always wanted meant doing your whole life counter-intuitively to everything you have thought and assumed and believed? What if you have been held back as a captive from obtaining your greatest needs by your strongest desires and values? What if you and your values, beliefs, opinions, and thoughts are your greatest enemy and biggest hindrance blocking you from unending life?

10/3/19; 11/17/19 (Sp)


Perverts despise the idealism of their youth, but the wise despise the foolishness learned from aged apostasy.



Ignorance affords much freedom of thought, but to expand your horizons and dream big after thorough knowledge requires serious faith. Being faithful and ambitious (with high hopes of greatness) is not the same thing as being young, liberal, ignorant, and naive.

9/2/19; 11/17/19; 12/1/19


The Truth is not concerned with converting society to a pseudo-Christian (external, official, notional, theoretical) world view, but rather with snatching blind people out of churchianity.

7/31/19; 11/17/19 (Sp); 12/1/19


Salvation is an idol that will send you to hell. Wake up!



The God of Moses give me vengeance against my enemies: The flesh, churchianity, and all the multitude of the gods they connect to and praise and worship, because through what they extol, praise, and worship, they sin against my soul days without number.

6/25/19; 11/17/19

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Going to church is like watching a Disney romance movie while being a lousy spouse. What you should be doing is living in reality by seeking as desperately as you can to gather with the righteous.

    In most cases if I told you that you would die of cancer if you do not travel across the world to get appropriate medical treatment you would probably pay every expense to not die, but if I told you that you were going to hell if you don't get discipled, why is it that you can't travel and leave everything to hear the Truth?

Open your eyes! There is a real Assembly you ought to be seeking to join to, and if you did, you would be married for real.

3/10/19; 11/17/19


Serious Muslims think and act more biblical than "christians". If you want to inherit Heaven, you better get infinitely more biblical than them both.



One of the surest ways to waste your life is to waste your pain.

If you do not do the exact moral opposite of the pain that you have experienced and the suffering you have borne, including the sin that caused it, then you are wasting your pain and you can be sure that you are also wasting your life. You will never be forgiven of your sins or anyone else’s sins against you if you don’t repent of wasting your pain.

2/3/19; 11/17/19; 12/1/19

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Truth does not lie between two extremes. Truth is the third extreme which your flesh has never heard of, seen, or known.

5/24/18; 11/17/19; 12/1/19

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For my customers, I do not want the poor but the rich. For my disciples, I don't want the rich but the poor.

5/17/18; 11/17/19

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Most church people have taught:

Sincerity + the Right Religion = Salvation (from Hell)

The Bible teaches:

Poverty + Obeying Truth = Salvation (from Sin)

5/11/18; 11/17/19


--------------- \/

Simple Gospel = Willful Satan Worship


One of the main needs throughout the Old Testament was to distinguish the Israelites from the Egyptians and the Canaanites so that they could be saved from the world and lawfully joined to God's unique and Monotheistic covenant with them.

One of the main initial needs in New Testament times was to distinguish Jesus above the Law of Moses in order for people to be saved.

One of the gigantic needs in the end times is to distinguish the real Jesus from Antichrist so that people can be saved from end times deception.


If you repeat or state any kind of simple gospel that church people already believe, you are willingly ignoring and disobeying Jesus' command to guard against Antichrist, and you are overtly choosing Satan worship in the end times.


Every time someone repeats the same old simple gospel promoting simple christianity, saying the same old same old garbage that every church person already believes, they are praising, and promoting, and preaching to you the doctrine of antichrist, hatefully defiling your soul and ushering you into hell by not distinguishing the Truth out from among demonic heresy, and there is no way you can be a part of God's covenant or be saved unless you completely reject and renounce their dirty superstitions and repent of all of their demonic heresy.


Most church people just don't get it!

Repeating what you think is simple christianity is actually promoting the damnable heresy of antichrist, and it is the exact opposite of the real Jesus and the real good announcement that you so desperately need in order to be saved.


Wake up! We’re in the end times here, and antichrist is at hand! Repent and renounce their useless and heretical demonic faith, because otherwise you will not have the saving faith of Moses, Jesus, or the two witnesses in the end times.

5/10/18; 11/17/19; 12/1/19

--------------- /\


There is a higher price to pay, and a deeper sacrifice than you ever thought possible, if indeed you really want to inherit eternal life. And don't even begin to smile and smirk at me and boast that your antichrist already paid the price for you, because the real Jesus demands that YOU take up YOUR cross.

The real Jesus paid for the cost of your sin, not the cost of your sacrifice!

This higher price means becoming a scandal just like the real Jesus became a scandal.

Truth leaves you with absolutely no excuse to neglect forsaking your entire life and take up your cross. Your blasphemous antichrist may indeed fraudulently claim to have paid your sacrifice for you, but the real Jesus will curse you in hell forever for neglecting it.

5/9/18; 11/17/19


You frown on people who mindlessly believe and follow a cult leader, but then you have no problem mindlessly trusting your own heart! You hypocrite! You are not only a people of one-man cults, but you are raging heretics with no shame.

You hypocrites are maddened hoards where each one gets to be his own cult.



Both reading and obeying the Bible - these both together are the Word of God, but the one who only reads, this one does not have the Word of God in his life. He is a hearer only. Are we not all obliged to acknowledge that such a one is deceived, having faith alone?

Jas_2:14-26 (esp. Jas_2:14, Jas_2:17-20, Jas_2:24, Jas_2:26)

5/8/18; 11/17/19; 12/1/19

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We do not approve of nor participate in anything other than writing the Bible and obeying the Bible throughout church history. Because of this my people are a nearly extinct species and we are striving every moment with everything we can to preserve a holy seed.

5/6/18; 11/17/19

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In one sense the righteous can be very down-to-earth. In another sense they are out of this world.



There is a lot that most people do not understand at all about the Bible. Most people quickly, automatically, and subconsciously fill in the gaps in their lack of understanding with the assumptions of today's christianity as well as their own intuitions which they have from their own culture and upbringing.

    The big problem is that the Truth in Scripture that almost no one has come to terms with, or decoded, or figured out is the very Truth that is necessary for real Salvation, and it absolutely contradicts almost all of our assumptions and intuitions!

2/22/18; 11/17/19


Every time you learn to obey God in a way that you were not previously obeying Him, it is like getting saved all over again. Have you ever legitimately experienced anything like this? Can you testify that this is True? And if you really believe that this is True, then what might you do if you get to Judgment and there are still pending ways in which you have not been saved? If you can afford to risk missing these perfecting salvations, then you deserve to go to hell! Your one-time salvation is meaningless. It is those who endure to the end who are ultimately saved.

2/6/18; 11/17/19

Tuesday, February 6th 2018


You have no idea how many hidden treasures of saving Truth are buried in the Scriptures, not only in Hebrew and Greek, but in actually obeying every single Greek and Hebrew letter (iota and keriah – Mat_5:17-20)! We are here digging up this lost, and even extinct salvation from the real Word as fast as we can to save the whole world, and no one helps us or even cares…

2/11/18; 11/17/19


It is a great irony that the things which are most counterintuitive to church people are the very things God has chosen as His glorious scandal and only Real Gospel through which men might be saved.

1/7/18; 11/17/19


A Math Equation/Formula to Save you from Hell:

Confidence - Obedience = Pride

That is, confidence without obedience is pride and it sends you to hell.

1/1/18; 11/17/19


What will I do when it comes time to make the good confession of Love and yet I want to first be sure that I am Loving in work and in Truth, and not in word only?

Will I forgo saying that “I Love”, even when the critical hour of confession is upon me?

Let me eagerly, swiftly, hurriedly do good within my heart that my mouth may be True when I must speak.

11/19/17; 11/17/19

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Find the toughest and most weighty theological question any Bible school or Theologian has ever dared to tackle, and I will happily give you a much better answer than they ever conceived.

But alas, apparently this statement is to theologically complex for you to hear and believe.

Why? Because I'm prideful? No, God is Not prideful, but he owns all the Truth in all existence, and these theologians and religious leaders have never seen the Truth any more than you have – oh you who despise my answer and hate God who is happy to give it to me.

11/9/17-11/10/17; 11/17/19


>> proof read…….

"just say no" to booger king.  they hate you. they hate Humanity. they are out to destroy more lives, because they bitterly and deeply hate Jesus and the Bible.



humans are obviously very evil. Jesus taught that the only solution to this was to repent of all luxury (especially including your own spirituality/religion) and get immersed and discipled to obey everything that he said. you are obviously not doing this, and that means you are definitely going to go to hell forever unless you drop everything right now and get baptized and get discipled to obey all the Bible.



Wake up call: everything about the real good announcement (Gospel) is scandalous and has never been heard before in our age! -- open your eyes! get desperate! cry out with loud cries, and with all of the breath of your lungs for change! don't spare your eyes from pouring forth every tear you have left, and spend your entire soul tearing your heart until you're empty and completely shattered inside from broken desperation, lest this entire world be completely consumed in unbearable Hellfire!



the Council of the righteous has carefully weighed out and considered the fine details and deep thoughtfulness of God's rules into declaring the whole truth, and she has become canonical through her blamelessness.



If Moses were here today, would he tear up your copies of the Bible as he broke the Ten Commandments when wicked religious people disobeyed them? And if you hypocritically lean on Jesus, then consider that when He comes He will destroy everything left of your filthy religion, and crown Truly righteous Bible obeyers to rule His world in Truth.



In the Old Testament we had the giving of the Law and then also the Prophets.

In the New Testament we had the proclamation of Jesus and then also the apostles.

Today all of this has been replaced by the ministry of pastors.

The Bible clearly teaches that this last “ministry” is the ministry of Satan: 2Co_11:2-5, 2Co_11:13-15, etc.; 2Pe_2:1-3, etc.

Moses had a certain profound glory, and the prophets had a special splendor.

Jesus had the most unique and shocking glory of all, and still after him the apostles all had various startling favor from God.

Open your eyes: Everything about the unique feel and flavor of “ministers” today is the most shallow and powerless counterfeit of dirty filthiness and sorry excuses the world has ever seen.

Pastors cannot even save you sufficiently to get sin out of your life, much less can they ever teach you anything to make you actually obey all the Bible.

Here is a tip that will save your soul: if it does not look like the Bible and it does not teach you to follow the coming prophecy of the two witnesses (Revelation 11), then it is from hell, and if you follow hell you will certainly fall in there with all those who deserve to be cursed and hated for eternity.




Even those who are called “conservative” in our age are actually liberal, or as the Bible expresses it, “All our righteousness is as filthy rags”.



For many years I have gone around answering people’s hardest enigmas in life. Now I just keep wishing someone would come and answer mine.

10/14/17; 10/22/17


Church people think that if they call their sin “god” or even by the name of “Jesus” then they no longer have to repent of it and forsake it to be saved.



I have had unbelievers think that I was "perfect" because they saw that I ate healthy. I wish unbelieving church people would finally believe that the real Jesus is perfect because I obey His commands.



A lot of people think that their personal relationship with god is uniquely unconventional and "out of the box", but in reality they are dead in a casket.



The main consolation to tragedy is that people are often closest to the Truth when they are in their strongest sorrows and heaviest pains.



I only say this because I care:

People are living worthless lives.  Some are on the edge of suicide.  Many are aching in the gnawing pain of hatred.  Look and consider where every hope of being loved is suffocated by the death of darkness!  People’s lives are being brought down to the grave in broken shrieks of sorrow.  People are crying out with all their might only to be buried in absolute failure and rejection. And all this is happening because YOU are doing it! Every time you choose to disobey any Bible verse and keep doing what everyone else is doing, you become guilty of sharing in the murder of the entire world. You have blood on your hands because of your worldliness and unbelief. You will flee from guilt the rest of your life because you don’t care enough to let us save you, nor will you let us save the whole world.

We are the only known group in the World that has Perfect Answers and can finally make a real difference, and we sit on the edge of our seat eagerly holding the tools of healing in our hands, being ready to jump up and save, and no one cares…



Radical does not equal real. Sincere does not equal pure. Zeal does not mean True.

Obedient equals real, and it is always more hardcore than any radical you can find.



there is a potent sense in which most relationships are disposable, because most people are shallow. ironically, this is the truth that you learn if you cherish real love.



You do not really know anyone who is wise*. If you even try to point to anyone with gray hairs, yet alas, the History of Susana says Truly to them, "you have grown old in… your sins" (See: Dan_13:52).

[* Apart from the Righteous Assembly]

"you have grown old in nasty-evil days. Now that of your sins have come" (See: Dan_13:52) NETS p. 989

6/8/17; fb√;


Look at all of your possessions, the money in your bank account, the house you stay at, the location that you live, your relationships with family and friends, your church, and especially your faith and your personal relationship with god and j.c. -- the Bible is extremely clear that if you do not forsake all of these things you will in no way be Jesus' disciple or inherit the kingdom of heaven.



God hates those who lie and say that he doesn't hate. As God says in Job, "you have not spoken what is right about of me as my servant job has".



Foolishness is worse than ignorance, because there is no one more ignorant than one who thinks they already know.

5/27/17; no fb;


You do not believe in the incarnation. you still do not believe that what God does in the flesh is Divine. if you did believe you would come and worship.

the one Spirit who is holy, both speaking through someone as well as actually making them DO perfect righteousness at the same time... you have never seen this done before! just as members of Jesus' own family passed him up as though he was not doing anything truly unique, so also you are still complacently ignoring him as though he is not Divine!



Whenever there is a personal argument, whoever is the most loving and gentle is always the real winner. Whoever wins an argument by gentleness and love does good wisdom.

5/21/17; 5/23/17; no fb;


the reason Baptists and Calvinists 'can't lose their salvation' is because they've never had clean salvation to begin with.

5/15/17; no fb;


If you are not partnering with the two witnesses (mentioned in Revelation 11) then you will have nothing to do with the Redemption of Jesus's Bride in the end times (Revelation 17-20). In fact, if you are not forsaking everything you have to be joined to them, you have no biblical rational logical basis to believe that you have any hope of eternal life. you cannot be a partaker of God or His Anointed if you are not listening to his voice and doing what he is doing on the earth at this time in history. if your hope contradicts the word of God, you have nothing but death. the Bible is alive and working right now. If you don't tie yourself to the truth, then you will carry your salvation and your personal relationship and all your religious experiences to hell with you.



If you don’t thoroughly enjoy pursuing absolute purity and extreme modesty, you don’t know the God of all Cleanness.

5/15/17; fb√;


To know the facts of what God did, you need intellect.

To do the reality of what God is doing, you need Divine inspiration.

5/14/17; 5/15/17


If God told you to do this you would disobey Him and go to hell:


Act 11:13-14 CAB  …Send men to Joppa, and send for Simon whose surname is Peter,  14  'who will speak words to you by which you and all your household shall be saved.'


How do I know? Because that’s what is happening right now right in front of you, oh church hypocrite!

You protest in hardness and unbelief and say blasphemous things like:

“I am already saved”

“I do not need any man as a mediator between me and god”

“I have a personal relationship with j.c. and he speaks to me”

5/13/17; 12/1/19


Still got sins in your life?

You need to get baptized (for real).

If you still have dirt after a bath, it did not clean you.



Most people mistake their tonsils for their eardrums. When the Bible says to open up your ears and listen, they open up their mouths instead.

Do you really think that you have eardrums in your throat? If not, then close your mouth and listen to the Word of God!

with the lusts of your belly and with the oozing of your heart your mouth spews out pollution and defiles the world with sin.

Talking a lot is not just a bad habit, it is the Injustice of luxury Indulgence which will cause you to be hated forever in the torture of hell.

5/5/17; 5/13/17


Most people don’t put any thought into their thinking. Running your brain is a lot like running your mouth. If you are content to increase vanity upon the earth, you are not worthy to live, because you have added your hand into murdering the entire human race.

If all you’ve got is cheap shallowness,

you are best off staying quiet and not doing much of anything.




We are not here to increase the favor of God upon the earth. (After all, who can increase favor more than Jesus after He came?) But rather, in fact, we are here to close the door to God’s favor right in the face of the rich, because they will in no way enter in. And we are here to testify to the poor that they enter in immediately, because the dreadful time comes when neither the poor nor the rich will have any more access to the kindness and generosity from heaven. This is foreign to you because you don’t know us, nor do you know the Scriptures which testify to these things, nor do you know the Living God Who is actively preparing Justice for the Earth.


Haven’t you ever heard:

Isa_43:19 CAB  Behold, I will do new things…


And Jesus says:

Luk_12:55-56 CAB  And whenever you see the south wind blow, you say, 'There will be hot weather'; and it happens.  56  Hypocrites! You know how to discern the face of the earth and of the sky, but how is it you do not discern this time?


If you do not know that God is getting done giving favor to humans, and is directing human history toward harshness and Judgement, Jesus calls you a “hypocrite” for not “discerning this time”. If you had done Justice, your bowels would have already yearned for Truth and caused you to see the hope of light shining once again upon this earth, and you would have acquired no guilt.

4/11/17-4/12/17; 4/18/17; 5/5/17



You do not understand* many parts of the Bible, and you are going to hell for it, because you did not reach out for help.

[* Mat_13:23, etc.]



Not Getting Help = Willful Sin

All it takes is one sin to send you to hell.


If you choose to not get help to obey the Bible, then every disobedience and broken rule is willful sin.


If you were wandering in the dessert in grave danger of thirsting to death and you found an oasis of water, you would enthusiastically drink of its life and salvation with all your desperate strength and happy eagerness. But now look at the intolerable and nauseating hypocrisy stained on your clothes, because you are passing up the water we offer, and your complacency and unbelief is outrageous.  Being a hypocritical unbeliever and christian atheist makes you worthless, and a Loving God cannot in no way spare a rich worthless person on the Day of Judgement.



You would be surprised to find out the trashy and even poisonous ingredients that often make up many of the foods that you think are good.  Much more so, you would be horrified if you could see what demonic heresies are making up the theology and assumptions that you think are true.

4/1/17; fb √

H: : ) I like that great Sir

Ay: Hmmmm. Thank you great proclaimer.


Basically no one has found a real solution to avoiding a cult, so they just avoid all extreme activity altogether.

3/27/17; no fb


Almost everyone has all the same problems that a depressed and suicidal person has, they just don’t feel it, or care.

3/21/17; 4/9/17; no fb


If you say you love god and passionately need him for every breath, but don’t talk to Him or act like you even need in your life…



About this time 20 years ago, I heard the real Good Announcement for the first time in my life!

I don’t know how, but so far, this apparently makes me the oldest known living Bible-obeyer in the world.

For more, see my testimony:

Go ahead!  Make this statistic outdated by bringing out old and never discovered brothers and sisters and mothers who hear the Word of God and do it.  And if not, at least increase the (nearly extinct) heritage of God on the earth by becoming a new disciple now.

I hope one day someone will update this “statistic” by bringing out our old, and never discovered brothers and sisters and mothers who hear the Word of God and do it.

Previously, the oldest known disciples

I had been raised in church all my life and I had heard that “old story” countless times about how antichrist claimed to “died for my sins” so that sinners could go to heaven forever.

and be rewarded for doing nothing on the earth.

I had been raised in church all my life, and never once knew of any love or life or truth.

3/18/17; 3/25/17; fb √


Church is just a bunch of kids playing religion. If you don’t like the way some kids play at one playground, you can go to another one where people play and make believe in a way that you like better.

3/14/17; 3/18/17;; no fb


Rich people complain if you don’t give them “hope”. Poor people groan until you give them the Truth. Weak people count the Truth to be their only hope.

3/13/17; no fb


If you try to “indirectly” accuse God of wrong doing by disregarding those who obey the Bible, God is not mocked, and He will not be tricked by your underhanded hypocrisy. Whatever you do to the least of His brothers, you have done it directly to Him (Matthew 25).

3/11/17; no fb


The Bible is a treasure trove of truth and life-giving commands that basically no one has ever obeyed in our age. Whoever gathers fruit gathers for eternal life, and whoever scatters from the gatherers, makes his bed in hell.

3/11/17; no fb


YT Video?

[√] Headcovering obedience

[√] extreme modesty

[√] repentance from adulterous remarriage

[√] obey all the Bible to go to go to heaven


It all starts here with discipleship:

3/10/17; 6/21/22


The Biblical Jesus refuses to have a personal relationship with church people, because God says He is “sacred, without nasty evil, undefiled, having been separated from the sinners” (Heb_7:26).

NRSV: “holy, innocent, undefiled, separated from sinners”

3/8/17; 3/10/17; no fb


“Blind faith” is for the religious leaders, since Jesus speaks of them being “the blind leading the blind”. As for us, we want open eyes that see, and we don’t tolerate “blind faith”, but we believe because we can see.

3/7/17; no fb


After decades of searching, I know less than 10 people in the entire world who are obeying the Bible and on their way to inheriting heaven, and every one of them I had to disciple myself!

3/4/17; no fb


Almost everyone thinks you can have jesus without obeying Jesus.

2/27/17; no fb


The only sense in which church people get “holy” is by the excessive amount of holes in their theology.

2/27/17; no fb


Bible Obeyers wrote the Bible, and Bible Obeyers are the only ones who truly read the Bible. Everything else is just playing games.

2/23/17; no fb


If Jesus demands our all, you falsely accuse Him of doing so because He's God*. If we demand your all, you falsely accuse us of being a cult. But the same God who is not fleshly through Jesus is not false through us.

[* We all know that Jesus is God -- don't get all foolish and shallow here in the middle of talking about deeper truth.]

2/18/17; no fb


Whoever does not fervently want to be around us is not related to us.

2/12/17; no fb


It would be better to have never lived then to leave the world in the same condition that you found it.



I have met so many people who think they are "spiritual" because they meditate, but that's not being spiritual, that's just being soul-ish like everyone else. Being truly spiritual is when you do what is counter intuitive to the soul because of the Word of God.



satan worship causes divorce. if people would only worship the Clean God, then there would be no divorce at all in society.



When God judges the world, extreme modesty and absolute purity will suddenly become more popular than we can imagine.

1/27/17; 2/12/17; no fb


It seems like heaven is partly willing to rebuke a donkey with a dog.

How Ironic – both partly relieving, and yet, very grieving.

1/23/17 (in light of Trump); 2/12/17; no fb


Most church people (especially evangelicals) are very quickly and easily impressed with the concept of having a "personal relationship" with god. But the big problem is that there are countless personal guidence spirits that are more than happy to personally relate to you. There are way more demons than the One Clean God, and you already personally know them very well. Don't fornicate and then even boast about your shameful crimes. If you more enthusiastically serve your own god, not one bit of your excitement and motivation will transform the substance of Satan into The Clean God.

1/22/17; 1/23/17 (Sp); no fb


The luxury, indulgence, pleasures, riches, satisfaction, and confidence of this life have a way of making you feel like you already have what you need to go to heaven.

1/11/17; no fb


There are many passages and teachings in the Scriptures, that, if they were not already there in the Bible, church people would never admit that they were Divinely Inspired Words of God. If you do not OBEY, love, cherish, and even choose to submit under and desperately seek to relate to every passage of Truth, the Righteous Assembly condemns whatever spirit and god you have been relating to.

    This is the exact same reason why you refuse to seek out or even listen to the rare truth that it may be spoken in your ears today. All you want is the same old repackaged pig’s slop from the pulpit. If you don’t repent, this is why you will have nothing to do with the speaking of the truth in the end times when prophecy is rebooted in full strength. If you don’t get honest and come to your senses, you will never see the light at the end of the tunnel, but will be left in darkness when all these things overtake you. If you don’t seek out help now, you will find no mercy when unrestrained truth is finally unleashed more and more upon the earth.

1/11/17; no fb


False gospel says you're saved.

True gospel says you're not saved.

1/10/17; no fb


You talk too much because your head is full of information but your heart is full of desolation.

Your head is full of exaggerated folly, but the heart of the wise restrains their mouth until it can speak the truth.

1/10/17; 1/23/17; no fb


I could introduce you to the devil, and I could introduce you to the clean God, but you prefer to remain ignorant of them both.

1/6/17; no fb


It’s painful. It’s tragic! But virtually everyone you know is going to hell, including you!

But no matter how tragic it is, there is not one person who can raise a finger of protest against their eternal torment, because God has given you every chance to repent. He even let you read this writing, and you still hate Him and refuse to obey what He says.

1/6/17; no fb


Notice that the Bible very potently commands Monotheists not to “get saved”:

Exo 23:32 CAB  You shall make no covenant with them and their gods.

In fact, if you pay attention when reading Exodus 23, you can even see that it even tells you to repent of and “demolish” church salvation:

Exo 23:24 CAB  You shall not worship their gods, nor serve them. You shall not do according to their works, but shall utterly destroy them, and break to pieces their pillars.

1/1/17-1/2/17; no fb


Christianity today is a self-flattering religion, because everything is based on believing that you’re saved, and without bragging there is no motivation or drive to participate in it.

Original Christianity (before the 300s) was based on believing God was true, and therefore, church people are NOT Saved because you are not obeying everything He says.

It goes without saying that Christianity today is way more popular than Original Christianity, which has almost zero adherents.

I’ll prove it: Anyone want to come clean and confess to the truth that they are not saved and they need help getting into the truth?

We are here to help, but because actual obedience to God is unpopular we are unknown.

Christianity today is a self-flattering and self-focused (ego-centric) religion, because everything about its faith is based on believing you are saved.

12/21/16-12/22/16; 1/2/17; no fb


You have to obey Moses to inherit heaven (and that is an understatement).

This is part of the basics of the Sermon on the Mount (Mat_5:17-20) so there is no way you can debate this and still expect to go to heaven (v. Mat_5:19-20).

If you do not believe Moses like Jesus said (Joh_5:45-47) there is no way you will come to Jesus (Joh_5:39-40) just exactly as there is no way you will believe the “Moses” who is to come (as described in Revelation).

Say what? You didn’t know there was another Moses coming?

Just as you don’t know Moses coming on earth, neither do you know Jesus coming from heaven.

Your ignorance, and your complacency toward changing, testifies against you to your face that you have not really believed nor obeyed Moses, Jesus, or any other prophet in the Bible or any truth proclaimer still alive today.

12/20/16; fb √


Just as the Jews were looking for the wrong things when their Messiah came, so also "christians" are looking for and hoping in all the wrong things when they pray and try to relate to God. Without a doubt, history repeates itself, and various religions copy each others crimes and share the same demons. Both Jews and "christians" have missed the real Jesus constantly prophesied in the Scriptures. Jews missed His first comming, and "christians" are already missing His second comming.

12/20/16; no fb


To actually achieve being a valuable person is a rare crown that is more important than life itself, especially to the wise and righteous.

12/19/16; no fb


God was not pleased with virtually any known church service that happened this morning.

Yet, tithes were collected and wolves were paid untold amounts of money for their flattery services to the goats.

And who among men even cares to know the righteous or gather with them when they meet?

Men will pay for flattery, and prostitution, but the one who labors to truly save the whole world, they will let him perish.

In fact, you don’t even know when they meet or even if they meet at all!

H is one of the only few exceptions to this insp writing :+)

12/18/16; fb √


The religious jewish system was looking for all the wrong things when Messiah truly came.

The religious “christian” system is still looking for all the wrong things and it is completely missing the truth.

Jews were looking for a strong conquering Messiah, but Jesus came in weakness and humility.

Church people are looking for a personal relationship with j.c. and exciting revivals to build christianity up, but everything the truth offers is completely contrary to this, it is the biggest scandal of the universe for church people, and it even predicts the complete destruction of her doctrine and hope: Revelation 17-19.

12/18/16; 12/19/16; no fb


Church People have tried…

Prioritizing (apostate) church history (Catholics).

Prioritizing (man-made) theories about Paul’s writings (Protestants).

Prioritizing (man-made) theories about jesus’ words (some hippies, hard core groups, “jesus” christians, emergent church, etc.).

Prioritizing the KJV (KJV only).

Prioritizing pseudo-jewish-ism and Hebrew pronunciations (“jewish roots” and “sacred names movement”).

Prioritizing being dull, boring, and even “plain” (some restoration, Baptist, church of (anti)christ, Anabaptists/Amish/Mennonites, etc.).

Prioritizing Modern and post-modern cultures over the Bible (contemporary, progressive, emergent church, etc.).

Prioritizing goofy, non-canonical, subjective, personal experiences with the (usually, not-so) holy ghost (Pentecostals, Charismatics, etc.).

Everyone loves prioritizing the flesh and what the flesh can do, but,

No one has even tried just doing what we’re told.

No one has prioritized the crying need of simply OBEYING EVERYTHING GOD ACTUALLY SAYS.

Virtually no one has ever departed from the original sin in the garden of disobeying God’s Word.

12/14/16; 12/18/16-12/19/16; no fb


(A) Gospels: Disciples learn from Jesus how to obtain eternal life.

(B) Acts & Epistles: People eagerly gather around the Apostles to learn how to obey everything Jesus said.

(C) Early Church: People join themselves to those who knew the apostles to be a part of the truth, and everyone knows that being outside of the church means you are not a disciple, do not have your sins forgiven, and are going to hell.

(D) Christianity Today: You can be saved by faith alone in the comfort of your own bedroom. Church is nice and fun, but not required.

Conclusion: Which of these 4 items does not belong in this list?

12/9/16; fb √


Most church people act like we are still stuck in the 1600s, and everyone is Catholic, and we need to tell the whole world that we are saved by faith alone (Protestant heresy). Sure, go ahead, run around and witness oh mindless church person, because “everyone is trying to earn their way into heaven by good works”! Oh liberal and hypocritical Sadducee! You are the one men ought to save, because YOU trust in your own superstitious faith and self-created imaginary imputed righteousness, and have not known the “true favor of the God” (1Pe_5:12) which causes Paul (and those like him) to labor “more than them all” (1Co_15:10).

12/9/16; fb √


If you are not obeying all the Bible, you are not spiritual.

If you still have sins in your life you are fleshly and soul-ish (both condemned in the Bible).

Now, if you are fleshly, and sold under sin, and not obeying all the Bible, your salvation is sinful, and you need to repent of your dirty faith and your personal relationship with god(s).

When you are finally ready to get right with the real Jesus, let us know.

12/4/16; fb √


We are being bitterly hated and persecuted by our family again.

We are in desperate need of housing for safety, but there are not many people who care or are interested in helping.

How can this entire country be so rich with resources and yet so desolate in compassion and faith toward those doing kindness and sacrificial love toward all humanity?

If I did not have hope in the Judgement and the coming of saving Justice I would have no hope at all in this bitter and sorrowful age…

12/1/16; fb √


Remember that you are not wise, nor are you spiritual, nor do you really know anything at all, and your personal relationship and your salvation is sinful. Repent.

11/30/16; no fb


I know from interacting with heaven (perfect firsthand knowledge) and from the canonical standard of obeying all the Bible that all of the boasting in salvation and all of the doctrines of salvation and all of the personal experiences of salvation all throughout “christianity” are completely false and empty and fake and useless and untrue. The most that has happened is that a very small minority of rare church people have legitimately gotten forgiveness of sins for a season, but other than that, you pretty much have nothing throughout all church faith throughout so many countless years that has anything to do with good salvation.

11/30/16; no fb



If you really loved truth and trusted God to defend you, you would violently thrust away from yourself the vain self-flattery of "knowing that you're saved" (protestant-evangelicalism), and wait even in years of broken weakness, humiliation, honorable fear, and vulnerability, as much as necessary, and see if perhaps God Himself might eventually stand up and testify in your favor and approve of you. Until you repent and do this in love, and truth, and faith, you will die a self-approved hypocrite and a liar that neither knows God nor trusts the truth nor loves Justice.

Repent, oh liar, of your self-reassuring salvation, and submit to the truth, if perhaps your sins might be blotted out (Acts). And who knows if your humiliation today of repenting of your own salvation will result in eternal greatness and exaltation and blessed hope and approval forever from the True and Loving God?


even if he slay me

not he who approves himself

these go about seeking to establish their own righteousness and have not submitted to / being ignorant of the righteousness of God

11/29/16; 12/4/16


If we were comparing flesh to flesh, in many ways, you would be better off becoming more like a "Legalistic Amish Person" who doesn't (presumptuously) assure anyone of their salvation, rather than indulging in the vain and liberal self-flattery of "knowing that you're saved" (protestant-evangelicalism).



Don’t ever use the truth to strike the righteous who are in a peaceable posture with justice, or you’ll be worse than the devil quoting Scripture.

11/26/16; no fb


You have your own salvation that does not require you to get immersed into perfection by someone more true than you.

You have your own justification that does not require you to get taught and discipled by a truth proclaimer.

You have your own righteousness that does not treat real disciples as though they were Jesus in the flesh (Gal_4:14).

You have your own gospel that prioritizes what is already in your own heart and head.

You have your own faith that does not hunger and thirst after the truth that you could hear spoken in your ears.

You have your own wicked salvation that comes from hell, and it will drag your worthless soul back there with it if you do not repent.

11/26/16; 11/28/16; no fb


Fleshly and foolish people unendingly praise “sincerity” as an indicator of “authentic salvation”, but spiritual people strictly put their hope in POVERTY.

11/26/16; 11/28/16; no fb


It is fleshly and evil to suggest that “sincerity” is any indicator of “authentic salvation”.

If you don’t repent of this dirtiness, you will eventually find yourself weeping with Esau, and unable to figure out why you can’t find repentance or forgiveness of sins (and then it’s too late!).

[note: many unfaithful bible versions often misrepresent the Bible as though it praises “sincerity”, but this is found nowhere in the original Scriptures.]

11/26/16; no fb


For countless years I have continually heard church people, even well-meaning hard core groups, measure “authentic salvation” by the word “sincere”, as in, “if you sincerely meant it” and “if you are sincere”. But this concern for “sincerity” is found NO WHERE in the Scriptures (even though many shallow versions mistranslate their bibles this way)! Here is the real answer that came from the Biblical Jesus: when it all comes down to it, you will be accepted or rejected into the kingdom based on “Did you DO what I said to do?”



What we are doing is more important than an orphanage, yet instead of support we are often insulted and threatened and harshly treated as though we are worthless evil doers for making ourselves bond slaves for the Love of God and the hope of all humanity. We are treated as bums, even though we labor more than all. We bear so many dangers and we labor night and day so that I don’t get down time with my new wife and family/disciples, and yet I am accused as being lazy by those who steel from us and those who watch TV and those who are busy fattening their hearts for a day of slaughter.



What is called "christianity" is not worth dying for, but the truth of the Bible is, and likewise, the canonical faith of those who obey all the Bible is worth more than all your possessions, and even your very own soul. That's why you will lose your soul if you don't forsake all you have now in this life to follow in discipleship to gain eternal life.

11/21/16; 11/29/16


The flattery of “salvation” has been satanic from the beginning in the garden when a snake said, “you will not die” (Gen_3:5), and Jude predicts that this perverted doctrine will continue and increase on into “rebellion of Korah” that is repeated in the end-times (Jud_1:11), and we already see this deception clearly working everywhere all throughout the world.

11/19/16; no fb


The words “salvation” and “grace” are worse than curse words today (in most contexts).

11/19/16; fb √


Words Can Dictate What Type of Person You Are

Many words after little thought makes a mindless fool.

Many words after much vanity and scheming makes a guilty criminal.

Select words after faithful prayer makes a wise and loving man who saves other people's lives.

Perfect Words after hearing God’s voice makes a prophet.

[Thoughts after dealing with a zealous religious foolish pervert lady with many words, in Dollar Tree Store.]

11/17/16 (1st sentence); 11/18/16 (3 more sentences); fb √  11/19/16 (title);

>> ROW


your personal relationship with god is dirty. that is why when you reach up to god your prayers are very easily intercepted by Demons and dirty spirits.



Almost everything i could teach you about marriage, i learned before marriage in prayer, because 'i did not receive it from men, nor was i taught it'.



I am looking forward to a Big Rock “not made with hands” to come from heaven, and even though the whole world unanimously votes against Him, He will win, and dominate, and take over everything, and pour out destruction on the strong and will feed the poor with life and consolation and hope.



What we are doing is more important than the election.

You don’t realize this because you don’t know who God is.

11/7/16; no fb


Through much education the rich still have no perception of reality. I feel sorry for those who have a pleasant and "nice" looking life, because they cannot know the truth. It is always those who taste the utter bitterness of this life that might actually have a shot at seeing reality, and it is only the wise perception of the poor that is canonical.

11/7/16; 11/12/16 (Sp); no fb


While liberals say you should take the Bible figuratively and everything can be reinterpreted, yet God has given life to the poor, and they feast on His truth and live by His Words, and rejoice greatly in the life and freedom of obedience.

[This is a partial summary based on my wife's amazing prayer this morning.]

11/7/16; 11/12/16 (Sp); no fb


Overtly dead church people are afraid of profaning the name of Jesus, so they often avoid using it and don’t  love saying it.

Heretics are fond of polluting it, so they love abusing it.

Real Hard Core people love saying it in sacredness, and that is truly beautiful.

11/6/16; no fb


Many times I have said to unfaithful people, ‘whatever you are doing, do quickly’, and I am amazed at how quickly they go out and sin horrible sins, just like Judas did in the Bible!

Watch, it is about to happen right now: “Choose this day whom you will serve”, whether your own pagan and foolish and personal guidance spirits of churchianity (“j.c.”s), or the impressive and clean and perfect Truth we proclaim to you.

11/1/16; no fb




Ever wondered why you are not really that excited about “Jesus coming back”?

Here’s why: You are not really being persecuted for truth.


As it says:

2Ti_3:12 RTA*  But also/and all/everyone [of] those desiring to live good-reverently/adoringly in anointed one Jesus will be chased/followed/pursued [with/by] persecution / persecuted


Note: you never have to “try” to be persecuted, all you got to do is ‘desire to live good-reverently in anointed one Jesus’.


So here is why you are missing real persecution (as guaranteed in 2Ti_3:1):

(1) You don’t really “desire”.

(2) You don’t really even know how to have “GOOD” reverence. (You just got the bad religious stuff you learned from churchianity, and that does not get much persecution.)

(3) You have never met and known the real Anointed One Jesus -- why would you ever really want to be zealous, when you have never even had anything truly worth sacrificing for?


So here is the answer: if you (1) get help to know the truth, then, (2) you can desire it, and then, (3) the Bible guarantees you’ll get persecuted, and then, (3) you will hurt and burn with passion for the real Jesus to come back and throw Justice/righteousness on the earth.


If you ever finally realize you need help, let us know.


[* RTA = Righteous Translation Analysis (i.e. the work of our righteous called-out Assembly)]


Those who “hurt” over the truth are “passionate” for it (and the two words are the same in the Greek Bible).

10/29/16; 11/1/16; no fb




Every trial and every prayer is a race toward faith, as fast as possible.

10/27/16; 10/29/16; no fb


The real Jesus says to forsake all and get discipled to escape hell. Churchianity says to develop your "personal relationship" with j.c. to have assurance of salvation. One of these voices is truth, and the other is antichrist.



Even though Jesus said you got to leave everything and follow to be a disciple, you got this crazy, heretical churchy idea that you can keep everything and stay and still go to heaven!



Your "personal relationship" has not produced any truth like the greatness of the Scriptures, nor has your "personal relationship" even been able to save you from sin, or strengthen you to obey all the Scriptures. This is exactly why you need to be truly discipled, and this is why you will not get to heaven without it.



You know enough in English to know that you should desperately seek out the real truth of the Scriptures in Greek and Hebrew. Whoever is negligent, God will also neglect to save his soul when many troubles and deaths come upon you.

10/27/16; no fb


There is so much of the Bible you have never heard before because you don’t know Greek.

If you don’t care enough to do whatever it takes to come and hear the Word of God, this is exactly why you are going to Hell, and you will deserve every bit of torment you get when your flesh is peeled off of your back, because truly, you did not love the Clean Spirit while you were still alive in the flesh.

[If this is how drastic it is for something as simple as “Greek”, then how much more severe is it when you neglect the even weightier elements of discipleship, discernment, prophecy, and all truth and knowledge?]

10/27/16; fb √


The churchy teachings about salvation are the very essence of antichrist.

the worst heresies of all time and



The righteous God did not make you hesitate to do righteousness today. You are stuck by the flesh. You own passions hold you back from life. Your hatred against the truth makes you an enemy of God.



The belief that you are saved is more filthy and evil than all the bitterness of atheistic evolution throughout the whole world.



If you keep persistently reading the Bible and crying out for truth in prayer, you will inevitably notice that nothing that you have experienced in this life looks anything like what you read about in the Bible, including your own not-so-spiritual walk. Think about all the pastors preaching countless sermons, and they don’t even have the slightest bit of spiritual depth and wisdom like Jesus did when He spoke. Think about how shallow your love is for strangers, and especially for real disciples whom you’ve never even bothered to meet! You haven’t really sacrificed that much when it comes to all the luxuries you enjoy, especially when it comes to your own confidence and comfort in this life.

    The worst part of all of this is this you could change all of your evil today, but you do not care or believe enough to make the jump. You are too complacent to cry out for help, and you won’t do whatever it takes to learn and get discipled like the Bible says. You don’t REALLY care that you will be stuck as part of the deception, and you will never know why, unless you finally start obeying the call to forsake everything you have and get discipled to obey all the Bible.

Notice how you are afraid of “joining a cult” and you

become painfully aware

10/23/16; 2/16/17; no fb



With all of the big words sung in church songs you would think that they actually meant something.

Alas… what is worse than hypocrisy? And deception and vanity will send you to the lowest hell.

10/22/16; no fb


I have met lots of people who think they are “hard core” for obeying God. I have met countless multitudes more people who are dogmatically sure that they love everyone. I have almost never met anyone who is actually loving toward people or who obeys God.

10/18/16; no fb


Just like love covers a multitude of sins, so also faithfulness covers a multitude of gaps.

V: Great Wise Overseer JS

10/16/16; no fb


Pop: rere -- burning Bibles

10/13/16; fb √


When the wicked think they are righteous they persecute the innocent and poor. This is why church faith is so evil, along with virtually all its hymns, worship songs, preaching, and every hope of shallow and cheap encouragement, and all the strength and confidence and boasting that filthy religious superstitions bring you. Anything in church that makes you think you are saved or going to heaven it exceedingly filthy, dirty, evil, sinful, and utterly guilty of crimes against God and all humanity.

    Let the neck of the wicked who are strong and rich be bowed down with harshness and rebukes, because this is the only way that the poor will escape from their prison house and finally be honored and cherished and loved, and this is the only way the Word of God will finally be honored in real righteousness.

    Look, Moses comes, and he brings plagues in his hand to dish out Justice upon the earth and to declare Judgement against all who are at ease, and to save all who are humble by justice and truth.

10/11/16; no fb


Real Love is Hearing God

Real Love only happens when you finally perceive how God actually feels about people. If you don’t know what God is saying you are truly a very unloving person, no matter how bitter or sweet you act.  This is why you are unable to really love and value your neighbor, the stranger in traffic, your enemy, or even me. And don’t even bother saying that you love God!

    If an honest and depressed person sought hope from their family, their church, or almost anyone else, they would be driven to the point of suicide. That was my story, and then I finally heard what God was saying. Can you really save a soul from death by the power at work within you?

    I have Real Love for you, and this is absolutely proven because I faithfully tell you the truth (and that is what God is always saying) and this would save you from killing yourself (as it already has saved others) but do you really have Divine Love and value for me and others, and do you really promote the life of truth throughout the earth?

[Further reading: 1Jo_4:19-21; Pro_27:5-6; Jas_5:20; 1Co_7:16 ]

The wounds of a friend are faithful

salvation from sin, and obedience to the Word of God all

10/11/16; no fb


A Mother’s Milk Proves You Need Discipleship to Go to Heaven

A mother nursing her child -- this is a parable given to all of humanity that absolutely proves that you need the spiritual “milk” that comes from the righteous Assembly who is the pillar and base if the truth and the heavenly Jerusalem, who is also rightly called the “mother” of all disciples.

Peter also tells us that we should greatly desire this pure “milk” of the Word, and this clearly tells us that the righteous Assembly has the very true and authentic Word of God that we absolutely need in order to live.

Babies cry frequently for milk from the heavenly mother, and if any “baby” does not constantly drink her milk, he dies, and if any does not cry after milk continually, they are already dead, as Jesus says, “man does not live on bread alone, but on every spoken flowing Word that goes out through the mouth of God”. Now Peter has truly ascribed this as motherly milk, that is, he has qualified that the Heavenly Mother gives out the Spoken-flowing Word of God that you need in order to be saved. If you don’t change and get this Word you will be justly condemned for already being full of death and filthy darkness.

10/5/16; no fb


When a man’s own sureness is his greatest assurance of salvation, this is circular insurance that won’t pay a penny on Judgement Day.

2Co_10:18  CAB For not he who commends [συνιστῶν – stands together] himself is approved [δόκιμος – tested unto approval], but [ἀλλ᾿] he whom the Lord commends [συνίστησιν – stands together].

2Co_10:18  οὐ γὰρ ὁ ἑαυτὸν συνιστῶν, ἐκεῖνός ἐστι δόκιμος, ἀλλ᾿ ὃν ὁ Κύριος συνίστησιν

When a man’s own sureness of his salvation is his assurance of salvation, then we can be sure that he has a circular and fraudulent insurance policy

10/1/16; no fb


Thanks to modern churchianity, you can just forget the hope of the New Covenant happening on Sundays. If churches just simply had the Old Testament and seriously obeyed it, they would be better off than all the churches today that make all kinds of boasts about j.c. and the New Testament.

10/1/16; no fb


When something totally new is proclaimed, everyone always refers the New Words back to what they already know. This is a part of “self-directed learning” and is a foolish feature of the self-centeredness (egocentrism) of modern generations, especially from the filthy perversions of the baby boomers onward. It is high time people listened with new ears without leaven, and stopped referring back to their own darkened ignorance when new light finally shines toward their unworthy soul. If you don’t repent of referring everything back to your own ignorant and darkened knowledge, you will never realize or understand or even really hear what this NEW Covenant is all about.

10/1/16; no fb


Suppose Peter and John and other great ones in the Bible stepped directly into our age today. They tore their clothes at all of the madness everywhere and said everything in modern christianity was completely false, and wrong, and thoroughly evil, and grossly perverted by the devil. They started teaching fiery truth and demanding that all churches everywhere repent and obey the Word of God, but to the great shock and horror of some, almost all church goers disregarded the Words of the Apostles and kept attending church as usual.

    Even though it was obvious that they had been directly proven wrong by people straight from the Bible, yet almost all church people were so shallow and sentimentally attached to the religion that they already knew, that despite all sanity, rationality, and reason, they were not dissuaded at all from their religious tradition, and social support groups, and “christian” hypnotic hymns and entertaining worship songs, even if they were totally exposed as being false and untrue.

    Does this story sound too farfetched? Open your eyes: it is about to happen again this Sunday.

9/23/16; 10/1/16; fb√


To my visiting “family”: If you had come as a guest, I would love to have treated you as a king, but since you came as a king, I cannot even treat you as a guest, much less family.

9/22/16; no fb


The "Call to Action" in the real Good Announcement (Gospel) is not to run to your prayer closet and make sure you have a strong assurance of your own salvation by a "personal relationship with j.c." (that is antichrist).

The "Call to Action" in the Bible is to get immersed and discipled under someone with Perfect Words, and OBEY everything Jesus says.

9/21/16; 10/20/16


1 Year Anniversary!

Remembering 1 year ago when I was bound and tied into a permanently binding life-long Lawful One Flesh Betrothal Covenant with my blessed Wife! -- (We were “married” / began cohabitation exactly 1 month later)


As we said in our Covenant Certificate, "The two have become into one flesh... As declared by the Law of Anointed One, our God, neither abandonment, nor abuse, nor even adultery, nor any other sin or event besides death, has any power at all whatsoever to end, break, or annul this permanent, indissoluble, irreversible, life-long One-flesh Betrothal Covenant. What God has yoked together, let man not put space between.

9/20/16; fb√



You tell a poor person to leave all the little that they have, and they say “of course!” You tell them to repent of their religion, and they thank you. You tell a rich person to leave everything, and they frown, and they are angry when you even suggest that their superstitious faith is not clean.

9/13/16; 10/1/16; no fb


There are very few pleasures that surpass the privilege of making depressed and suicidal people receive value, honor, and precious hope for their weak and fragile life. If you are thoroughly depressed and desperately disenchanted with your life, we want you on our team! We already love you, having never met you, and we have already cherished your name, even though you do not yet know yourself.

9/13/16; fb√


Why are there so many silly and goofy church people who love to play games and act like they can KEEP everything they have and still go to heaven??? (See: Luk_14:25-35).

9/9/16; 10/11/16; no fb


If you DO NOT LEAVE EVERYTHING you have to come and be discipled under Perfect Words, Jesus is very clear you are not going to heaven (Luk_14:25-35) and the best worship you have is satan worship (2Co_11:2-4).

9/9/16; fb√


Holding hands and kissing before marriage is called “fornication” by the Bible.

Divorce and remarriage is called adultery.

Disobeying what the Bible teaches about headcoverings can send you to hell.

Praying to your own personal guidance spirits and calling them “God” is sleeping with the devil.

Participating in a system of worship that does not require you to be immersed and discipled under perfecct Words is satan worship.

You have to love the truth so much that you leave everything you have to get saved by the co-workers of favor upon the earth.

9/9/16; no fb


There is virtually no sin worse than willful continual sin. Better to repent of murder and get forgiven than to choose to keep stealing a penny every day for the rest of your life and willfully continue in sin.

9/9/16; no fb


Win people to your business by being ultra-positive. Win people to the truth by being extremely hardcore.

9/6/16; no fb

>> search chat files for more associated quotes


Pound-for-pound, a wise person is far more rare and precious than gold. Therefore, if you really Loved Truth, you would “sell everything you have” to go be around a wise person to acquire their wisdom. ...So what are you waiting for?

9/2/16; 9/5/16; fb√


God is profoundly harsh. There are countless myriads of people who feel like they enthusiastically love God, but heaven is more serious about establishing the actual truth than sparing your soul.

Truth keeps record of every time you don’t obey every Word of the Bible.

9/2/16; no fb


Oh how we long to find people who care… The world is desolate, and its church people hate us. There is no love of God in the world, in its churches or families. The only hope of seeing gentleness, meekness, and loving-kindness, is in heaven, and in the Scriptures, and in the Clean Spirit of this very small Bride on earth (which most people have never met yet). Oh how we wish you cared.

8/30/16; fb√


We strive and are in danger and stand in much need, and are often threatened and persecuted, and we are hated by all men, and though we have the light of Justice which the whole world needs, yet it is the false prophets who are at ease with many resources to advance their cause and indulgent message and build their own kingdoms. While others have more than they need, the “priests and Levites” have had to take up secular work and wait on tables, and the Word of God is reduced upon the earth in the hearts of men.
    The righteous have families and mouths to feed, and housing expenses, and other obligations and “bills”, and the integrity of Scribal work is SERIOUS labor that requires full-time devotion and focus.
    The “Divorce and Remarriage Repentance Revolution”, the Purity Proclamation, the Biblical Dress Code, The Keys to Obeying the Sermon on the Mount, and countless others all “wait on tables” to the shame of the whole world. Heaven look down and vindicate His servants in a day of rejoicing when the proclamation of truth is greatly honored and helped more and more by the poor who so strongly believe.

8/28/16; fb√

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Could you actually believe that Perfect Truth could happen in the earth again, and that you just might get a slim chance of being a part of it?



So many boast about their “personal relationship” with their personal guidance spirit (i.e. daimon/damion/demon), but the personality you worship is evil (2Co_11:2-4). Biblical Jesus is the clear and Clean One of Truth whom your flesh does not know.



The Clean God will not save a sincere christian any more than He will save a sincere Muslim. The Biblical God is no respecter of persons*. The Clean Spirit is a God of Justice, not flattery.

[* Act_10:34, Rom_2:11 (Jas_2:1)]

[God does receive poor people ...; also: Lev_19:32; Lev_26:9]

8/23/16; fb√



Stop kidding yourself: there are no real conservatives in this age. This is a terrible tragedy, because what are you going to do on a day of death, seeing that it is obvious that only real conservatives love God and will be received by His Justice when departing out of this life?

8/20/16; no fb


“Fundamentalism” is a hoax that never happened. Oh how I wish it would happen in truth, and then I would finally have some brothers again!

8/20/16; (no fb);


Antichrist claims to give “salvation” to all those who “sincerely” ask him, but Biblical Jesus only gives real salvation from sin to those who submissively listen under and OBEY Him (Heb_5:9).



Those who obey the Scriptures have authority to teach others. The Words of Those who obey perfectly should be taken absolutely seriously, even as if their Words were the very Words of God.

8/13/16; 8/18/16



Words You Might Have Though Were in the Bible, but are NOT:

These Church Words Are not in the Bible:


“James” (Actually: “Jacob”)


Words You Might Have Though Were NOT in the Bible, but are:



Words & Teachings You Though Were in the Bible, but are not:

8/9/16; 10/25/16


Here is the answer: It is right under your feet! The rich continue on in their apathy, and they walk over us all day long, and spit on us for days without number… God put us here because He knew there is no way you would ever bend down, even if it was the only way to save your soul. You keep cramming, but that camel just doesn’t seem to fit through that needle, does it?

    We are the least of the earth, and you hate us because we serve the true poor of the earth, and their testimony condemns the fat indulgence of your soul. Here is the truth: you could save your soul at any moment with our life, but you intensely hate God so much you cannot stand the sight of us, and that is why you do not even hear our Words. We are right here under your feet, and you are persecuting us to this day, and your cruel feet are crucifying the clean Jesus, even right now. If you don’t quickly stoop down and seek out peace, you will perish with guilt in your hands.



If you are not insisting on perfection, you do not know God.

“Nobody is perfect” says your evil pastor.

You love to go to your pep rally on Sunday where your cheer leaders flatter you.

Oh how the blind love to lead the blind, and how those with itching ears love to follow!

Your guilt is between your teeth, because your comforts are stolen.

7/30/16; fb√


Jesus used racial insults by calling non-Jews “dogs” (Mat_15:26; Mar_7:27). Paul also agreed with denouncing all Creations (Tit_1:12-13). And should I even mention that God condemned all the ancient inhabitants of Cannon, and that He repeatedly expresses hatred for all those descended from Esau?

Wicked people today call this “hate speech” but the obvious irony is that everyone knows that Jesus is the most Loving person who has ever walked upon the earth.

So here I go teaching that racial insults are sometimes Biblical, and that not all slavery is wrong, and then all my disciples end up being black, and I even married one!

If anyone wants wisdom and understanding, ‘let him turn aside unto us’ (Pro_9:4) and we will teach him the truth.

7/28/16; (no fb);


The Bible says "mercy boasts/rejoices down (against) judgment"* (Jas_2:13). It does not (heretically) say that mercy boasts down against righteousness. -- there is a big difference, and church people have no clue.

[* κατακαυχαται Bελεον TSAελεος κρισεως]

7/28/16; (no fb);


Hypocrites do not have any love in their souls. The selfish feelings they call “love” are totally irrelevant. The wise, the mindful, and the righteous dismiss their vanity from before their faces.

7/27/16; (no fb);


Your private reading of the Bible has not saved you.

Why are you trying to kid yourself?

You are not obeying what you are reading, and you do not have enough faith to actually love the truth.

If you finally get spiritual and want to believe and obey, then the truth starts here: repent, leave everything you have, obey the Good Announcement, and come to get immersed and discipled into Perfect Truth.

Why should you walk away with the rich young ruler’s expression on your face?

[See: 1Ti_4:13; Rom_10:13-15, etc.]

For more see:

obey the very first command and get discipled.

7/23/16; fb√


The hatred of God is more loving [kinder, brighter] than the greatest kindness [hope] of men. You don’t believe this, because if you had, [else, otherwise] you would have quickly followed us.

[comp. 1Co_1:25, etc.]

-- Romans / Protestantism Notes:

Every claim of loving kindness made by independent man is fraudulent.

Protestant-evangelicals try to make out like there are legitimately good things that men do, and they are like beautiful cloth, and yet no matter how good they are, they are tragically stained, polluted, and ruined by sin and sickness and these ‘good works’ end up bad.

Even though this sounds right (especially when you have been steeped in a protestant background), it is actually heretical.

God said that this righteousness was as filthy rags and ironically, in trying to teach this, they are actually still claiming that the original work themselves actually have good in them.

But God said they were filthy and that the wages of this righteousness was death, and if we kept doing these works we would die.

If you stop “trusting in your speeding ticket” that will not change the officer’s ticket that he give you -- and he demand that you STOP, not just that you give a silly insult to the injury and claim that “you don’t trust in it” -- you already flatter yourself too much before even pretending to be humble and not trust in it because you start off saying an abomination is something good that you might be otherwise tempted to truth in!

Every “love” that disagrees with a Bible verse is evil and rotten from the core.

James: Every good and perfect gift comes down from the Fathers.

If you don’t have what is perfect flowing through you, your attempts toward good might call for sympathy from the merciful, but yet they are still evil.

There is nothing that is actually good at all that is not perfect. It is rotten from the core if it is against a Bible verse or independent of God’s truth.

Example: gays doing humanitarian work. Bono, etc.

It actually ends up bolstering the false righteousness that is an enemy against the good announcement. -- just as people are afraid to speak against Billy Gram or Bono even though they need to if they will save their soul.



Yes, you can READ your bible alone by yourself, but you cannot OBEY and understand the Bible by yourself, which is why you need proclaimers with perfect Words in your life in order to go to heaven, and this is, of course, the whole testimony that the clean God has always commanded from the beginning.

“YOUR bible” does not invalidate Jesus’ Truth.

The Bible very clearly says you need a proclaimer to go to heaven (Rom_10:13-15, etc.).

7/13/16; (no fb);


A deep and wise and very just thing about the Bible is that obedience usually precedes understanding. Ever wonder why you don’t understand?

7/13/16; (no fb);


You may be sincere, but you are still rich, which is why you will deserve every bit of hell fire you are about to get.

7/13/16; (no fb);


This evil culture assumes and boasts and takes everything for granted. But the Bible says,

1Ti 6:17-19 CAB  Command those who are rich… 18  to do good… 19  …that they ·MAY [might maybe possibly] lay hold of* eternal life.

[* Greek: ἐπιλάβωνται – Mood: Subjunctive; that they might maybe, possibly take hold upon]

1Ti 6:17-19 CAB  Command those who are rich in this present age not to be haughty… 18  to do good, to be rich in good works, to be generous, sharing,  19  storing up for yourselves a good foundation for the future, that they MAY lay hold of eternal life.



Divorce is worse than death. Adultery/remarriage is a rage of murders. I am watching my former spiritual friends divorce each other. Those who turned to persecute me for standing for the truth before any of us were married, are now themselves the objects of horrifying divorce and adulterous remarriage. If they had just believed me, none of this horrible death would have ever come upon them!

    For a deep and honest person, being unloved is absolutely unbearable, even to the point of longing for suicide. And if divorce is this agonizing and bitter, how much worse is it when your soul might soon slip into permanent hatred in the curse of hell?

     I am here laboring, and we know for sure how to make a difference beyond what you can imagine, and I just wish someone cared…



The ironic thing about the parables of the righteous is that they might be initially told in the framework of apparent fiction, but if you understand them they are more true than what we normally call reality.

6/18/16; (no fb);


The worst tragedy from the Orlando shooting is that America refuses to admit that they did anything wrong. God raises up an evil nation to repeatedly rebuke her for her awful hatred and crimes, and she continues to accuse others of throwing the first punch.

Liberals talk about gun control, others talk about immigration control, but America somehow manages to forget and bypass the most obvious justice need to repent of homosexuality (and other similar perversions) in the first place so other evil people might no longer have so many justifiable reasons to loath and rightly condemn her.



Virtually everything you think is real is actually fake. Main exception: the Bible, and we few who obey it, but you are too fake to apprehend its truth, and too shallow and apathetic to really love those who could help you obey it.

    I wish I could tell you 'god' is real, but you have already selected the fake ones in your heart, which is why you don't believe us though we are more true than your very own soul, and more reliable than your bible versions.

6/4/16; 6/6/16



the way that

I know that you are lost because you are confident you are saved.



When God says “mean” things to you in the prophets, you hypocritically pretend to believe that it is still true by imagining that He is not speaking to you. When we say harsh things to you, then you despise, insult, and persecute us because you cannot ignore that the same God is speaking “mean” things directly to your face. Everyone can pretend to believe Moses as soon as he is not there in person anymore, and every hypocrite will persecute the truth that speaks to them in person.

5/21/16; (no fb);


Protestants gave you their bungled versions of our Scriptures, but heaven gave you us. If you listen to Protestants you will perish in guilty damnation, but if you obediently hear us we will read our Scriptures in your ears with all purity, and we will cause you to actually obey them for the first time ever.

5/21/16; (no fb);


Real innocence is not just the absence of perceivable malice, but it is the presence of Divine Justice, without which no one will escape hidden atrocities of immeasurable guilt.

5/18/16; 5/20/16 (Sp)


So many people are praying for that atheist or Muslim they know, and wishing and praying that he would believe the truth of the Bible and be saved, but you don’t realize that you are doing THE EXACT SAME THING… You keep praying for those “unsaved unbelievers”, but you have no idea that God has us praying for YOU to believe and be saved. You keep praying that God would soften their heart and open their eyes to see, but you don’t consider at all that in you the Scripture is fulfilled that says, ‘who has believed our report?’ You hold back your heart and stop up your bowels of compassion more than all atheists and Muslims, and with uncircumcised ears and heart you turn away your compassion from hearing the truth. As far as you are concerned, you refuse to run into our arms for help until you hear the dreadful Words, “I never knew you all at any time. In going from me, separate yourselves from me, you workers of the lawlessness” (Mat_7:23)



Bible obedience, head coverings, truth, clean fire, revelation, modesty, humility, all virtue, Divinity incarnate. You have no idea what it is like to get blasted by God’s voice.

Righteousness has become available again upon the earth…



Head coverings! -- Any women out there who want to learn how to obey this? Come get discipled, and we will not only get you extremely modest, but we will also save your soul too while we are at it, if you let us.

5/17/16; (no fb);


The range of the flesh is like a horseshoe: opposite ends of the spectrum are really not that far apart at all.

5/15/16; (no fb);


Most church people want to pass their own judgment and point at Jesus’ Body on earth and say, “You are not God”. -- Oh you heretical hypocrite! We all know it would be utter madness if anyone pointed at your face and said, “You are not you! Your mouth does not have a right to speak on behalf of your heart.” But instead we know, ‘Out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks’ -- so also, out of the overflow of God’s heart His endangered prophets speak, even upon the earth. And if you don’t obey God, you will utterly perish.

5/10/16; 5/17/16; (no fb);


Oh American girl, because your soul is made of plastic your heart is not deep enough to care. This is the way of all who are rich: you will perish in guilty ignorance.

4/26/16; fb √;


Church people are called “Christians” today in a similar sense as idols and demons are called “gods”* in the Old Testament.

[*i.e. “the gods of the nations”, etc. -- Deu_32:16-17, Deu_32:21; Psa_96:5; Isa_44:8-28, etc.; Act_19:26; 1Co_8:4-10, etc.; 1Co_10:18-23;

Also: Psa_115:3-8, Psa_135:15-18, Isa_46:1-2, Jer_10:3-15; (TSK-Based)]

4/26/16; 4/28/16; (no fb);


Anyone who obeys all the Bible and is commissioned by the clean God can baptize, disciple, and save with Perfect Words.

I have found virtually nothing after decades of longing and searching, and talking to thousands of pastors, church people, and groups all over America and beyond. (If you find any signs of life, let us know!)

Nevertheless, we do have people among us with perfect Words, so all who read this are without excuse even though the whole world lies in apostasy.

If anyone had sanity and love for the Scriptures, they would run to get baptized and discipled by those who actually obey all the Bible.



Your baptism was dirty and invalid. Unless you are baptized (and discipled) afresh by someone with perfect Words, you will perish, and you will deserve every bit of it. The door was left open, but you cursed the man of the house with your indifference, and because of this the hatred of the site of you will never fade, and you will never find relief from your shame. Make no mistake, Justice comes, and it will torment you forever just as it is righteous and fit. In the end, God will not be the one mocked, but all His enemies will be tormented naked for the everlasting glory to the Eternal Strength of His Divine Poverty.

4/24/16; Fb √



Are you able to believe that we have people among us who have perfect Words?

4/28/16; Fb √


Isn’t it possible and even Orthodox that we could have people among us with perfect Words?

Search every church you can. Won’t you find nothing beyond the curse of the flesh?

If anyone has sanity and love for the Scriptures, they would run to get baptized and discipled by those who actually obey all the Bible.



Please tell us if you find anything like that anywhere in the world.

There is virtually no one like this anywhere, so most everyone is without hope today.

(As I can confirm after countless years of searching and talking to thousands of church people and pastors)



Anyone who obeys all the Bible can baptize, disciple, and save you with perfect Words, especially if they have been commissioned by the clean God to proclaim truth.


Know for sure you will find nothing beyond the curse of the flesh throughout virtually every church or group today.


After countless years of searching and talking to thousands of church people and pastors, I have not found one group or individual who qualifies.


Nevertheless, we do have people among us with perfect Words who can baptize, disciple, and save, so all who read this are without excuse even though the whole world lies in apostasy.



Know for sure you will find nothing beyond the curse of the flesh throughout virtually every church or group today.

After countless years of searching and talking to thousands of church people and pastors, I have not found one group or individual who qualifies.



Know for sure you will find nothing beyond the curse of the flesh all throughout what is called “christianity”.


Find any individual or group in the entire World that obeys the entire Bible, and they will speak perfect Words into your ears to baptize, disciple, and save you. I have been looking for more than 19 years talking to countless thousands of church people and pastors, and have not found one, but if anyone is exasperated by this, Heaven raised up our small remnant group, and we have those among us with perfect Words to save all who are poor enough to believe.




Judgment is a terrifying shock to the rich when they are condemned and exterminated without a drop of mercy, but the poor have been awaiting their surprising vindication of infinite glorifications [surprise glories deification] for thousands of years.

4/24/16; 5/1/16; (no fb);


Woe to you, current “christianity”, because he whom you claim “makes you clean”, he is the same one who makes you dirty. Woe to you “christianity”, because your antichrist cannot save you with his blasphemies which have crawled up out of hell.

4/24/16; 5/1/16; (no fb);


If you have a big head, don’t be surprised if you cannot fit on a narrow road.

4/24/16; (no fb);


If you choose to stay home and keep all your stuff, Jesus assures you that you are going to hell (Luk_14:25-35).

Now is the time to get discipled.

If you don’t forsake everything that you have to come and get helped to obey all the Bible, why do you lie to your own soul as though you have anything to do with the truth?

4/17/16; Fb √

If you don’t forsake everything that you have to come and get helped [be discipled] to obey all the Bible, Jesus is clear that you will never be His disciple (Luk_14:25-35).


Cleanness is not just the absence of dirt, but it is the tangible substance of potent virtue, tasted and lusted after by those who are spiritual. It is the power of the clean God unto perfect obedience, making His real children clean like Him.

This perfection is the Good Announcement (“Gospel”) which you have not heard, which you would have recognized if you had obeyed the Bible. You will rightly perish if you do not forsake all that you have to come and be discipled by it.

which you also desperately need to come and obey in order to be a real disciple who is inheriting the real Kingdom of Heaven.

4/10/16; 4/17/16-4/18/16; 4/20/16; (no fb);


Feminism is a bad joke gone sour. From the beginning it has never been clever, nor has it ever been funny, yet it is repeated over and over again by shallow people because they have no sense of humor, honor, perception, thought, or rational sanity.

4/8/16; (no fb);



A 'liberal radical' is a ritch-Hearted, often smart, strong-souled wolf with a seared conscience and a hardened heart of unbelief, zealous to kill as much faith and hope as they possibly can.

Knowing that Truth is the enemy of their life, they lust after death and destruction in their hopeless missery, and indulgent rejoicing in evil and crime.


A 'liberal radical' is a pervert enflamed with mindless ignorance and extra motivation to hate God and kill as many men with themselves as they can.


A 'liberal radical' is just a pervert

who loves to clown arround and is motivated to goof their life into death and take as many with them as possible.

a want-to-be wrecklessly persuaded to run off a clift

enthusiastically motivated to kill people more zealously

with added insanity

with too much free time on their hands

with too much sugar and caffine





There is the gospel you have heard, and it only makes you more guilty.

Then there is the Gospel you have not heard, and this is the one from heaven that you need to hear and obey to be saved.

You have not even wanted to hear it, which is why you are on your way to hell, and you deserve every bit of it.

If you change your mind, let us know.

it saves you from sin, and makes you obey everything in the Bible.



"Grace" makes men boast in their ability to keep sinning.

God’s favor makes disciples boast in their God’s ability to stop them from sinning.

3/25/16; (no fb);


"Grace" is an exaggeration that promises more, but does less.

God’s favor appears weak, but is stronger than the whole world.

God’s favor appears in weakness, but accomplishes more than the whole world.

3/24/16-3/25/16; 4/17/16; (no fb);


I have met so many “hard core”-sounding groups and preachers that are totally convinced that they are so different from modern churchianity, and “they are only living for j.c.”, and they act like they are calling the modern church to true holiness and repentance, but what you don’t realize is that your perceived “difference” pales in comparison to your overriding SIMILARITY to every other heresy that has ever existed in the history of Monotheism! I have never found one group or preacher that remained truly committed to obeying everything God says, but every single hypocrite and apostate all disobey the Bible in the exact same typical and predictable ways all throughout history. You are not special or different! You are an evil pervert just like every other stale and boring Bible-disobeyer that has ever cursed God with their filthiness. Come and repent, every one of you, and be baptized in to truth and discipleship to actually obey all the Bible for virtually the first time in modern history -- then you will finally be different, true, clean, perfect, righteous, and even divine.

3/14/16; (no fb);


Clean baptism by a proclaimer of perfect truth is where discipleship and real life begin. Until you believe enough to be divinely baptized into truth and discipleship you have no life in you. If you remain unbelieving and unpersuaded by the perfect proclamation from heaven, you will fully deserve every bit of hell you get. As it says, "who has believed our report"? On Judgment day I will say, "No, Oh Monotheistic Lord, they did not even want to be baptized by us, much less did they love or believe or respect Your Name or Your Words, but they despised the weakness of our flesh, now You are fully Just in cursing and consuming their flesh forever."



Obeying the Bible makes you finally understand why the infinitely merciful God is hot with wrath and anger to destroy most of mankind in hell.



Baptism that is not Divinely inspired is dirty and it will condemn you. The Biblical Jesus never ordained that fleshballs should baptize fleshballs. Either get into perfection or get out of claiming that you love God or our Scriptures. The glorious day comes where we will no longer tolerate you mocking our heritage before the eyes of society. Even so, maranatha!