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Résumé Contents: Work Experience | Software Specialties | Education


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>> Remove everything that sounds like “a college kid trying to Prove himself”

>> exterminate reappearing text disobedience

>> Finish Various Awards Granted Throughout My Schooling Career

>> “I would leave off any qualitative description that is not accompanied by an example or metric. Some of the words job seekers use in a summary that are glossed over such as seasoned, experienced, creative and innovative. Just give me years of experience and what exactly did you start or improve.”

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Software Efficiency Consultant & Trainer

Saving businesses over a decade

Ready to bring efficiency innovation to your team


Work Experience


Work Summary


·        2007-Present – Software Efficiency Consultant, Trainer, & IT Business Owner

·        2003-Present – Computer Professional (UF,,, etc.) (several jobs) (various jobs: Graphics, File management, Efficiency, software training, etc.)

·        1999-2003 – Worked for Served satisfied various clients as a college student while earning Graphic Design Degree

·        1996-Present – Studying & fixing computers

worked for various clients as a college student majoring in Graphic Design


Computer Consultant & Trainer, 2007-Present

Serving North Central FL Area (Gainesville & Beyond) ; Duties Summary: On-site computer help, computer tutoring / software training & problem solving, graphic design, and much more.

Self-employed Business Owner: / My IT Business (, Gainesville, FL, and beyond

·         Consultation: Software selection Technology advice & implementation, challenges and frustrations, rescuing businesses out of computer crises, etc.
On-site Computer Help: from businesses to homes homes to businesses, , research & development,

Advising and implementing software solutions[…continue after Dec 2014]

·         Training: Countless individuals, employees and groups of all skill levels in computer efficiency/productivity, collaboration, keyboard shortcuts, problem solving, specialty software, Adobe Software, (Photoshop, InDesign, etc.). Taught course on how to make a website (UF Leisure Course Instructor as Instructor for Leisure Courses Dept., Reitz Union, University of Florida). See: Software Specialties (below).
Internally, trained team in collaboration, office, etc. “Employee Analysis”, phone support, remote assistance, going around the office fixing everyone's problems, 1-on-1 help sessions with employees,
(on multiple OS’) how to efficiently use computers and specialty software, incl. advanced competencies listed below under Software Specialties with customers (externally) and with my team (internally) I use and teach

·        Support: Automation/scripting, Data generation, collection, and analysis, change management, malware removal, fixing software malfunctions & innumerable computer problems, incl. spellcheck malfunctions, font management, NAS’, Networking, Big printers, etc. Nexus Font, Thunderbird, install and update software

·         Graphic Design: logo design, website design, artistic photo manipulation, artistic product illustration, computer illustration, and other graphic services (See: Graphic Design Portfolio)

>> Get: “Graphic Specialties include…” …..web design (HTML, CSS, etc.), some photography, video editing, and much more. [Compare: (1) Graphic Design work seen above, and, (2) also see Graphic Design Portfolio]

·         Clients Include: University of Florida (UF), Weatherford Daily News (2014-2016), Eastern Irrigation Supply (2008 -- 12/3/08), 2011, Balsinger’s Landscaping (2011-2013/14), etc. --  (4)


File Management Tech, 2006-2007 >> Alt Titles?

Employer: UF / CTT (Center for Transportation Training, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL)

·         File Management: worked with instructors and CTQP course files, fixed and revised content for every course for entire department, fixed major file management catastrophe (established current, correct, and working files, reconfigured entire file structure, removed duplicates, merged archives, re-digitized resources, restored missing files, etc.).

·         Syncing Files: extremely technical work including established proper desktop backups and syncing updates (via SyncBack) across many laptops for state-wide presentations and workshops. Also including, Tech Support, moderating exams, and much more.

·         PowerPoint: Fixed problems so that files would both print and present correctly. Fixed linked “problem videos” to actually play in PPTs (no one else in FL could figure out how to fix this!). Worked with “Master Pages”, styles, creating engaging animations, slide transitions, audio, etc.

·         Graphic Design: managed graphics and tech side of course development. Printed course guides, managed inventory, and some overseeing and delegating work. Used numerous programs incl. PowerPoint, Dreamweaver, InDesign, Photoshop, etc. Created and revised website graphics, company logo, display banners, book covers, custom PPT course files (for printed manuals, presentations, and video demonstrations), some photography, video editing (for online courses), etc.


Graphic Designer, 2004-2005

Employer: July 2006 to Aug 2007 - 2006 NE Waldo Rd Gainesville, FL 32609 (352) 846-3593; -- Company Products/Services: CTQP (Construction Training Qualification Program), ACI (American Concrete Institute); -- Supervisor Name: Nathan Gilder -- Duties Summary: Course file management (digital content management), technical problem solving, fixing and revising course content, file synchronization, graphic design (PowerPoint, Dreamweaver, InDesign, Photoshop, etc.), some photography, video editing, and much more. -- Reason for leaving: to have more time for volunteer counseling (Travel Media Group, Gainesville, FL; Formerly: & the Traveler Discount Guide)

Fall 2004 to Spring 2005 4205 NW 6th St Gainesville, Florida 32609 (352) 371-3948 ?? or Customer Service: 1-800-222-3948 -- -- Company Products/Services: hotel coupons and travel deals -- Duties Summary: Coupon creation and revision -- processing design requests, ad specs, contracts, etc. Used Quark, Photoshop, Illustrator, Freehand, etc.

Removed: Go to, the official website of the Travel Media Group and The Printed Travel Guide

·        Revised & designed ads for every state in the country for nationally distributed printed coupon travel guide

·         Used Quark (page layout), Photoshop, Illustrator, Freehand, and others \/--------------- Pg Break!!---------------\/

Stephen Scott Handy Man Service

432 SW 143rd St. Newberry, FL (352) 332-4043

1988 to 2005

Assistant Handy Man: Preparing rental properties to be shown, including some repairs, painting, cleaning, lawn, and much more.


Kelly Services

2210 NW 40th Ter. Sweet B, Gainesville FL (352) 335-7800

1999 to 2004

Temporary Work Service: Temp work such as Sales, Maintenance, Cleaning, production (etc.) at various businesses.


Long John Silvers

710 NW 60th St. Gainesville, FL (352) 331-3474

2000 to 2002

Cashier/Back Cook: Operated cash register and kept store clean. Involved a lot of customer service.


Qualifications & Skills

>> is there any way that I can most incorporate all of this into my job descriptions above?


Res 2: V: "Making bullet points under qualification and skills more pronounce. I did not see them at first and when I started reading, the “absence” of them made everything runs into each other."


Software Specialties

Frequently Used & Taught Software Solutions

Although I quickly and effectively learn and teach innumerable programs on a regular basis, the following list represents the major programs I tend to use and teach the most.


>> Ay: Maybe you are trying to communicate that you are a fast learner but the word “quickly” is jeopardizing the quality of your proficiency in my you just “quickly” learned a few things about them. Would this work?:

Although I have learned and taught numerous programs….


>> V: …I think there are too much things bolded for my eyes. The subtitle is bolded and every point under the subtitle; this makes everything blends into each other. I would recommend just bolding only the sub titles.


My 200 Programs

I keep well over 200 programs installed on my computer (and that is not counting standalone applications, and web apps).  Because of this, it is not really practical for me to list out every single program that I use and teach, but hopefully I can give a useful summary of the most important programs I use on a regular basis.

>> is there a role that I could present of myself as an Ongoing Efficiency Developer – AutoHotkey

>> Computer Efficiency Specialist

>> Clean up computers to work faster…..

>> keep up-to-date w technology – did not just learn it once


>> Virtual machines/Virtualization (VirtualBox/VMware/Virtual PC/etc.)

>> countless programs... media authoring, technical, collaborative, (any other categories of software???)

>> productivity programs: ahk (macos for automating your entire digital work flow), SyncBack (advanced file and website synchronization)


>> you have to gain an advanced level


I Never Stop Learning Software

Very frequently I am busy researching, testing, and implementing new software solutions to solve computer challenges and increase efficiency. Even if I do not know a specific program today, bear in mind, I might very quickly know it tomorrow, and I can even be ready to teach it in a few days. I do this kind of thing all the time. If I were to say that I am a “quick learner” that might be an understatement when it comes to accomplishing software solutions to make computers work as efficient as possible.


Software Highlights & Computer Skills

An Overview of the Countless Programs and Skills I Teach


>> Ay: the usage of words like “innumerable and countless.”   It may be OK and may not need altering; however, these words make me uncomfortable for some reason maybe because I’m not use to them in a formal setting like resumes. Maybe words like “numerous, a plethora, etc” would still communicate “a lot” but in a less infinite way.


·        Cross-platform PC & Mac, Android & iOS, & most other tablets & phones

·        Productivity / extreme efficiency solutions

·        Digital Workflow Efficiency (Software/Computer Automation Engineering & Process Improvement)

·        Computer Automation (putting your PC to work via Coding, Scripting, Macros, GUIs, Scheduling, Configuration, Hotkeys, Hotstrings/Text-expansion/AutoCorrect/Auto-replace, etc.)

·        Custom Efficiency App Development / Enhancements for Existing Apps

·        File Management / Digital Work Flow Management

·        Collaboration Solutions (Remote Desktop / Screen Sharing, Coauthoring, Managing local & remote shared resources (LAN/VPN), Cloud Collaboration, etc.)

·        File Synchronization, incl. Cloud, LAN Sync, Data Backup, File Versioning, etc.

·        Microsoft Office

·        Media Authoring (incl. Graphic Design / most Adobe programs, Photo, Video, Audio, Logo Design, Illustration, Animation, Web, SEO, Print, Page Layout, etc.)

·        Voice Recognition / Dictation, TTS (Text-to-Speech), OCR (Optical Character Recognition), etc.

·        Virtual Machines / PC Virtualization

·        Countless PC optimization & customization solutions (company-specific & user-specific)

·        Software and Hardware Repair

·        Bible software (Hebrew, Greek, advanced research/study/writing, & much more) – I saved the best for last.


>> Ay: That’s not the last thing on your list. I initially thought  “Software Summaries” was serving as a table of contents but the orders don’t match and some things that aren’t on the summaries are in the list i.e. financial, Web/Internet.

For a software list, see: Software Solutions I Use


Teaching Windows, Mac, Tablets, & Phones – Basic to Advanced


Automation – One of My Favorites

·        AutoHotkey (automate virtually everything), AutoScriptWriter, Notepad++, Word Macros, Windows Task Scheduler, and many more.

>> More?? [Pulover's Macro Creator]


File Management – Windows explorer enhancements/alternatives

·        Resolving Duplicate Files: SearchMyFiles, WinMerge, BS Folder Compare, etc.

·        Recover Lost Files: Recuva, “Previous Versions”: File Recoverer, ShadowExplorer, etc.

·        Finding Large Files: SpaceSniffer (& TreeSize)

·        File Renamers: Advanced Renamer, Bulk Rename Utility, Wildcard Renamer, PFrank,, etc. (also: Find-And-Replace--Within-Text-Files TextCrawler)

·        SymLinks, Hard Links, Junctions, (etc.): Link Shell Extension (and “mklink” for command prompt)

·        Permissions Management: LockHunter, Permissions Time Machine, and a few others (incl. standard Windows settings)

·        System Backup: Easeus Todo Backup >> add others, such as “Disk2vhd”

·        Mounting VHDs, ISOs, etc.: Windows Computer/Disk Management, Gizmo, 7-Zip, and a few others

·        Windows “Start” & Explorer Fixes: Classic Shell (IvoSoft), Ultimate Windows Tweaker (TweakUi), 7+ Taskbar Tweaker (RaMMicHaeL), MultiMon Application (for Windows 7 and below),


Note1: In many ways File Management also includes software listed under Automation, Synchronization, Optimization, Collaboration, SymLinks, etc.

[Note: The skill of File Management is a lot more than “software” (as seen in my Work Experience) but this sub-point is only partly quantifying File Management in terms of a few specific software examples. -it is a strategy, value set and discipline-]

[Note: The skill & discipline of File Management (which is a lot more than “software”) is partly discussed in my Work Experience.]



·        Real-Time Coauthoring: Microsoft OneDrive + Word (formerly, SkyDrive), (Alt: Google Drive & Dropbox, esp. via CodoxWord) [also see: Cloud Storage] >> zoho Docs??? >> Word 2016

·        Remote Desktop / Screen Sharing / Chat: RemoteUtilities, TeamViewer (LAN, Cloud, VPN, etc.), Brosix, Openfire, Chrome Remote Desktop, Windows Remote Desktop, etc.; working knowledge of LogMeIn & Citrix GoToMyPC, but so far I still prefer TeamViewer.; Old: CrossLoop; [non-functional: iTALC, Gbridge]

·        Cloud Storage, Sync, and More: Synology Cloud Station (Private NAS Cloud), Dropbox, Google Drive / Backup and Sync, OneDrive, SugarSync (not recommended), Agent (Barracuda Networks, Inc.)., ownCloud (Free, Open Source, DYI), etc.

·        VoIP: Skype, and a few others [MP3 Skype Recorder (Alexander Nikiforov), Amolto Call Recorder for Skype]

·        File Synchronization and Backup: FreeFileSync (LAN, Versioning, DB Rename and Move Detection, RealtimeSync, etc.), Syncthing, Resilio Sync (Formerly BitTorrent Sync), SyncBack (LAN, FTP, Zip, etc.), etc.
[also see: Cloud Storage and Sync Outlook (under Microsoft Office) below]

·        Network: Synology, QNAP, and other NAS hardware and software options, managing permissions, shared files, folders, printers, and devices; used various router configuration interfaces, LAN, WLAN, VPN, and Bluetooth tools and programs, incl. NetworkChat (LAN), Spiceworks, etc.

>> Google… others?


Microsoft Office

·        Primarily: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, etc. (Alt: LibreOffice / Apache OpenOffice (freeware), Thunderbird, and a few others)

·        Sync Outlook: Go Contact Sync Mod (via Gmail), Google Calendar Sync, Windows Mobile Device Center, Outlook Google Calendar Sync, working knowledge of Microsoft Exchange, etc.


Media Authoring & Graphic Design – Advanced Artistic Software

·        Adobe (Graphic Design): Photoshop (ImageReady), Illustrator, InDesign (and Quark Xpress), Dreamweaver (and GoLive), Premiere, Flash, Acrobat (incl. Acrobat Distiller), etc. (Alt: GIMP, Inkscape, Scribus, KompoZer, Avidemux, BRL-CAD, Blender)

·        [Extra: Windows Movie Maker, Fireworks, LiveCycle Designer ES, Media Encoder, Bridge, Pixel Bender Toolkit, Shockwave Flash, Flash Player, AIR, Bridge, Device Central, Extension Manager Flash Catalyst, Photoshop Elements, Premiere Element, Elements Organizer, Reader and Acrobat, ESTK Manager, SBSV,]

·        Audio Editors: Audacity and a few others (incl. various MIDI software options) (Red Dot Forever, tuxguitar) >> Get others

·        Font Management: NexusFont, AMP Font Viewer (Alberto Martínez Pérez), and a few others

[Media Players: Windows Media Player (WMP), VLC media player (VideoLAN), AMR Player, and a few others

Cam: CamStudio?: CamStudio Player Classic, CamStudio PlayerPlus, CamStudio Producer, CamStudio Recorder;
Others: Picasa, Pdf995 PDFPrinter]


Voice Recognition, TSS, & OCR

·        Windows Speech Recognition, Cortana, Dragon Speech Recognition, Android, Siri (iOS), etc. >> eventually include iOS Siri & Android, and Google

·        TTSReader (Text-to-Speech Reader) ;(and others [SpheNet])

·        Many OCR (Optical Character Recognition) solutions to re-digitize paper documents into editable files, incl. Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Office OneNote, Microsoft Office Document Imaging (MODI), Windows audio configuration settings, etc.


Virtual Machines / PC Virtualization

·        VirtualBox (Oracle), Windows Virtual PC, working knowledge of VMware >> (Internet Information Services)


Bible Software – Hebrew, Greek, & Advanced Research

·         Main Software: e-Sword (also compare others below)

·         Advanced research, study, technical Biblical writing, presentation/teaching/proclamation, & much more

·         Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, Latin, and numerous other ancient language source texts, advanced lexicons, study resources, reference works, graphic modules, Church history, and much more

·         Digital Bible Module Authoring: e-Sword ToolTip Tool NT, e-Sword Library Manager, and a few others (compare: Database)

·         Other Biblical Software: The Unbound Bible Tools, LaParola, Interlinear Scripture Analyzer 2 basic, The SWORD Project, theWord, (also CrossWire Bible Society), etc. (This is not to mention many other internet applications and downloads that are also very helpful)


Web / Internet

·        Web Browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge (& Internet Explorer)

·        Antivirus: AVG, Avira, avast! Antivirus, Windows Defender & Firewall, Windows Defender, (Occasionally: SUPERAntiSpyware, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, MGtools, Combofix, etc.)

·        Download Managers: Free Download Manager (FDM), HTTrack, DownloadThemAll!, etc.



·        Cleaning, Maintenance, & Operational Fixes: CCleaner, Defraggler, Speccy, Soluto, System Mechanic Professional (Iolo), (Windows System Configuration, Task Manager, etc.) Kingsoft PC Doctor, etc.


Other Programs Used

·        Financial: H&R Block, MS Excel; working knowledge of QuickBooks, GnuCash, TurboCASH, etc.

·        Navigation / Automotive: (A) GPS Android/Google: HERE WeGo, Contacts on map, My Location (GPS to contact), Google Earth, Google Maps, etc. (B) GPS Devices: Garmin BaseCamp (advanced GPS route creation PC software), Garmin (GPS device), TomTom,  (C) OBDII Software:, OBD2Spy, (used with Bluetooth “OBD Diagnostics Interface” tool)


Expurgated Programs


Working knowledge of: Adobe PageMaker, LiveMotion, Freehand, and many more.


Mobile Hotspot Admin




DjVuViewer (Caminova, Inc.)

Avidemux (Free Software Foundation)

BackStreet Browser (Spadix Software)


Karen's Power Tools



CLMSMoni Application




Corp. \/\/

CLHNServiceForPowerDVD12 Module


Power2Go Desktop Burning Gadget





ISO Viewer

PowerDVD 12









Education – Art & Graphic Design

A Strong Artistic Background & Graphic Skillset


Pre-College Artistic Background

·     4 years in “Portfolio Art Honors” classes (high school)

·     Displayed art in Reitz Union at the University of Florida (4 consecutive years); UF art show wards include “Best In Show”


College Degree: Graphic Design

A.S. in Graphic Design Technology, Santa Fe College, 2003, Gainesville Florida

GPA: 3.8, (in high school & college degree)


Graphics Classes Included

Photoshop (digital imaging), 2 classes in Illustrator (computer illustration), Mac/Quark (page layout) [later InDesign], Logo Design, 2 classes in Advertising, 2 classes in Web Design, Prepress, 2 classes in Photography, Traditional Illustration Methods, Internship, and Advertising Campaign


Leadership in Graphic Design Campaign

Led group, presented to large audience (2003), and won Graphic Design Advertising Campaign, then re-presented before leaders in the League for Innovation


Degree Totaling in 15 Classes in Graphics

(This took 79 class hours and 4 years of constant study, home work, and all-nighters.)


 [For more, see my Transcript and my Portfolio]


Graphic Design Specialties Include


Academic Achievements


Further Reading – Available Online or By Request


·        College Transcript (1999-2003)

·        SFC Graphic Design Degree (2003)

·        Graphic Design Portfolio --

·        Josiahs Professional Services Testimonials Page

·        This résumé is also available as a printer-friendly PDF

· – Quick link that gets you back to the online version of this résumé (esp. if you print it)


10+ Years Professional On-Site Experience. * Expertise and premium quality service. * Friendly, one-on-one tutor/trainer. * Your location. Your Schedule.


I am looking to work for people who want real value to a business rather than elitists that care about jumping through academic hoops of trivia





Description: Description: Description: Site Meter

Description: Description: Description: unique visitors counter







Conclusion: From Formal Artistic Education to Self-Taught Computer Education

Although my formal Graphic Design education was 1999-2003, my self-taught education has been since 1996, and has been much more defining for my career (as seen in my Work Experience and in the Software Lists below).




Main Things I Still Might Need

To Dos….

>> what did you actually Do/accomplish?? Think: managing about 20 laptops syncing data/VPN/networking/ traveling / fixing video problems/ efficient sync solutions – name all the actual problems I have solved

- done lots of public speaking to all kinds of groups & massive training of lots of people

- Lead a team to Present & Win A Graphic Design Campaign


Strategy Implementation, Systems Analysis & Design

Research and Development

On-Site Services


Photo Retouching & Enhancements

Adobe & Microsoft Training

Training, installation and configuration of nearly any software


What are the three main skills I bring to this job?

(not just what I’m good at)


What I have accomplished more recently w girls?

>> make a big deal on commensurate experience

>> what have you accomplished/ what problems have you fixed?



How does this transfer into value for a potential employer? – into the brain, and see it from their perspective

How you an asset for the company?

USP – what is your unique selling position?




Power Words

Inovated developed executed


See job descriptions!

A team player




Computers: both self-taught education (Since 1996) and formal Graphic Design education (1999-2003)


Leadership Experience
(A) 1999-2003: “XA” College Group Treasurer, Student Government Rep., President;
(B) 2003: Lead group & won Graphic Design campaign, then presented before League For Innovation leaders;
(C) 2002 Onward: Small and large group leadership, training, public speaking, & much more…


>> Were you president of student government?


What about optimization/that thing you learnt more recently out of necessity that businesses really like?


Degree: A.S. in Graphic Design Technology
Santa Fe College, Gainesville Florida (Graduated: 2003) (for more see, Education, below)


>> Pioneered the resolution of linked problem video to actually play in PPT (for the state of FL)



Work Summary



>> any way to explain work? Did work for various consumers as a Student in Graphic Design school -- internship work as a student in Graphic Design school






- Properly shared, synced, backed up, updated to latest/most correct versions, & to from the same PPT files (no one else had ever figured out how to do this for the state of FL)


>> job titles/ roles you’ve played over the years

>> Constantly helped companies get aout of crisises

>> … Trained businesses & individuals, many programs and multiple operating systems, fixed countless computers


Accomplishments: instruction and service

Since 2007 I have been a Computer Consultant/ IT business owner.

Since 2003 I have been a Computer Professional.

From 1999-2003 I went to college for Graphic Design

Since 1996 I have been studying & fixing computers.


Purity Standards


Graphic Design Portfolio

You can see a few small excerpts from my Graphic Design Portfolio at the following link…


Professional Values

Ethical/Moral purity is more important than life itself

People are more important than “Profit”

Honor the one who made you and He will honor your goals


>> see purity policy




cloud collaboration, local data synchronization, PC Virtualization, Outlook synchronization,

On-site computer help in consultation on your staff at all times


People Skills (“Soft Skills”)

incl. VHDs (Virtual Hard Drives) and various other alternatives and Archives.


Alt Intro Text




I am resolutely committed to solving the most impossible computer problems and making companies and individuals impressively efficient and successful with their computer use and overall digital workflow. I am always bringing new solutions to individuals and businesses to achieve a high-tech workflow with the highest level of productivity.

make your computers work right for you



List of the Major Software Solutions I Use and Teach

I am proficient in countless industry standard programs such as

also including many other technical, file and production management programs.

and many other digital media authoring programs, including audio/video.


information technology application


General Skills



Excellent    written & oral communication

critical thinking/problem solving




superb communicator who gets along very well with other team members and superiors.

Creativity. Employers want employees who can offer creative solutions to common problems

Repair Just About Anything


A Number of Scripting & Coding Languages (AHK, some HTML, CSS, JS)


Professional References


Sherry Roberts

(386) 462-2564

9417 SW 75 Way Gainesville, FL 32608

Years known: 3




Jason Davis – Teacher

Cell: (352) 246-5352; Home: (386) 418-0015


Jayne Grant – Santa Fe Community College Instructor

(352) 395-5464


Wayne Rilko – University of Florida Faculty

(352) 745-2509


Dedicated worker


Indeed > Automation


Keep work history very brief vs. where do I max out on achievements?


Remove non-relevant work history?


Re-include GD internship & Campain?


Best paying locations (see map at bottom):



Contact info


About me?

- Job Goal

- what I really enjoy doing



Extended Job Objective




Someone’s Suggestion:

Also under the title "Technical Skills" I would suggest listing the "Graphics specialty programs and the Working knowledge programs"  in alphabetical order.




· PhotoShop (1) · Illustrator (2) · Mac/Quark (1)

· Advertising (2) · Web (2) · Prepress (1)

· Photography (2) · Traditional Illustration Methods (1)

· An Internship · An Advertising Campaign



Spring 2003 Gainesville FL

Campaign: Worked with and led team to design complete campaign for vacuum attachment. Personally helped name the product, and present campaign.


I lead a team where we were assigned to create and market an entire graphic design campaign, and even in the face of crisis when one of the assigned team members had the police called on him, and even though i was bearing the incredible stress of dealing with police reports right before I was to present before a large group of people, I still managed to turn arround and lead my team in giving a presentation that was so well received, that we not only won the campaign, but we were asked to present again before the league of innovation! (please feel free to ask me more about these adventures during an interview).


My Internship

First Assembly Of God

(352) 376-6992

Fall 2002 • 2925 NW 39th Ave.


Go to, the official website for Stephen Scott Handy Man Service

AutoHotkey Programing Code

Make your computer rapidly do your work for you


Pioneering New Solutions


This goes to the Ritz Union Website (use with caution if at all)



Quickfacts & Qualifications

Bullet points

help boost the productivity and success of your business and surpass

A Quick Work Summary


red-phone (352) 222-5471 |baroquon_Envelope | logo_in_nav_44x36 | | Updated: 9/16/2018




Highest paying:

Computer and information systems managers

Top Element

Generic job Title?

- Computer Specialist

- IT Technician

- professional Geek


These are the different titles (called “Job Objectives”) I might use on my résumé… Depending on what the company is specifically looking for, I might use the following terms (in order of my ideal preference):

Computer Consultant, Software Trainer, IT Specialist, File Management Technician




Computer Efficiency Consultant, Software Trainer, and IT Specialist with a long track record of high-tech accomplishments,


 seeking to work with a team that is committed to achieving excellent productivity


on a mission to supercharge and transform super ambitious businesses




Software Consultant & Trainer with over a decade efficiency innovation,


Software Consultant & Trainer, saving businesses over a decade, on a mission to bring efficiency innovation to supercharge your business



Old: |





Computer Efficiency Specialist or Expert (or "Efficiency Expert" for short)

Josiahs ScottComputer Efficiency Specialist


Josiahs ScottComputer Efficiency Consultant


Josiahs ScottComputer Efficiency Expert

or (for short…)

Josiahs ScottEfficiency Expert

Josiahs ScottComputer Specialist

Josiahs ScottIT Specialist

Josiahs ScottComputer Consultant

Josiahs ScottSoftware Instructor

IT Specialist Technician Consultant

Computer support specialist - Median hourly wage: $20.71; technical support specialists; help-desk technicians



Cover Letter

Computer Efficiency Consultant, Software Trainer, and IT Specialist with a long track record of high-tech accomplishments, seeking to work with a team/company that is committed to achieving excellence.


Work Summary


• 2007-Present – Computer Consultant / IT Business Owner

• 2003-Present – Computer Professional (several jobs)

• 1999-2003 – Worked for various clients as a college student in Graphic Design school

• 1996-Present – Studying & fixing computers


(1) Full Résumé:



(2) Printer-friendly PDF Link:


Remove job objective(s)????


Core compentencies -- 1 paragraph?

More bullets?


The Guy who knows how to make software work for you


Author of efficiency book

Authored curriculum


Credibility markers

Things you can quantify


Presented to presidents of collages

Owners of businesses



Traveled overseas