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There are several ways to view the Bible studies that I have posted:

1. Get Adobe Reader

You may not be able to view Bible studies if you don't have the current version of the standard free PDF viewing software (Adobe reader).

PDF is also the format that you should use if you want to print out one of our Bible studies.

Click if you use the latest Windows - Get the latest version of Adobe Reader

2. View HTML

The simplest solution is to directly click on the title of each Bible study, which is usually in "HTML." HTML is the standard file format for viewing files as web pages. HTML is the same file format that this page that you are reading is in.

3. Please Try Again Later

The connection between your computer and the internet may be busy on either end. So if all else fails, a problem accessing files may be solved by simply trying again later.

4. Contact Me

PLEASE let me know about the problem, and then I can fix it as well as email you the update when it has been fixed:

I really like for people to help me know when things don't work so that we can have a shot at fixing them.

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