Josiahs’ School Honors, Certificates, & Awards

Josiahs Scott,,

1/25/14; 2/12/14; 9/26/18-9/27/18



Education Links. 1

Elementary School – Countryside Christian School 1

Westwood-Middle-School 1

High School – P.K. Yonge Developmental Research School 1

Santa Fe Community College. 2

List of All The Classes I took. 2

Diploma. 2

List of Graphic Design Classes I took…... 2

My Graphic Design Portfolio. 2

Student Government Representative. 2

Honors Programs. 2

Most Notably: The President’s Student Service Award. 3


Education Links

· – Various Awards Received Throughout My Schooling Career

· – College Transcript, 1999-2003

· – SFC Graphic Design Degree, 2003 (JPEG image)

· – Graphic Design Portfolio (Currently Requires Flash)



Elementary School – Countryside Christian School








High School – P.K. Yonge Developmental Research School

Most of the honors and Awards from High school still need to be digitalized


Community Service

 “In order to graduate from P. K. Yonge Developmental Research School, a student must complete 75 hours of community service during their four years of high school.”

Accessed 1/25/14


Santa Fe Community College

I invested 4 years of learning and they only gave me a “2 year” degree.


List of All The Classes I took





Looking Down from Bleachers




List of Graphic Design Classes I took…


My Graphic Design Portfolio

You can see a few small excerpts from my Graphic Design Portfolio at the following link…


Student Government Representative

I served as Student Government Representative for Chi Alpha (XA) for 4 years in a row. Here are 2 certificates I received in recognition of this…





It should also be considered that I was a Rep when the college was rated the Number one Student Government in the entire United States.




Honors Programs

Because of “outstanding academic achievement”, I was constantly invited to join a number of “Honors Programs”.


(A) Arts and Sciences Honors Program Invitation


(B) Santa Fe College President’s Invitation to Honors Program “Phi Theta Kappa”

“It is my pleasure and privilege to inform you that your outstanding academic record makes you eligible for membership in Phi Theta Kappa, the only internationally acclaimed honor society for two year colleges.  I extend my personal congratulations to you for this academic achievement.”

“…Membership in Phi Theta Kappa is a highly coveted honor that will enrich your life while you attend Santa FE community college…”

(Jackson N. Sasser, President, January 24, 2002)


(C) More invitations to Honors Programs: SFC-Invitation-Letters-to-Phi-Theta-Kappa



Santa Fe Community College

Office of The President



Most Notably: The President’s Student Service Award


Not only do I have a Certificate from the President of the College thanking me for my community service, but I also have a letter from the president of the United States thanking and acknowledging me for being a part of this program.



“The President’s Student Service Award

Presented to

Josiahs Scott

In recognition of Outstanding Community Service

With My Special Congratulations

George W Bush

President of the United States”



“President’s Student Service Award

Award to

Josiahs Scott

for excellence in civic engagement and community service

The president’s student service award


Santa Fe Community College

recognizes Civic Achievement and Community Leadership demonstrated in 100 hours of service to our world community

President Jackson N. Sasser”










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Other Certificates and Helpful Papers






You can see that I have no criminal record in my home city where I lived most of my life.


Developmental Neurology Pathology and Psychological Evaluation