How to Obey The Sermon on the Mount

A Restorative and Imperative Proclamation Announcing How And Why You Can And Must Obey All The Sermon on the Mount

5/4/14 It's time to DO the Sermon on the Mount


Josiahs Scott,,

[4/14/10; 12/29/10; 7/17/11; 7/26/11 – recompiled Fruit into here]; 2/11/11; 8/6/11 (“DO!”); 5/27/12 (Evil Eye & Swearing, Oaths, etc.); 10/2/12; 10/16/12; 1/1/13; 1/21/13; 4/23/13; 4/25/13; 9/12/13; 5/17/13; 10/25/13 (DO); 3/18/14; 4/1/14; 5/11/14; SOM Text: 5/13/14-5/15/14; 5/26/14-5/27/14; 6/7/14-6/8/14; 6/16/14-6/17/14; 6/23/14-6/24/14; 6/26/14; 7/3/14; 7/6/14-7/7/14; (other dates); 7/13/14-7/15/14; 7/20/14-7/29/14; 8/2/14-8/4/14; 8/15/14; 8/17/14-8/18/14; 8/25/14; 8/28/14; 2/3/15; 11/6/16; 12/13/23-12/14/23


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A More Sensitive Conscious

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This thrilling proclamation is at the very beginning foundation of calling the church to repent, and it is the starting point for preparing a truly saved bride for Jesus to return and marry!


These are unpublished personal notes for our community.

Like usual, in cases like this, you should contact us so that we can teach you all of these exciting and helpful things.


These are my personal notes on the Sermon on the Mount that are continually being developed.

One Day, I am extremely excited about the possibility of having a full-blown Bible study on this most important sermon ever preached!



SOM Summaries. 2

Matthew 5 Linked with Matthew 7. 2

Mat_5 Summaries. 3

Mat_6 Summaries. 4

Mat_7 Summaries. 5

SOM Text 6

Mat_5:1-48. 6

Mat_6:1-34. 10

Mat_7:1-29. 13

Luk_6:20-49. 15

Blessed Beatitudes. 21

Terminology. 21 21

Sober Considerations of Blessings and Curses. 21

Numbers of Beatitudes?. 22

1Pe_4. 22

Poor. 22

Bless or Curse Enemies?. 23

Bless includes sinners. 23

Can Speak against those in the world. 23

Sort of Both Principals at work. 23

Backs Bent Over 23

Jesus prays woe over cities. 23

Sin unto death - if not, Pray Life. 23

Hezekiah Prayed Life. 23

Paul Prayed Life. 23

For Sins unto Death, Do not Pray for Life, but Confront unto Life: 23

Prayer for Sins unto Death (Intercession, not Blessing with Life) 24

Repent of ‘This Little Light of Yours’! 24

A Song that Reveals the Mindless Hypocrisy we Believe. 24

Illustrations of the Great Hypocrisy. 24

The Problems with our Hypocrisy. 24

Iotas, Keriahs -- Not Destroy-Loose Away, But Fulfill 25

Dispensational Heretics Always Try To Say Jesus Destroyed the OT, Even When Jesus Said He Would Not Do It 25

Surpassing Righteousness. 25

A More Sensitive Conscious. 26

Up Tight 29

Swearing, Oaths, Vows, and Promises. 29

Intro: Beware of Swearing Oaths Lest You Go to Hell! 29

It is Very Complex! 30

True Answers Are Often More Concrete than Sloppy Church Heresy. 30

Swear Vs Oath. 30

Not Just 7 Prohabition. 30

But WHY???. 31

Amen Amen = Yes Yes. 31

Paul’s Yes Meant Yes. 32

Critical SOM Passages on Swearing and Oaths. 32

Hebrew Disobedience Does Not Over Rull Greek Truth. 34

Pluck Out Eye, Cut Off Hand. 36

Talmud on Plucking out Eyes as Punishment 36 36

Why Pluck Out The RIGHT Eye?. 36

Turn the Other Cheek. 36

Forgiveness. 36

Fasting. 37

The City of the Great King. 37

Matthew 6 – Merciful “Alms”. 37

Matthew 7. 38

Do Not Judge. 38

Shun Cheap Shots. 38

Ask For Life/The Holy Spirit 38

Strive vs. Layback and Receive?. 39

Giving and Receiving. 39

are you supposed to do everything someone asks you to do?. 41

No Worry. 41

Invest and Work Toward Long-Term Pay Offs. 41

Much Rather Cloth You. 42

How does the sermon on the mount work?. 42

Supernatural Provision. 43

DO! -- Did you Do What I Told You to Do?. 44


Think: compare, link, or compile, Turning The Other Cheek



SOM Summaries

Other date(s) (~2016, etc.); 12/13/23


Matthew 5 Linked with Matthew 7


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Topial Summary of Matthew 5 Linked with Matthew 7

Blessed x9 (5:3-11) Do x9 (7:17-26; [5:9, 19]) Emphatic Greek (5:19, 7:24, 26, 28) Beg (5:3, 6; 7:7-12) for Righteousness (5:6, 10, 19-20; A6:1, 33)


Chronological Summary of Matthew 5 Linked with Matthew 7

5:3-11 (Blessed x9), 31, 61, 2, 94, 102, 193,4-202; A6:12, 332; 7:7-121, 17-26 (Do x9), 243, 263, 283 [1. Beg 2. Righteousness 3. Emphatic Greek 4. Do]


Blessed x9 (5:3-11); Do x9 (7:17-26; i.e. 5:9, 19);

Beg (5:3, 6; 7:7-12)

Righeousness (5:6, 10, 20; 6:1A, 33)

Double-Emphatic Greek (5:19, 7:24, 26, 28)


Double-Emphatic (5:19 τῶν ἐντολῶν τούτων τῶν; Mat 7:24, 26, 28 τοὺς λόγους τούτους)

Heaven x19 + 6:33

Hell (


two paths


serious obedience





M5:10 Prophets ↔ M7:15 False Prophets

More sensitive conscience vs. apox

M12:L Make a tree good > works when linking M5 (root) & 7 (fruit)

Note: What makes sweet and sour/rotten bitter to God? (in M7)

Mat_5:27-30 fire…gehena ↔ 7:19 thrown into Fire

Mat_5:17-20 ↔ 7:21 entering heaven

5:10 persecuted on account of Him ↔ 7:22 lawlessness in His name

M5 much in heaven ↔ much on earth



5:3-11 μακάριοι x9, 3 πτωχοὶ…οὐρανῶν, 6 δικαιοσύνην, 9 εἰρηνοποιοί, 10 οὐρανῶν, 19-20 ποιήσῃ…δικαιοσύνη…οὐρανῶν; 7:17-26 ποιέω x9, 21 οὐρανῶν



Mat 5:3-11 (μακάριοι x9)

5:3 (πτωχοὶ τῷ πνεύματι…ἡ βασιλεία τῶν οὐρανῶν), 5:6 (πεινῶντες καὶ διψῶντες τὴν δικαιοσύνην),

Mat 5:9  (εἰρηνοποιοί)

5:19-20 (ποιήσῃ…περισσεύσῃ ἡ δικαιοσύνη ὑμῶν πλεῖον…τῇ βασιλείᾳ τῶν οὐρανῶν),

Mat_5:27-30 gehena


M6: good works <> M7: lawless works


7:13-27 (ζωήν)

Mat_7:19 (πῦρ)

Mat_7:21 (εἰσελεύσεται εἰς τὴν βασιλείαν τῶν οὐρανῶν)


Do in the SOM


Mat_7:17-26 (ποιέω x9)


Mat 7:12 (ποιέω x2)


Mat 6:1-3 (ποιέω x5)


Mat 5:32  (ποιεῖ αὐτὴν)


Mat 5:36  (ποιῆσαι x1 or TSBx2)


Mat 5:44 (TSBκαλῶς TSBποιεῖτε)


Mat 5:46  (τελῶναι…ποιοῦσι x2)


24 total + 1 compound (5:9) = 23-25

(TSB: 5:36, 5:44)



thrown into Gehenna




Combine Not Compartmentalize



You are suppose to “beg” and “hunger” for God, but that is not the specific and powerful call to action in the SOM.

By noticing that He has given the same reward for those who beg and those who are persecuted, He is teaching us to combine.

He is teaching us to combine not divide like dispensationalist.

Sometimes the number of repition of a word is not because it is the proper numerical way to express it.

He is not trying to number the virtues He is trying to create patterns for you to recognize which is more important.

He is creating parallels more than compartments. He is teaching you to combine statements not isolate them.


The Point: you're not allowed to fragment these passages, but you are obligated by commandment to treat them as a unified statement that you are commanded to put together in order to understand.


Those who act like you can take each passage in an isolated way are in flaming rebellion against the master who commanded everyone to put them together and obey them to have understanding as to what they're talking about...



Mat_5 Summaries




Mat 5:1 – Mountain, sitted, disciples come

Up mountain, sat down, Disciple came

Mat 5:2 – He was teaching them

Mat 5:3 –Poor couching beggar= heavens

Not sinful but turning away from righteousness

spiritually destitute

Mat 5:4 – Mourner = called next to with comfort

Mat 5:5 – Meek get land

Mat 5:6 – Hunger & Thirst to righteousness = Filled

Grazed and be filled

Beggars = hungers to righteousnesss

Mat 5:7 – Merciful, mercied

Mat 5:8 – Clean heart see God

In a modifiying way/gaze

Mat 5:9 – Peace doers = God’s sons

Doers = ch.7

Mat 5:10 – Righteous persecuted get heaven

Mat 5:11 – Insulted persecuted you…

Mat 5:12 – Rejoice at prophet like reward in heaven

Much = ch.7

Mat 5:13 –

Mat 5:14 –

Mat 5:15 –

Mat 5:16 –

Mat 5:17 –

Mat 5:18 –

Mat 5:19 –

Mat 5:20 –

Mat 5:21 –

Mat 5:22 –

Mat 5:23 –

Mat 5:24 –

Mat 5:25 –

Mat 5:26 –

Mat 5:27 –

Mat 5:28 –

Mat 5:29 –

Mat 5:30 –

Mat 5:31 –

Mat 5:32 –

Mat 5:33 –

Mat 5:34 –

Mat 5:35 –

Mat 5:36 –

Mat 5:37 –

Mat 5:38 –

Mat 5:39 –

Mat 5:40 –

Mat 5:41 –

Mat 5:42 –

Mat 5:43 –

Mat 5:44 –

Mat 5:45 –

Mat 5:46 –

Mat 5:47 –

Mat 5:48 –


Mat_6 Summaries

Other date(s) (~2016, etc.); 12/13/23

Don’t Do Anything For The Approval Of Men, Or The Comfort Of Money

Be Spiritual; Don’t Be Set All Up On This Earth



Mat 6:1 –

Mat 6:2 –

Mat 6:3 –

Mat 6:4 –

Mat 6:5 –

Mat 6:6 –

Mat 6:7 –

Mat 6:8 –

Mat 6:9 –

Mat 6:10 –

Mat 6:11 –

Mat 6:12 –

Mat 6:13 –

Mat 6:14 –

Mat 6:15 –

Mat 6:16 –

Mat 6:17 –

Mat 6:18 –

Mat 6:19 –

Mat 6:20 –

Mat 6:21 –

Mat 6:22 –

Mat 6:23 –

Mat 6:24 –

Mat 6:25 –

Mat 6:26 –

Mat 6:27 –

Mat 6:28 –

Mat 6:29 –

Mat 6:30 –

Mat 6:31 –

Mat 6:32 –

Mat 6:33 –

Mat 6:34 –


Mat_7 Summaries


Mat 7:1 –

Mat 7:2 –

Mat 7:3 –

Mat 7:4 –

Mat 7:5 –

Mat 7:6 –

Mat 7:7 –

Mat 7:8 –

Mat 7:9 –

Mat 7:10 –

Mat 7:11 –

Mat 7:12 –

Mat 7:13 –

Mat 7:14 –

Mat 7:15 –

Mat 7:16 –

Mat 7:17 –

Mat 7:18 –

Mat 7:19 –

Mat 7:20 –

Mat 7:21 –

Mat 7:22 –

Mat 7:23 –

Mat 7:24 –

Mat 7:25 –

Mat 7:26 –

Mat 7:27 –

Mat 7:28 –

Mat 7:29 –





SOM Text





Mat_5:1-48 IGNT-TRi - Grm 

1  Ἰδὼν G1492 V-2AAP-NSM  δὲ But Seeing G1161 CONJ  τοὺς The G3588 T-APM  ὄχλους Crowds, G3793 N-APM  ἀνέβη He Went Up G305 V-2AAI-3S  εἰς Into G1519 PREP  τὸ The G3588 T-ASN  ὄρος Mountain; G3735 N-ASN  καὶ And G2532 CONJ  καθίσαντος Having Sat Down G2523 V-AAP-GSM  αὐτοῦ He, G846 P-GSM  TSBπροσῆλθον [Aπροσηλθαν] Came G4334 V-AAI-3P  αὐτῷ To Him G846 P-DSM  οἱ G3588 T-NPM  μαθηταὶ G3101 N-NPM  αὐτοῦ· His Disciples. G846 P-GSM 

2  καὶ And G2532 CONJ  ἀνοίξας Having Opened G455 V-AAP-NSM  τὸ G3588 T-ASN  στόμα G4750 N-ASN  αὐτοῦ His Mouth G846 P-GSM  ἐδίδασκεν He Taught G1321 V-IAI-3S  αὐτοὺς Them, G846 P-APM  λέγων Saying, G3004 V-PAP-NSM 

3  Μακάριοι Blessed Are G3107 A-NPM  οἱ The G3588 T-NPM  πτωχοὶ Poor G4434 A-NPM  τῷ G3588 T-DSN  πνεύματι In Spirit; G4151 N-DSN  ὅτι For G3754 CONJ  αὐτῶν Theirs G846 P-GPM  ἐστιν Is G2076 V-PXI-3S  The G3588 T-NSF  βασιλεία Kingdom G932 N-NSF  τῶν Of The G3588 T-GPM  οὐρανῶν Heavens. G3772 N-GPM 

4  μακάριοι Blessed G3107 A-NPM  οἱ They Who G3588 T-NPM  πενθοῦντες Mourn; G3996 V-PAP-NPM  ὅτι For G3754 CONJ  αὐτοὶ They G846 P-NPM  παρακληθήσονται Shall Be Comforted. G3870 V-FPI-3P 

5  μακάριοι Blessed G3107 A-NPM  οἱ The G3588 T-NPM  πραεῖς Meek; G4239 A-NPM  ὅτι For G3754 CONJ  αὐτοὶ They G846 P-NPM  κληρονομήσουσιν Shall Inherit G2816 V-FAI-3P  τὴν The G3588 T-ASF  γῆν Earth. G1093 N-ASF 

6  μακάριοι Blessed G3107 A-NPM  οἱ They Who G3588 T-NPM  πεινῶντες Hunger G3983 V-PAP-NPM [9 peinwntej rell || pinwntej CP]  καὶ And G2532 CONJ  διψῶντες Thirst After G1372 V-PAP-NPM  τὴν G3588 T-ASF  δικαιοσύνην Righteousness; G1343 N-ASF  ὅτι For G3754 CONJ  αὐτοὶ They G846 P-NPM  χορτασθήσονται Shall Be Filled. G5526 V-FPI-3P 

7  μακάριοι Blessed G3107 A-NPM  οἱ The G3588 T-NPM  ἐλεήμονες Merciful; G1655 A-NPM  ὅτι For G3754 CONJ  αὐτοὶ They G846 P-NPM  ἐλεηθήσονται Shall Find Mercy. G1653 V-FPI-3P 

8  μακάριοι Blessed G3107 A-NPM  οἱ The G3588 T-NPM  καθαροὶ Pure G2513 A-NPM  τῇ G3588 T-DSF  καρδίᾳ In Heart; G2588 N-DSF  ὅτι For G3754 CONJ  αὐτοὶ They G846 P-NPM  τὸν G3588 T-ASM  θεὸν God G2316 N-ASM  ὄψονται Shall See. G3700 V-FDI-3P 

9  μακάριοι Blessed G3107 A-NPM  οἱ The G3588 T-NPM  εἰρηνοποιοί Peacemakers; G1518 A-NPM  ὅτι For G3754 CONJ  αὐτοὶ They G846 P-NPM  υἱοὶ Sons G5207 N-NPM  θεοῦ Of God G2316 N-GSM  κληθήσονται Shall Be Called. G2564 V-FPI-3P 

10  μακάριοι Blessed G3107 A-NPM  οἱ They Who G3588 T-NPM  δεδιωγμένοι Have Been Persecuted G1377 V-RPP-NPM  ἕνεκεν On Account G1752 ADV  δικαιοσύνης Of Righteousness; G1343 N-GSF  ὅτι For G3754 CONJ  αὐτῶν Theirs G846 P-GPM  ἐστιν Is G2076 V-PXI-3S  The G3588 T-NSF  βασιλεία Kingdom G932 N-NSF  τῶν Of The G3588 T-GPM  οὐρανῶν Heavens. G3772 N-GPM 

11  μακάριοί Blessed G3107 A-NPM  ἐστε Are Ye G2075 V-PXI-2P  ὅταν When G3752 CONJ  ὀνειδίσωσιν They Shall Reproach G3679 V-AAS-3P  ὑμᾶς You, G5209 P-2AP  καὶ And G2532 CONJ  διώξωσιν Shall Persecute, G1377 V-AAS-3P  καὶ And G2532 CONJ  εἴπωσιν Shall Say G2036 V-2AAS-3P  πᾶν Every G3956 A-ASN  πονηρὸν Wicked G4190 A-ASN  TSB(99.8%)ῥῆμα Word G4487 N-ASN [omit?: B(D)NU]  καθ' Against G2596 PREP  ὑμῶν You, G5216 P-2GP  TSB(99.9%)ψευδόμενοι [Aψευδομενοι (incl.: B…[NU], etc.; omit: D)] Lying, G5574 V-PEP-NPM  ἕνεκεν On Account G1752 ADV  ἐμοῦ Of Me. G1700 P-1GS [10 rhma f35 C,W (99.8%) RP,HF,OC,CP,TR || --- B(D)NU] [11 yeudomenoi f35 B,C [99.9%] RP,HF,OC,CP,TR[NU] || --- D] 

12  χαίρετε Rejoice G5463 V-PAM-2P  καὶ And G2532 CONJ  ἀγαλλιᾶσθε Exult, G21 V-PNM-2P  ὅτι For G3754 CONJ  G3588 T-NSM  μισθὸς G3408 N-NSM  ὑμῶν Your Reward Is G5216 P-2GP  πολὺς Great G4183 A-NSM  ἐν In G1722 PREP  τοῖς The G3588 T-DPM  οὐρανοῖς· Heavens; G3772 N-DPM  οὕτως G3779 ADV  γὰρ For Thus G1063 CONJ  ἐδίωξαν They Persecuted G1377 V-AAI-3P  τοὺς The G3588 T-APM  προφήτας Prophets G4396 N-APM  τοὺς Who Were G3588 T-APM  πρὸ Before G4253 PREP  ὑμῶν You. G5216 P-2GP 

13  Ὑμεῖς Ye G5210 P-2NP  ἐστε Are G2075 V-PXI-2P  τὸ The G3588 T-NSN  ἅλας Salt G217 N-NSN  τῆς Of The G3588 T-GSF  γῆς· Earth : G1093 N-GSF  ἐὰν G1437 COND  δὲ But If G1161 CONJ  τὸ The G3588 T-NSN  ἅλας Salt G217 N-NSN  μωρανθῇ Become Tasteless, G3471 V-APS-3S  ἐν With G1722 PREP  τίνι What G5101 I-DSN  ἁλισθήσεται Shall It Be Salted? G233 V-FPI-3S  εἰς For G1519 PREP  οὐδὲν Nothing Has G3762 A-ASN  ἰσχύει It Strength G2480 V-PAI-3S  ἔτι G2089 ADV  εἰ Any Longer, G1487 COND  μὴ But G3361 PRT-N  TSB(99%)βληθῆναι [Aβληθεν (1%])] To Be Cast G906 V-APN  ἔξω Out, G1854 ADV  TSBκαὶ And G2532 CONJ  καταπατεῖσθαι To Be Trampled Upon G2662 V-PPN  ὑπὸ By G5259 PREP  τῶν G3588 T-GPM  ἀνθρώπων Men. G444 N-GPM [1 blhqhnai exw{?} kai f35 D,W [99%] RP,HF,OC,CP,TR || blhqen _ {NA26: βληθὲν ἔξω} 2 B,C [1%] NU] 

14  Ὑμεῖς Ye G5210 P-2NP  ἐστε Are G2075 V-PXI-2P  τὸ The G3588 T-NSN  φῶς Light G5457 N-NSN  τοῦ Of The G3588 T-GSM  κόσμου World, G2889 N-GSM  οὐ G3756 PRT-N  δύναται Cannot G1410 V-PNI-3S  πόλις A City G4172 N-NSF  κρυβῆναι Be Hid G2928 V-2APN  ἐπάνω On G1883 ADV  ὄρους A Mountain G3735 N-GSN  κειμένη· Situated. G2749 V-PNP-NSF 

15  οὐδὲ Nor G3761 ADV  καίουσιν Do They Light G2545 V-PAI-3P  λύχνον A Lamp G3088 N-ASF  καὶ And G2532 CONJ  τιθέασιν Put G5087 V-PAI-3P  αὐτὸν It G846 P-ASM  ὑπὸ Under G5259 PREP  τὸν The G3588 T-ASM  μόδιον Corn Measure, G3426 N-ASM  ἀλλ' But G235 CONJ  ἐπὶ Upon G1909 PREP  τὴν The G3588 T-ASF  λυχνίαν Lampstand; G3087 N-ASF  καὶ And G2532 CONJ  λάμπει It Shines G2989 V-PAI-3S  πᾶσιν For All G3956 A-DPM  τοῖς Who G3588 T-DPM  ἐν Are In G1722 PREP  τῇ The G3588 T-DSF  οἰκίᾳ House. G3614 N-DSF 

16  οὕτως Thus G3779 ADV  λαμψάτω Let Shine G2989 V-AAM-3S  τὸ G3588 T-NSN  φῶς G5457 N-NSN  ὑμῶν Your Light G5216 P-2GP  ἔμπροσθεν Before G1715 PREP  τῶν G3588 T-GPM  ἀνθρώπων Men, G444 N-GPM  ὅπως So That G3704 ADV  ἴδωσιν They May See G1492 V-2AAS-3P  ὑμῶν Your G5216 P-2GP  τὰ G3588 T-APN  καλὰ Good G2570 A-APN  ἔργα Works, G2041 N-APN  καὶ And G2532 CONJ  δοξάσωσιν May Glorify G1392 V-AAS-3P  τὸν G3588 T-ASM  πατέρα G3962 N-ASM  ὑμῶν Your Father G5216 P-2GP  τὸν Who Is G3588 T-ASM  ἐν In G1722 PREP  τοῖς The G3588 T-DPM  οὐρανοῖς Heavens. G3772