Bible Summaries


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* 6/19/09; 9/10/09 (* Exodus); 9/10/09-9/11/09; 1/18/10; 3/30/10-4/9/10 (Exodus); 5/1-5/2/10; 5/15- 5/18/10; 6/26-7/4/10; 8/27/10; 10/8/10; 10/22/10; 11/28/10; 12/26/10; 12/29/10; 2/6/11; 5/8/11 (Timothy); 8/15/11; 4/26/12; 8/7/13 (fixed Word Vand); 8/8/13 (Genesis 1-9); 9/16/13; 10/16/13; Acts 10: 10/20/13-10/21/13; 10/31/13; 11/2/13; 1/14/14; 12/28/14; 5/28/16




Genesis 1-9 Chapter Summaries

Gen_1:1 Creation

Gen_2:1 Marriage

Gen_3:1 Sin

Gen_4:1 Murder

Gen_5:1 Genealogy: From Adam to Noah

Gen_6:1 Pre-Flood (Noah)

Gen_7:1 Flood

Gen_8:1 Post Flood

Gen_8:20-22 Gen_9:1-17 Noahic Covenant [the Seven? Universal Noahide Laws]


12 Marriage adventures in Egypt

13 Lot Division

14 Melchisadek

15 Covenant Vision

16 Hagar and Ishmael

17 Circumcision

18 3 Men

19 Sodom Destroyed

20 Marriage adventures with Abimalech

21 Isack Born, Abimalech Covenant

22 Isack Offered

23 Sarah Dies

24 Isack Marries Rebekah

25 Abraham's Additional Wives, then Dies, Jacob Gets Esau's Birthright

26 Isaac's Marriage adventures, then Abimalech Covenant

27 Jacob Gets Esau's Blessing

28 Jacob's Ladder

29 Jacob Gets Leah & Rachel

30 Childbearing competitions, & Jacob's wages

31 Jacob Returns with Laban Trials

32 Jacob Returns with Esau Trials & Angel Wrestlings

33 Jacob meets with Esau

34 Dinah Defiled

35 God appears, Jacob Moves, Rachel and other women die, Ruben does incest, Isaac dies

36 Genealogies of Esau

37 Joseph's Dreams and Exile

38 Judah and Tamar

39 Joseph Flees Adultery

40 Explaining Dreams in Prison

41 Explaining Dreams of Pharaoh

42 Joseph Tests Brothers - Round 1

43 Joseph Tests Brothers - Round 2

44 Joseph Tests Brothers - Round 3

45 Joseph Reveals Himself to Brothers

46 Jacob/Israel goes Down into Egypt

47 Jacob Speaks to Pharaoh, Joseph Buys Egypt for Pharaoh with Grain

48 Jacob Blesses Joseph's Sons

49 Jacob Prophesies over His own Sons, and Dies

50 Joseph Buries Jacob, Joseph Dies





Chapter Summaries -- General Passages

12/10/16; 12/12/16-12/13/16; 12/17/16; 12/20/16


Exo_1 Babies Threatened with Abortions

Exo_2 Moses is Born, Flees, and gets married

Exo_3:1-22 Burning Bush

Exo_4:1-31 From Bush Miracles to Jews in Egypt

Exo_5:1-23 Let my people go

Exo_6:1-30 affirmation & details

Exo_7:1-25 Staff into snake; pl. 1

Exo_8:1-32 pl. 2-4

Exo_9:1-35 pl. 5-7

Exo_10:1-29 pl. 8-10

Exo_11:1-10 pl. 10

Exo_12:1-51 pl. 10, Passover, Exodus

Exo_13:1-22 Passover, Exodus

Exo_14:1-31 Crossing the Red Sea



Exo_15:23 (Marah H4785) - Rut_1:20 (Mara H4755) < H4751 < H4843


Moses Heals the Waters: Exo_15:25 -- Elisha healing: 2Ki_2:19-22

>> cleaning the pot of death

>> Sync: MAEbb | BBSum


Exo_20:22 vs. Heb_12:25 KJV


No idols:



>> Keep yourselves from idols


Exo_21: -- restitution

See: Rep


Exo_23:29 spw -- Rom_16:20; 1Pe_5:10


Self-imposed restitution -- What Heart-Purified New Covenant People do!



Exo_25:2 (MT: offering); 1Co_16:2


Mercy Seat

Exo_25:17; Exo_25:18; Exo_25:19; Exo_25:20; Exo_25:21; Exo_25:22; Exo_31:7; Exo_35:12; Exo_37:6; Exo_37:7; Exo_37:8; Exo_37:9; Exo_40:20; Lev_16:2; Lev_16:13; Lev_16:14; Lev_16:15; Num_7:89; 1Ch_28:11; Eze_43:14; Eze_43:17; Eze_43:20; Amo_9:1; Rom_3:25; Heb_9:5;

Also: 1Jo_2:2

>> he ever live to make intercession...


Exo_25:18 -- Eze_28:14, etc.


Exo_25:20 -- 1Co_11:10


Exo_25:32 -- I am the vine you are the branches


Exo_29:2 vs. Num_5:1


Drink Offering

Exo_30:9 -- Phi_2:17 2Ti_4:6

Isa_53:12 comp: Jesus poured out His soul blood


Exo_30:18 (λουτηραG3066.1) -- Eph_5:26 (λουτρωG3067)


Exo_31:18 -- Exo_24:12


Exo_32:1 make us gods: MT: "אלהים" (H430); LXX: θεούςG2316 N-APM



Exo_31:18 -- MT: "אלהים׃"(H430) -- LXX: τῷ δακτύλῳ τοῦ θεοῦG2316 N-GSM


Exo_32:4 -- γραφίδι


Exo_32:4 -- Calf: MT: "עגל" H5695; LXX: μόσχον


Exo_32:4 -- "These are your gods" -- MT: "אלהH428These אלהיךH430thy gods" -- LXX: ΟὗτοιG3778 D-NPMοἱG3588 T-NPMθεοίG2316 N-NPMσου


Exo_32:5 -- "feast to Yahweh."

>> now we ghave idolatry and the Name in Vain


Exo_32:6 -- Pro_7:14 -- Hypocritical Sacrifices



Exo_32:14 KJV+ And the LORD repentedH5162

KJV+LB-GrV Gen_5:29; Gen_6:6; Gen_6:7; Gen_24:67; Gen_27:42; Gen_37:35; Gen_38:12; Gen_50:21; Exo_13:17; Exo_32:12; Exo_32:14; Num_23:19; Deu_32:36; Jdg_2:18; Jdg_21:6; Jdg_21:15; Rth_2:13; 1Sa_15:11; 1Sa_15:29; 1Sa_15:35; 2Sa_10:2; 2Sa_10:3; 2Sa_12:24; 2Sa_13:39; 2Sa_24:16; 1Ch_7:22; 1Ch_19:2; 1Ch_19:3; 1Ch_21:15; Job_2:11; Job_7:13; Job_16:2; Job_21:34; Job_29:25; Job_42:6; Job_42:11; Psa_23:4; Psa_69:20; Psa_71:21; Psa_77:2; Psa_86:17; Psa_90:13; Psa_106:45; Psa_110:4; Psa_119:52; Psa_119:76; Psa_119:82; Psa_135:14; Ecc_4:1; Isa_1:24; Isa_12:1; Isa_22:4; Isa_40:1; Isa_49:13; Isa_51:3; Isa_51:12; Isa_51:19; Isa_52:9; Isa_54:11; Isa_57:6; Isa_61:2; Isa_66:13; Jer_4:28; Jer_8:6; Jer_15:6; Jer_16:7; Jer_18:8; Jer_18:10; Jer_20:16; Jer_26:3; Jer_26:13; Jer_26:19; Jer_31:13; Jer_31:15; Jer_31:19; Jer_42:10; Lam_1:2; Lam_1:9; Lam_1:16; Lam_1:17; Lam_1:21; Lam_2:13; Eze_5:13; Eze_14:22; Eze_14:23; Eze_16:54; Eze_24:14; Eze_31:16; Eze_32:31; Joe_2:13; Joe_2:14; Amo_7:3; Amo_7:6; Jon_3:9; Jon_3:10; Jon_4:2; Nah_3:7; Zec_1:17; Zec_8:14; Zec_10:2;


Exo_33:11 -- Pulpit: "as we read in Num_12:8 but not under any visible form (see vers. Exo_33:20, Exo_33:23, and compare. (Deu_4:12, Deu_4:15)"





Exodus 29 Fill Hands & Perfect Consecration

1/6/17; 1/10/17-1/11/17


Exo_28:41 WEB You shall put them on Aaron your brother, and on his sons with him, and shall anoint them, and consecrateH4390 (H853) H3027them, and sanctify them, that they may minister to me in the priest's office.

Exo_28:41 CAB And you shall put them on Aaron your brother, and his sons with him, and you shall anoint them and fill their hands; and you shall sanctify them, that they may minister to Me in the priest's office.

Exo_28:41 ABP+ AndG2532you shall putG1746them on G1473AaronG*G3588your brother,G80G1473andG2532G3588his sonsG5207G1473withG3326him.G1473AndG2532you shall anointG5548them,G1473andG2532you shall fillG1705theirG1473G3588hands.G5495AndG2532you shall sanctifyG37themG1473thatG2443they should officiate as priestsG2407to me.G1473

Exo_28:41 Greek καὶ ἐνδύσεις αὐτὰ Ααρων τὸν ἀδελφόν σου καὶ τοὺς υἱοὺς αὐτοῦ μετ᾿ αὐτοῦ· καὶ χρίσεις αὐτοὺς καὶ ἐμπλήσεις αὐτῶν τὰς χεῖρας καὶ ἁγιάσεις αὐτούς, ἵνα ἱερατεύωσίν μοι.

Compare: Exo_32:29


Exo_29:9 WEB You shall dress them with belts, Aaron and his sons, and bind headbands on them: and they shall have the priesthood by a perpetual statute: and you shall consecrateH4390 H3027 Aaron and his sons.

Exo_29:9 ABP+ AndG2532 you shall tie aroundG2224 themG1473 theG3588 belts,G2223 andG2532 shall put onG4060 themG1473 theG3588 turbans,G2787.1 andG2532 it will beG1510.8.3 for themG1473 a priesthoodG2405 to meG1699 intoG1519 theG3588 eon.G165 AndG2532 you shall perfectG5048 theG3588 handsG5495 [CAB: you shall fill the hands] of Aaron,G* andG2532 theG3588 handsG5495 G3588 of his sons.G5207 G1473

Exo_29:9 Greek καὶ ζώσεις αὐτοὺς ταῖς ζώναις καὶ περιθήσεις αὐτοῖς τὰς κιδάρεις, καὶ ἔσται αὐτοῖς ἱερατεία ἐμοὶ εἰς τὸν αἰῶνα. καὶ τελειώσεις τὰς χεῖρας Ααρων καὶ τὰς χεῖρας τῶν υἱῶν αὐτοῦ.


Exo_29:22 ἔστιν γὰρ τελείωσις αὕτη


Exo_29:27 τοῦ κριοῦ τῆς τελειώσεως


Exo_29:29 WEB "The holy garments of Aaron shall be for his sons after him, to be anointed in them, and to be consecratedH4390 (H853) H3027 in them.

Exo_29:29 ABP+ AndG2532 theG3588 apparelG4749 of theG3588 holy placeG39 whichG3739 isG1510.2.3 Aaron's,G* shall beG1510.8.3 to G3588 his sons'G5207 G1473 afterG3326 him,G1473 for them to be anointedG5548 G1473 inG1722 them,G1473 andG2532 to perfectG5048 G3588 their hands.G5495 G1473

Exo_29:29 Greek καὶ ἡ στολὴ τοῦ ἁγίου, ἥ ἐστιν Ααρων, ἔσται τοῖς υἱοῖς αὐτοῦ μετ᾿ αὐτόν, χρισθῆναι αὐτοὺς ἐν αὐτοῖς καὶ τελειῶσαι τὰς χεῖρας αὐτῶν.




Exo_29:33 WEB They shall eat those things with which atonement was made, to consecrateH4390 (H853) H3027 and sanctify them: but a stranger shall not eat of it, because they are holy.

Exo_29:33 ABP+ They shall eatG2068 the offerings G1473 withG1722 whichG3739 they were sanctifiedG37 byG1722 them,G1473 to perfectG5048 G3588 their hands,G5495 G1473 to sanctifyG37 them.G1473 AndG2532 a foreignerG241 shall notG3756 eatG2068 fromG575 them,G1473 for it isG1510.2.3 G1063 holy.G39

Exo_29:33 Greek ἔδονται αὐτά, ἐν οἷς ἡγιάσθησαν ἐν αὐτοῖς τελειῶσαι τὰς χεῖρας αὐτῶν ἁγιάσαι αὐτούς, καὶ ἀλλογενὴς οὐκ ἔδεται ἀπ᾿ αὐτῶν· ἔστιν γὰρ ἅγια.


Exo_29:35 WEB "You shall do so to Aaron, and to his sons, according to all that I have commanded you. You shall consecrateH4390 H3027 them seven days.

Exo_29:35 ABP+ AndG2532 you shall doG4160 for AaronG* andG2532 G3588 his sonsG5207 G1473 thusG3779 according toG2596 allG3956 as much asG3745 I gave chargeG1781 to you.G1473 SevenG2033 daysG2250 you shall perfectG5048 G3588 their hands.G5495 G1473

Exo_29:35 Greek καὶ ποιήσεις Ααρων καὶ τοῖς υἱοῖς αὐτοῦ οὕτως κατὰ πάντα, ὅσα ἐνετειλάμην σοι· ἑπτὰ ἡμέρας τελειώσεις αὐτῶν τὰς χεῖρας.


ABP+ Heb_2:10; Heb_5:9; Heb_5:14; Heb_6:1; Heb_7:11; Heb_7:19; Heb_7:28; Heb_9:9; Heb_9:11; Heb_10:1; Heb_10:14; Heb_11:40; Heb_12:2; Heb_12:23;






Exo 7-15 Plagues and Passover

Other dates (~2009-2011, etc.); 12/10/16; 12/12/16-12/13/16; 12/17/16; 12/20/16



Passover-Exodus Notes


See: e-Sword: Bible Atlas: 029 - The Rout of the Exodus



Exo_12:1-51 pl. 10, Passover, Exodus

Exo_13:1-22 Passover, Exodus


Exo_12:25 WEB when you have come to the landyou shall keep this service.


Exo_13:5 when Yahweh shall bring you into the land you shall keep this service in this month.


Num_9:1-14 1ST Annual Passover Celebrated (before promised land)




Exo_7:9-13 Rod into Snake (δράκων dragon)

1. Exo_7:13-25 Water into blood (Rev_16:3-7; also: water into bitterness)

2. Exo_8:1-15 Frogs

3. Exo_8:16-19 Lice

4. Exo_8:20-32 Dog-Fly [Greek: κυνομυιαν; Hebrew: הערבH6157 (ārōḇ)]

Brenton/CAB/NETS/ALS p. 344: dog-fly;

KJV: swarmsH6157 of flies

κυνομυιαν κυν means dog

5. Exo_9:1-7 Cattle Died (Hos_4:1-3)

6. Exo_9:8-12 [Exo_9:10: ἕλκηG1668, φλυκτίδες ἀναζέουσαι Exo_9:11: ἕλκηG1668] Boils; (Rev_16:2: ἕλκοςG1668)

7. Exo_9:13-35 Hail (Rev_16:21)

8. Exo_10:1-20 Locusts (Rev_9:3)

9. Exo_10:21-23 Darkness that can be felt (Rev_16:10)

10. Exo_10:24-29Exo_11:1-10 Death of the Firstborn

Exo_12:26-41 Death Angel and exodus


Ipuwer Papyrus

C:\Files\Bookshelf\Bible History\Ipuwer-Papyrus




Exo_12:1-2 Beginning of the year

Exo_12:3-5 10th of the month, take Passover lamb into your house

Exo_12:6 Kill Lamb on the 14th (that is, the 14th of Nisan)

Exo_12:7 Put blood on doorposts where lamb is eaten

Exo_12:8 Eat: lamb roasted with fire, unleavened bread (Matza), bitter herbs

Exo_12:9 ALL of the lamb roasted together


No Bones Broken

Exo_12:10 Let none remain till morning; LXX has: You shall not break a bone of it

Exo_12:46 Both MT (Hebrew) and LXX (Greek) have: You shall not break a bone of it

Num_9:12 Dont break a bone of it

Psa_34:19-20 KJV  Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the LORD delivereth him out of them all.  20  He keepeth all his bones: not one of them is broken.

Joh_19:36 KJV  For these things were done, that the scripture should be fulfilled, A bone of him shall not be broken.

(see all of: Joh_19:31-36)


Rest of Passover Instructions

Exo_12:12-13 Blood will protect, when Egyptians killed

Exo_12:14 Keep feast forever

Exo_12:15-16 7 days: 1st day no leaven, holy day; 7th day, Holy

Exo_12:18-20 No leaven, or death

Exo_12:21-25 Kill the lamb, blood on door posts

Exo_12:26 Q1: what is this service?

(A) Jews say this son is bad because he does not include himself in the question; see KJV: What mean ye by this service?

(B) Compare: Deu_6:7, Deu_11:19, Deu_32:7; Jos_4:6, Jos_4:7, Jos_4:21-24; Psa_78:3-6; Psa_145:4; Isa_38:19; Eph_6:4

Exo_12:41 They came out by night

Exo_12:42 A watch kept (as in, watch and pray and originally, a prayer vigil)

Exo_12:43 Not for strangers

Exo_12:44 Only for the circumcised (see below)

Exo_12:45 Not for strangers

Exo_12:46 One house only, no broken bones

Exo_12:48-49 A Jewish Proselyte had to be circumcised to participate

For real (NT) Circumcision, see: Gal_5:1-6; 1Co_7:18-20; Php_3:2-3; Deu_10:16, Deu_30:6; Jer_4:4, Jer_9:26; Rom_2:25-29, Rom_4:11, Rom_4:12; Col_2:11

Exo_13:2 Firstborn

Exo_13:3 Remember this day... no leaven

Exo_13:6-7 Seven unleavened bread... seventh day, a feast (no leaven in all territory)

Exo_13:8-9 Q2: Jews say the child is too young to ask

Exo_13:9 shall be for a sign unto thee upon [your] hand, and for a memorial between [your] eyes, that the LORD'S law may be in thy mouth...

Exo_13:11-14 first born

Exo_13:14-15 Q3: what is this? (Pharaoh explained)

Exo_13:16 token upon hand

Exo_13:17-18 Avoiding the Philistines

Exo_13:19 bones of Joseph


Crossing the Red Sea

Exo_14:1-4 God told them: "...encamp by the sea" (Exo_14:2) (I will harden Pharaoh's heart)

Exo_14:8 "the LORD hardened the heart of Pharaoh"...children of Israel went out with an high hand

Exo_14:9 chariots of Pharaoh... overtook them encamping by the sea

Exo_14:10-12 Israel afraid & complaining harshly

Exo_14:13-14 stand still, and see the salvation of the LORD

Exo_14:15-16 rod over sea

Exo_14:17-18 I will harden the heart of Pharaoh and of all the Egyptians

Exo_14:19-20 Cloud protects

Exo_14:21 Moses... hand over... sea, and the Lord carried back the sea with a strong south wind all the night...

Exo_14:22/ Exo_14:29 water was a wall on right & left

Exo_14:23 Egyptians pursued them

Exo_14:24-25 ...the Lord looked [out] on the camp of the Egyptians through the pillar of fire and cloud...

Exo_14:26-28 water closes

Exo_14:30 Egyptians dead by the shore of the sea

Exo_15:1-19 Moses sings

Exo_15:3 Lord is a man of war

Exo_15:14 from peoples to Palestina

Exo_15:15 Leaders of Edom and Moab...inhabitants of Canaan

Exo_15:20-21 Miriam singing with timbrel

Communion Passages (instituted during Passover)

Mat_26:1-75; Mar_14:1-31; Luk_22:1-40; Joh_11:2; Joh_12:1-11; Joh_13:1-31;


Then the master rose up and took another cup, before the lamb was tasted. After supper, he took a thin loaf or cake, which he broke and divided to all at the table, and likewise the cup, usually called the cup of thanksgiving, of which he drank first, and then all the guests. It was this bread and this cup which our Lord consecrated to be a standing memorial of his death. (WEN on Mat_26)


Notable Greek

Exo_6:9 they hearkened not [εἰσήκουσαν] to Moses, on account of their faint-heartedness [ὀλιγοψυχίας], and for their hard tasks. [τῶν ἔργων τῶν σκληρῶν] (CAB)

Exo_7:9 take your rod and cast it upon the ground before Pharaoh, and before his servants, and it shall become a serpent [δράκων]

Exo_7:12 And they cast down each his rod, and they became serpents [δράκοντες]


Mount Horeb, Sini, & the Mountain of God





Burnt Mountain









Sinai -- 31 Verses in the Law, Mostly Throughout Exodus through Numbers -- only 1 in Deuteronomy

CAB [Horeb: Exo_3:1 MT: God's mountain] Exo_16:1 (1st occurance of Sini / H5514 -- WEB, CAB, ABP, KJV+); [Horeb: Exo_17:6] [Exo_17:8 CAB And Amalek came and fought with Israel in Rephidim] Exo_19:1; Exo_19:2; Exo_19:11; Exo_19:16; Exo_19:18; Exo_19:20; Exo_19:23; Exo_24:16; Exo_31:18; [Horeb: Exo_33:6] Exo_34:2; Exo_34:4; Exo_34:32; Lev_7:38; Lev_25:1; Lev_26:46; Lev_27:34; Num_1:1; Num_1:19; Num_3:1; Num_3:4; Num_3:14; Num_9:1; Num_9:5; Num_10:12; Num_26:61; Num_26:64; Num_28:6; Num_33:15; Num_33:16; Deu_33:2

[1Ki_19:8 MT: Mount of God]


Horeb -- 12 Verses in the Law, Mostly in Deuteronomy

Exo_3:1; Exo_17:6; Exo_33:6; Deu_1:2; Deu_1:6; Deu_1:19; Deu_4:10; Deu_4:15; Deu_5:2; Deu_9:8; Deu_18:16; Deu_29:1.



Mountain of God / God's mountain

Exo_3:1 (MT: God's mountain/Horeb; LXX: Horeb);

Exo_4:27 (MT & LXX: God's mountain -- Aaron meets Moses);

Exo_18:5 (MT & LXX: Jethro at Mountain of God, also: Exo_18:12);

Exo_19:3 (MT & LXX);

Exo_24:13 (MT & LXX);

1Ki_19:8 (MT: God's mountain/Horeb; LXX: Horeb);

Eze_28:14 (MT & LXX: the holy mount of God);

Eze_28:16 (MT & LXX: the mountain of God)


[MT: Horeb = the "Mountain of God": Exo_3:1; 1Ki_19:8]



The Fearful Mountain

Exo_19:12-13 (Exo_19:23) - Deu_9:19 - Heb_12:20-21

TSK: Moses: Exo_19:16, Exo_19:19, Psa_119:120, Isa_6:3-5, Dan_10:8, Dan_10:17, Rev_1:17 (1Co_2:3)



Exo_24:13 WEB Moses rose up with Joshua, his servant, and Moses went up onto God's Mountain.

Exo_24:13 CAB And Moses rose up and Joshua his attendant, and they went up into the mount of God.

Exo_24:13 καὶ ἀναστὰς Μωυσῆς καὶ Ἰησοῦς ὁ παρεστηκὼς αὐτῷ ἀνέβησαν εἰς τὸ ὄρος τοῦ θεοῦ·


Exo_24:16 WEB The glory of Yahweh settled on Mount Sinai, and the cloud covered it six days. The seventh day he called to Moses out of the midst of the cloud.

Exo_24:16 CAB And the glory of God came down upon Mount Sinai, and the cloud covered it six days; and the Lord called Moses on the seventh day out of the midst of the cloud.

Exo_24:16 καὶ κατέβη ἡ δόξα τοῦ θεοῦ ἐπὶ τὸ ὄρος τὸ Σινα, καὶ ἐκάλυψεν αὐτὸ ἡ νεφέλη ἓξ ἡμέρας· καὶ ἐκάλεσεν κύριος τὸν Μωυσῆν τῇ ἡμέρᾳ τῇ ἑβδόμῃ ἐκ μέσου τῆς νεφέλης.




Sovereign Hardening!


Exo_4:21  And the Lord said to Moses all the miracles I have charged you with, you shall work before Pharaoh. And I will harden his heart


Exo_7:3  And I will harden the heart of Pharaoh


Exo_7:13  And the heart of Pharaoh was hardened, and he hearkened not to them, as the Lord charged them.


Exo_7:14  And the Lord said to Moses, The heart of Pharaoh is made hard


Exo_7:22  and the heart of Pharaoh was hardened, and he did not hearken to them, even as the Lord said.


Exo_8:15 And when Pharaoh saw that there was relief, his heart was hardened, and he did not hearken to them, as the Lord said.


Exo_8:19  So the charmers said to Pharaoh, This is the finger of God. But the heart of Pharaoh was hardened, and he did not listen to them, as the Lord said.


Exo_8:32  And Pharaoh hardened his heart, even on this occasion, and he would not send the people away.


Exo_9:7  And when Pharaoh saw that of all the livestock of the children of Israel, that not one died, the heart of Pharaoh was hardened, and he did not let the people go.


Exo_9:12  And the Lord hardened Pharaoh's heart, and he hearkened not to them, as the Lord appointed.


Exo_9:13-17 CAB  13  And the Lord said to Moses, Rise up early in the morning, and stand before Pharaoh; and you shall say to him, Thus says the Lord God of the Hebrews: Let My people go, that they may serve Me.  14  For at this present time I will send forth all My plagues into your heart, and the heart of your servants and of your people; that you may know that there is not another such as I in all the earth.  15  For now I will stretch forth My hand and smite you and kill your people, and you shall be consumed from off the earth.  16  And for this purpose have you been preserved, that I might display My strength in you, and that My name might be published in all the earth.  17  Do you then yet exert yourself to hinder My people, so as not to let them go?


Exo_9:34-35 And when Pharaoh saw that the rain and the hail and the thunders had ceased, he continued to sin; and he hardened his heart, and the heart of his servants.  And the heart of Pharaoh was hardened, and he did not send forth the children of Israel, as the Lord said to Moses.


Exo_10:1-2  And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying, Go in to Pharaoh; for I have hardened his heart and the heart of his servants, that these signs may come upon them; in order  2  that you may relate in the ears of your children, and to your children's children, in how many things I have mocked the Egyptians


Exo_10:3  And Moses and Aaron went in before Pharaoh, and they said to him, Thus says the Lord God of the Hebrews: How long do you refuse to reverence Me? Let My people go, that they may serve Me.


Exo_10:20  And the Lord hardened the heart of Pharaoh, and he did not send away the children of Israel.


Exo_10:27  But the Lord hardened the heart of Pharaoh, and he would not let them go.


Exo_11:10  And Moses and Aaron did all these signs and wonders in the land of Egypt before Pharaoh; and the Lord hardened the heart of Pharaoh, and he did not hearken to send forth the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt.


Exo_13:15 And when Pharaoh hardened his heart so as not to send us away, He slew every firstborn in the land of Egypt, both the firstborn of man and the firstborn of beast; therefore I sacrifice every offspring that opens the womb, the males to the Lord, and every firstborn of my sons I will redeem.


Exo_14:4  And I will harden the heart of Pharaoh, and he shall pursue after them; and I will be glorified in Pharaoh, and in all his army, and all the Egyptians shall know that I am the Lord. And they did so.


Exo_14:8  And the Lord hardened the heart of Pharaoh, king of Egypt, and of his servants, and he pursued after the children of Israel; and the children of Israel went forth with a high hand.


Exo_14:17  And behold, I will harden the heart of Pharaoh and of all the Egyptians, and they shall go in after them; and I will be glorified upon Pharaoh, and upon all his army, and on his chariots and his horses.


Exo_14:17-18 CAB  And behold, I will harden the heart of Pharaoh and of all the Egyptians, and they shall go in after them; and I will be glorified upon Pharaoh, and upon all his army, and on his chariots and his horses.  18  And all the Egyptians shall know that I am the Lord, when I am glorified upon Pharaoh and upon his chariots and his horses.

Cross References There was a Passover, There will Be a Judgment


Rom_11:22 CAB  Behold then the kindness and severity of God: upon those that fell, severity; but upon you, kindness, if you continue in His kindness. Otherwise you also shall be cut off.


2Pe_3:9-14 CAB  The Lord does not delay concerning His promise, as some reckon slackness, but is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.  10  But the day of the Lord shall come as a thief in the night, in which the heavens shall pass away with a rushing noise, and the elements, burning with heat, shall be dissolved, both the earth and the works that are in it shall be burned up.  11  Therefore, seeing that all these things shall be dissolved, what sort of people ought you to be in holy conduct and godliness,  12  looking for and hastening the coming of the day of God, because of which the heavens, being set of fire, shall be dissolved, and the elements, burning with heat, shall melt?  13  But according to His promise, we look for new heavens and a new earth in which righteousness dwells.  14  Therefore, beloved, looking forward to these things, be diligent to be found by Him in peace, without spot or blemish;


Heb_3:15-19 CAB  while it is said: "Today, if you hear His voice, do not harden your hearts as in the rebellion."  16  For some, having heard, did provoke: but not all who came out of Egypt through Moses.  17  And with whom was He indignant forty years? Was it not with those who sinned, whose carcasses fell in the wilderness?  18  And to whom did He swear that they would not enter into His rest, except to those who disobeyed?  19  And we see that they were not able to enter on account of unbelief.


Heb_11:24-26 CAB  By faith Moses, when he was grown up, refused to be called a son of Pharaoh's daughter,  25  choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God, than to have the temporary pleasure of sin26  regarding the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures of Egypt; for he was looking to the reward.


Jud_1:5 CAB  But I want to remind you, though you once knew this, that the Lord, having saved the people out of the land of Egypt, afterward destroyed those who did not believe.


Rev_11:7-8 CAB  And when they finish their testimony, the Beast who ascends out of the bottomless pit will make war with them, and will overcome them, and will kill them.  8  And their corpse will lie on the street of the great city which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also their Lord was crucified.


Abominations of Egypt

Ezr_9:1 (MT)



Resources (Use With Caution)




Num 16 Background


Moses had preached that they were hard-hearted:

--------------- from DivRem teaching ---------------

Exo_32:9-10; Exo_33:2-5; Deu_9:4-8, Deu_9:13, Deu_9:24; Deu_31:26-27; Deu_32:20; 2Ch_30:8; Psa_78:8; Isa_48:4; Act_7:51-53


Exo_32:9; Deu_31:27; Act_7:51; Psa_78:8; Neh_9:16; Jer_17:23; Zec_7:11-12; Isa_6:10; Mat_13:13-15; Deu_32:28-29; Eph_4:18; Isa_44:18-20; Rom_1:21, Rom_1:28


Num_12:1-15 - Miriam & Aaron Criticize Moses


Korahs Rebellion

Num_16:1-2 - Korah rebels (with 250 leaders)

Num_16:3 - all the congregation is holy/ why do you exalt yourself?

Ye take too much upon you (KJV)

Let it be enough for you (CAB)

Ἐχέτω [echetō] ὑμῖν (LXX): vb pres act impv 3rd pers sg (p. 254 ALS)

Num_16:4 - Moses falls on his face

Num_16:5 - God has already shown who are holy (LXX)

the LORD will shew who are his, and who is holy (KJV)

Num_16:6 - Take censors

Num_16:7 - the man whom the Lord has chosen, he shall be holy (CAB) (as opposed to verse Num_16:3)

let it be enough for you (CAB) - ἱκανούσθω ὑμῖν (LXX): that is, let this be proof as to who should qualify to offer as priest before God

Num_16:8 - listenyou sons of Levi

Num_16:10 - do you seek to be priests also? (CAB)

Num_16:11 - You are all gathered together against God / Moses defends Aaron

Num_16:12 - (Summary verse)/ Dathan and Abiram refuse to go up

Num_16:13-15 - False Accusations/ Refuse to go up

v. Num_16:13 - Called Egypt a land of Milk and honey; and accused Moses of trying to kill them, and completely ruling over them

v. Num_16:14 - as a prince; not given them the Promised Land; Would you have put out the eyes of those men (CAB)

Num_16:16 - Moses Angry

Num_16:16-17 - Moses calls them to be ready again (250 vs. Aaron Who/ How many are holy?)

Num_16:18-19 - They all show up at the tabernacle (Korah/Dathan/Abiram +250 vs. Aaron/Moses)

Num_16:19-22 - God shows up: separate yourself and I will destroy the whole nation at once!

Judgment - Num_16:23-35

Num_16:23-27 - Run Away from Korah & his men!

v. Num_16:27 - And they stood aloof from the tent of Korah round about; and Dathan and Abiram (CAB)

Num_16:28-30 - If earth opens up, then God has sent Moses

Num_16:31-34 - Ground opens up (Destroyed: Korah/ Dathan/ Abiram + the people with them)

Num_16:35 - Fire devours the 250 men

Num_16:36-40 - Pick up the censors (long-term summary)

v. Num_16:38/ Num_16:40 - A Sign/ Memorial

Num_16:41 - next day: You have killed the people of the Lord!

v. Num_16:42 - KJV: they looked toward; CAB/LXX: they ran impetuously* to the tabernacle [impetuously: ὥρμησανG3729 (hōrmēsan; Lexiacal: ὁρμάω - hormaō)]

Num_16:42-43 - God shows up again

Num_16:44-45 - Get away and I will destroy the nation at once

Num_16:46 - Make atonement for the sin to stop the plague

Num_16:47-48 - Stood between the dead and the living





Jer 7 Judgment

Jer_7:8-34 - Judgments

Jer_7:12-14 - Temple destroyed as Shiloh was

Jer_7:16 - Do not pray for this people, because I will not hear

Jer_7:20 - Anger will be poured out as fire

Jer_7:25-28 - Prophets rising early


Jer 22 Jeconiah to go into Captivity

Jer_22:1-2 - Go to king of Judah (that is, Jeconiah)

Jer_22:3-4 Do justice = reward

Jer_22:5-9 If not, kings house destroyed (etc.)

Woes of Exile - Jer_22:10-23

Jer_22:10-12 Exile

Jer_22:11-12 - Shallum (Josiahs son) will remain in exile till he dies

Jer_22:13-17 - Woe to house built with injustice

Jer_22:18-19 Jehoiakim: will die a shameful death (outside the gate of Jerusalem)

Jer_22:20-23 - Woe to Lebanon

Woe to Jeconiah - Jer_22:24-30

Jer_22:24-27 - Jeconiah son of Jehoiakim: even if a ring, still would be exiled And I will cast you out, and your mother that bore you, into a land where you were not born; and there you shall die. (Jer_22:26 CAB); They in no way will return (Jer_22:27)

Jer_22:28 - Worthless Jeconiah will be thrown out into captivity

(Fulfilled: Jer_24:1; Jer_29:2; 2Ki_24:12-16; 2Ch_36:10; and Compare: Eze_19:1-14)

[Compare with the lie recorded in Jer_28:3-4]

Jer_22:29-30 write this man down as childless


Jer 23 False Prophets

Jer_23:1-4 Woe to present pastors (leaders)

Jer_23:5-8 - Future promise of restoration

Jer_23:9-11 - Priest and Prophet defiled

Jer_23:14 their adultery makes them like Sodom to God

Jer_23:15 defilement comes from the prophets

Jer_23:16-18 False prophets message is: peace for those who do not obey Gods Words

Jer_23:19-20 but God will actually do wrath

Jer_23:21 - I did not send the prophets, but they went anyway

Jer_23:22 - If they would have listened they would have preached repentance

Jer_23:23-24 God can reward

Jer_23:25-27 How long prophesy from own heart??

Jer_23:28-29 Let the real Prophet rise isnt this completely different from the false prophets??

Jer_23:28-40 Presumptuous Prophecies


Jer 24 Blessed Exiles, Cursed Residents

Jer_24:1 - Jeconiah went into Captivity (see Jer_22:28 and notes given previously)

Jer_24:2-7 - Future promise of restoration to Babylonian exiles (changed hearts!)

Jer_24:8-10 - Zedekiah, present king of Judah, & his people will be cursed & consumed into Egypt, & then everywhere else


Jer 25 The Message of the Real Prophets

Jer_25:1-2 - Before Jehoiakim went into captivity

Jer_25:3-4 - Prophets have been sent to people, rising early

Jer_25:5-6 Turn, everyone of you, from his evil way, and from your evil practices [that is, you are not saved]

Jer_25:7-8 But you did not listen

Jer_25:9 - Because of this, I will bring judgment

Jer_25:10-18 I will remove all joy, & bring judgment

Jer_25:11 Captivity will last for 70 yrs

Jer_25:14 Not in LXX

Jer_25:19-26 List of nations to be judged

Jer_25:27 Described & Enforced Judgment

Jer_25:29 - I am calling a sword upon all that dwell upon the earth (CAB)

Jer_25:33 - A lot of people Killed

Jer_25:34-37 Especially Pastors (leaders)

Jer_25:37-38 Everything destroyed


Jer 26 Jeremiahs Prophesied Temple Destruction Application of Real Message to Church People: God will Destroy your Religious House

At times, people can tolerate it when you talk about those sinful people out there, but what happens when you actually personally apply the real message from God to church peoples actual lives?

>> somehow add Micah before this?


Initial Proclamation

Jer_26:1 In the beginning of reign of Jehoiakim

Jer_26:2 Speak, & do not leave out one word (CAB)

Jer_26:3 Perhaps they will listen, and turn from their evil ways; then I will cease from the evils which I purpose to do to them, because of their evil practices. (CAB)

Jer_26:4-5 if you will not listen to prophets I sent early in the morning

Jer_26:6 then judgment: I will destroy the temple

Church People Persecute - Jer_26:7-24

Jer_26:8 Main Opposition: priests, false prophets and all the people

Jer_26:9 Life threatened for speaking against the Temple

all the people assembled* against Jeremiah (CAB) [Also: Jer_26:17 (συναγωγῇ); ]

Greek: ἐξεκκλησιάσθη that is, ex (out) + ekklēsiaG1577 (Assembly): to call (out) an assembly together. This word ekklēsia is what we usually translate as Church, and the passive voice here shows that the people in the temple where the primary culprits (see V-FPI-3S in RMAC and or, p. 202 ALS)];

So: All the people where (called to be) churched/ assembled together against Jeremiah

TSK: Mat_27:20; Mar_15:11; Act_13:50, Act_16:19-22, Act_17:5-8, Act_19:24-32, Act_21:30; Act_22:22

Also Compare: Psa_2:1-4; Act_21:30; Act_4:5-21, Act_4:23-31 (especially:  Act_4:6; Act_4:25-26)

Jer_26:12 Jeremiah says: The Lord sent me to prophesy against this house and against this city (CAB)

Jer_26:13 And now, amend your ways so God wont punish you this way

Jer_26:14 Kill if you will, but

Jer_26:15 It would be innocent blood for in truth the Lord has sent me to you to speak all these words in your ears (CAB)


Jeremiah Defended, Urijah Martyred

Jer_26:16 Secular people knew better than the church people

Jer_26:17-19 It is like the Elders said: Wait a minute, havent we seen this before??

See: Mic_3:10-11

Hard to follow break in story line:

Jer_26:20-23 Urijah also prophesied the same thing then killed

Jer_26:24 But Ahikam son of Shaphan protected Jeremiah


Temple Destruction Prophesied By many Others How Many Times Does this have to happen before someone catches on?

1Ki_8:1-66 Solomon Solomons Sobering Foundational Message

Mic_3:10-11 - Micah

Jeremiah: as seen above



False Accusation:

Mar_14:58 - we hear him say...

But real testimony:

Luk_19:43-45 - Build embankment... not one stone upon another

Luk_21:5-7 - Temple Specifically



Act_6:8 - Stephen

Act_6:10 - Could not withstand wisdom & Spirit by which he spoke

Act_6:11 - Bad guys

Act_6:12 - stirred up people

Act_6:13-14 - he speaks against this holy place!

Also See

Psa_79:1 - Lamentation




Paul was accused of being against the people and the Law and this place (Act_21:28 CAB)

Act_21:28 CAB crying out, "Men, Israelites, help! This is the man who is teaching all people everywhere; and furthermore he has brought Greeks into the temple and has defiled this holy place."

against the people Religious Rebellion Language

the Law Conveniently tagged on

this place How many times is this going to happen?


Other Examples

Compare Ark: 1Sa_4:10-12, 1Sa_4:19-22;

And others: Isa_43:28

God relented for a season when He saw brokenness:

2Ki_22:19 The Prophetess to King Josiah


Jer 27 Make Yokes and Warn the People!

Commission to Make Yokes & Initial Explanation & Proclamation


Jer_27:2-3 - Make yokes, send to nations that come to Jerusalem

Jer_27:6 - Earth/ animals given to Nebuchadnezzar

Jer_27:8-22 - Submit to Babylon, Reject False Prophets

Jer_27:8 - Nations punished if not submitted to the king of Babylon

Jer_27:9 - " not listen to your false prophets..." (CAB)

Jer_27:10 - "for they prophesy lies to you, to remove you far from your land." (CAB)

Jer_27:11 - Submission to yoke = get to stay in your own land and serve

Jer_27:12 - Zedekiah king of Judah warned to put his neck in and serve

[v. Jer_27:13 - omitted]

Jer_27:14 - they prophesy unrighteous[ly]

Jer_27:15 - 'I did not send them' 'they prophesy unrighteously to kill you & those who prophesy lies to you'

Jer_27:16 - to people/priests: Don't listen to prophets that say vessels will return from Babylon...

Jer_27:17 - 'I did not send them'

Jer_27:19-22 - Remaining vessels will go into Babylon as with Jeconiah when he was taken


Jer 28 The Prophetic Showdown

Jer_28:1 - Hananiah H2608 / Ananias G367

Jer_28:2-4 - False prophecy Part 1

Jer_28:5-9 - Jeremiah's Response

Especially verses:

Jer_28:6 - may it be

Jer_28:8-9 - real prophets: spoke against

Jer_28:10-11 - False prophecy Part 2

Jer_28:12-17 - Jeremiah's Prophecy against Hananiah




Exposes the profanity of the monumental places of the patriarchs




The Sermon on the Mount, and in the Plain






Mat 23

See: The Bible is True -



See/ compare: John Reading[TTS files]


John Chapters

Joh_4:1-42; Joh_5:17-47; Joh_6:1-71; Joh_7:1-53; Joh_8:12-59; Joh_9:35-41; Joh_10:1-42;


John 4


Joh_4:10-15 Living Water (esp. v. Joh_4:10-11)

Joh_4:16-19 Go call husband

Joh_4:20-24 Worship in Spirit and Truth

Joh_4:31-38 Real Food (esp. v. Joh_4:31-34)


John 5

Joh_5:19-20 I only do what I see the Father do

Joh_5:21-27 All judgment given to the Son (Father judges no one partitioned nature)

Joh_5:23 Delegated honor (dishonor goes back to the Father)

Joh_5:24 People are being saved who here/believe Jesus

Joh_5:30 I do nothing of myself (also see Joh 7 & Joh 14 below, and also see Exclusivity in the Repent of Words Bible study)

Joh_5:33-36 - John the Burning & shining Lamp

Joh_5:36-38 - Why arent you listening to The Father?

Joh_5:39-40 - Search Scriptures think you have eternal life

Joh_5:41-42 - I know you no Love of God in selves

Joh_5:43 - Glory from men vs. Glory from God

Joh_5:44-47 - Moses accuses you!


John 6

Joh_6:1-15 - Multiplying bread and Fish

Joh_6:16-21 - Walking on water

Joh_6:22-25 - Crowds Re-gather

Joh_6:26-36 (etc.) - Get the real Bread

Joh_6:32 - Ultra-Spiritual Transition

Joh_6:37-46 - The Father must draw (also Joh_6:65)

Joh_6:47-59 - Bread of life

Joh_6:60-71 - Got to be Spiritual

Joh_6:63 - It is The Spirit that makes alive


John 7

Joh_7:16-18 . My doctrine is not my own


John 8

Joh_8:1-11 The woman taken in Adultery


Joh_8:12-19 Pharisees vs. Jesus & the Fathers Testimony

Joh_8:12 Light

Joh_8:13 Pharisees challenge

Joh_8:15 You judge according to the flesh

Joh_8:18 the Father testifies about Me


Joh_8:20 Treasury

Joh_8:21/ Joh_8:24 you willdie in your sin.

Joh_8:23 Origins contrasted: Heaven vs. Earth

Joh_8:26 I have many things to say and to judge concerning you

Joh_8:28-29 from Myself I do nothing but from the Father


Joh_8:30 many believed


>> (Joh_15:15-16 fruit that remains)


Joh_8:33 We have never been any one's slaves...


Joh_8:41 religious reference to Mal_2:10




If you Don't Believe Yourself, Then You Don't Have to Sin



John 8

Joh_8:33 We have never been any one's slaves...

>> don't ever trust your own perception of yourself

>> don't be shallow

>> don't ever be sad when you hear truth

>> don't be rich





1Ti_1:15 orthodox view of yourself

>> never justify yourself / give yourself any credit of being anywhere... wait till God shows things objectively

>> don't ever just say you are good, DO good and prove your spiritual reality

>> once you have been proven under truth, then you and others may rejoice


Joh_1:12 As many as recieved Him...



V: If you are not in utter bliss at my words, you do not love me. If you don't have room in yourself/heart for my words you don't love me.


V: Loving words is how you be a discipline. That includes loving truth. This is not for my sake but for your sake.


V: Peter loves- "but you have the words of life." Eve - Zoho? - life



V: After Adam was with his wife he named her Life


John 14

Joh_14:10 - not my own Words




Acts 10


(A) Acts_10:1-35 Peter Receives Cornelius

Significance: Gentiles are Now Equal with Jews, Especially When Righteousness Rushes in by Jesus


v. Act_10:26 Peter: I myself am also a man-countenanced[ωπός]-one κἀγὼ αὐτὸς ἄνθρωπός εἰμι

v. Act_10:34 No Prejudice A God is no receiver (to himself) toward countenances [προσωπολήπτης] (i.e. v. Act_10:26) the no bowing had to do with the potential difference and superiority* of Jews (i.e. Peter) over Gentiles (i.e. Cornelius), which God now did not recognize when faith was happening into Jesus.

[* περισσὸν (Rom_3:1) lit. (made)-overflowing-all-around-ness]

v. Act_10:34 No Prejudice B I take hold of [καταλαμβάνομαι] [the fact that] God does not take hold of countenances ροσωπολήπτης] καταλαμβάνομαι ὅτι οὐκ ἔστι προσωπολήπτης ὁ Θεός λαμβ- and λήπ- are actually the same root in Greek (even though this can be very challenging for English readers to perceive from English.)

v. Act_10:35 Fear God + Work Righteousness = Accepted by God (Even before faith in Jesus just as Peter directly applied it Cornelius)


(B) Acts_10:36-48 Cornelius & Company Are Saved & Filled When Peter Proclaims Jewish Monotheism to Gentiles

Significance: God Demonstrates this New Cleansing by Anointing the Uncircumcised Nations


Peters Proclamation: Jewish Jesus: (1) [nation of] Israel/country of the [Monotheistic] Jews (v. Act_10:36/ v. Act_10:39) > (2) [Northern region of] Galilee [Liberal region of the nations] (v. Act_10:37) > (3) [specific city of] Nazareth (v. Act_10:38) > [the Southern region of*] Judea [conservative] (v. Act_10:37) > (4) [city of] Jerusalem itself Crucifixion (v. Act_10:39)

[* Judea is called a region: Mat_19:1; Mar_10:1; Act_26:20;]


v. Act_10:36 [here is] the good-message-announced, peaceful Word [τὸν λόγον], through Jesus Anointed One [Χριστοῦ (v. Act_10:38)] (Lord of all), stationed (sent) away, from God, to Israel (i.e. The Monotheistic God chose to proclaim this life of Jesus to the Monotheistic nation of Israel):

v. Act_10:37 ·remember [ὑμεῖς οἴδατε] the ·spoken flowing word [ῥῆμα] from [region of] Galilee down [καθ᾿] through all [ὅλης] of [the region of*] Judea [the conservative region of Monotheistic Israel] that came after the immersion proclaimed by John:

v. Act_10:38 ·The God [ὁ Θεὸς] was with Jesus and ·anointed/christened/christ-ified [ἔχρισεν (v. Act_10:36)] the [τὸν] Jesus [the historical one] from Nazareth [not the polytheistic one you may have invited into your heart] with a (the) holy (clean/monotheistic) spirit and power [δυνάμει] to do good/heal oppressed people under the devil coming down on them with (polytheistic) power [καταδυναστευομένους (same root word)]. [Note: doing good = overthrowing polytheism/personal guidance spirits]

v. Act_10:39 Peter & company* witnessed the miracles from the (general) ·country of the [Monotheistic] Jews [ἔν τε τῇ χώρᾳ τῶν ᾿Ιουδαίων] all the way to Jerusalem itself [the capital of all Monotheism], where they killed Jesus on a tree.

[* esp. the stationed/sent away apostles?]

v. Act_10:40 God resurrected Jesus ·in visible/public light [ἐμφανῆ γενέσθαι]

v. Act_10:41 exclusively displaying Him to ·the pre-hand-picked [τοῖς προκεχειροτονημένοις] witnesses (Peter & company)

[Important Note to Liberal/Independent Americans: God demands that your faith in Jesus saving resurrection is absolutely dependent on your continued faith in the Words/testimony of those He sends!]

v. Act_10:42 Jesus = JUDGE (of living and dead) Jesus: ·message-announced next to [παρήγγειλεν] for them to proclaim [κηρύξαι] & ·thoroughly testify/witness [διαμαρτύρασθαι] that Jesus ·has been marked out by a horizon [ὡρισμένος] (Rom_1:4) as a judge of living and dead

v. Act_10:43 Prophesied Forgiveness Through Faith in His Name All fore-speakers/prophets testify/witness: ·Actively take hold of [λαβεῖν V-2AAN (v. Act_10:47)] forgiveness/sending away of sins through believing into His name

v. Act_10:44 Holy Spirit Falls ·the Spirit the one that is Holy [τὸ Πνεῦμα τὸ ῞Αγιον] / Falls in [ἐπὶ (v. Act_10:45, Act_10:48)] Midst of Spoken/Flowing Words [ τὰ ῥήματα summarized as τὸν λόγον]

v. Act_10:45 (B) Gift [ἡ δωρεὰ] of the Holy Spirit ·poured out [ἐκκέχυται] upon [ἐπὶ (v. Act_10:44, Act_10:48)] Nations/Gentiles/(former) pagans/polytheists (A) Jews/Circumcision εριτομῆς πιστοὶ] ·standing out of themselves (ecstasy-ed) in amazement [ἐξέστησαν (v. 10)]

v. Act_10:46 (A) Audible Proof of Filling: - ·speaking in tongues/languages [λαλούντων γλώσσαις] ·Mega-ifying/magnifying [μεγαλυνόντων] ·the (one) God [τὸν Θεόν] [i.e. ethnic polytheists (i.e. those pagan by birth) are now having a clearly monotheistic spiritual filling/encounter (with the one God) which is always very unusual!] (B) Peter responds

v. Act_10:47 No stopping [κωλῦσαι] immersion/baptism [βαπτισθῆναι] in water [ὕδωρ] when the filled nations have taken a hold of [(v. Act_10:43)] ·the one (Jewish, Monotheistic) spirit, the one that is holy [τὸ Πνεῦμα τὸ ῞Αγιον]

v. Act_10:48 (A) Nations immersed*, in the name of TSB-texts: the lord [τοῦ Κυρίου]; A-texts: Jesus anointed one [Ἰησοῦ χριστοῦ] (B) Peter & company stay with [ἐπιμεῖναι lit remained upon (Act_10:44-45)] them some days

[* under Peters arranged-toward command/instruction: προσέταξε]





Romans 1-16 Chapter Summaries

Other dates; 6/2/16; 6/10/16


Rom 1

The nations are under sin and just condemnation

Rom 2

Jews are also under sin

(Paul says we Jews really are right, as Jesus speaks on behalf of Jews this way in Joh_4:20, Joh_4:22)

Rom 3

Everyone is under sin

Rom 4

Salvation must be by favor

Rom 5

Now that you are saved, this is what it looks like

Rom 6

Just because the nations were freely forgiven by Jesus from past sins without the law, does not mean they can lawlessly continue in present sins and be Christians.

BIG Transition:

Freely forgiven from past, but not free to Continue in Present

Though you nations were freely forgiven from your past sins by faith in Jesus without even having the law, this does not mean that you can freely continue in present lawlessness and sins and be saved.

Rom 7

Nor Can Jewish Christians continue in the sins of being under the law

Rom 8

When we were saved we were set free from sin, and we have to live this way hoping in predestination to make it to heaven

Rom 9

Present-day Israel is an example of People Not Predestined for heaven

Rom 10

This is how salvation actually work in contrast to present-day Israels example

Rom 11

But Dont forget, because of Predestination, one day all Israel will be saved (Rom_11:26)

Rom 12

In light of the fact that you nations are now the ones who are saved, I charge you how you must follow Jesus

Rom 13

Submit to authority (etc.)

Rom 14-15a

Dont be foolish and fleshly and abuse your Freedom Actually Love people and seek their benefit

Rom 14-15b

This is why the Gentiles are saved



Rom 16


Rom_16:1-2 Phebe, the female deaconess διάκονον G1249 (dikonon)


Romans 3-4 Favor Instead of Our Works

See the Favor of God Bible study


Rom 4 And James

Paul is saying that forgiveness of past sins is not obtained by works, but by stopping works: 'to him who does not work...'

When you have faith, you are justified by omition.

James is saying that now that you have a forgiven life, your a candidate for being approved for living a new life for Jesus. James never addreses the need to cleans a defiled past, but Paul captitalises on it. 

You were justifyed from your past commisions of sin when you stopped them all by faith (including the ones that try to make up for the past). Now you need to walk this walk and work the works of faith so that you are justified by not presently omitting righteousness.

Your past is cleaned by stopping your own works, while your future is secured by doing God's works.

Paul is inviting you to go in the door, and James is inspecting you when you pass through. (Mat_22:8-13)



1 Timothy

The Structure and highlights of the epistles to Timothy


1st Timothy Summary

Timothys Mission (Ch 1) > Care for the world (Ch 2) >  Order the Church (Ch 2) >  Church leadership (Ch 3) >  Church Preaching (Ch 4) >  Church People (Ch 5 and Ch 6)


1Tim 1

1Ti_1:3-20 Timothys Charge and mission (esp. 1Ti_1:3-4; 1Ti_1:18; as also in: 1Ti_3:14-15; 1Ti_4:13-16 > 2Ti_1:6; [1Ti_1:18 prophecies; also compare: Keep clean]; 1Ti_6:20)

1Ti_1:3-11 This is how you can teach to fulfill the charge

1Ti_1:12-17 Pauls Testimony is an example of this (esp. 1Ti_1:16)

1Ti_1:18-20 Paul really wants Timothy to make it (not like those who have fallen in v. 1Ti_1:20; this leads into the next chapter)


1Tim 2

1Ti_2:1-7 How to Live in Ephesus (pray for salvation)

1Ti_2:8-15 How to order the Church (Men: 1Ti_2:8; Women: 1Ti_2:9-15; esp. )


1Tim 3

1Ti_3:1-16 How to Take Care of Church leadership

1Ti_3:1-7 Overseers (bishops)

1Ti_3:8-13 Servants of the Church (deacons)

1Ti_3:11 Female servants of the Church (deaconesses); (cannot be a devil/ slanderer: Joh_6:70; 2Ti_3:3; Tit_2:3)

1Ti_3:14-15 Back to the mission

1Ti_3:14-16 The praise in light of all this

1Ti_3:14-161Ti_4:1-11 Got to Oppose Flesh-based righteousness!


1Tim 4

1Ti_4:1-16 Preach in light of the End Times (2Ti_3:1-17)

1Ti_4:1 some [τινες (tines)] will depart from the Faith (i.e. some is an unspecified amount, which is in fact, the majority as seen in 2Pe_2:2).

1Ti_4:13-16 - The solution is truth


Some Explanation

In this case, Peter shows us that where Paul refers to some, [τινες (tines)] this includes the majority; Some very clearly refers to the majority in the following passages:

Heb_3:16 (Heb_3:15-19); 1Co_10:10; Rom_3:3; Rom_11:17 (Clearly the majority: Rom_11:1-5; Rom_11:7-32; Rom_11:19-21; Rom_11:32; the word some is used in verses: Rom_11:14, Rom_11:17; also remember: Rom_3:3)

(I would say that this some majority dynamic also applies to: Mat_16:28/ Luk_9:27; 1Co_6:11; 2Co_3:1) also compare: Php_1:15


1Tim 5

1Ti_5:1-25 How  to deal with Different people A

1Ti_5:1 Older men (Elders), younger men

1Ti_5: Older women (Female Elders), Younger women as sisters, with all purity.

Widows and Leaders - How and who to compensate

1Ti_5:3-16 Widows (Determine which ones are REAL Widows: 1Ti_5:3; 1Ti_5:5)

1Ti_5:4; 1Ti_5:8; 1Ti_5:16 - Relatives should provide for them

1Ti_5:17-21 Elders (called overseers in 1Tim 3)

1Ti_5:22-25 Keep clean from other people's sins


1Tim 6

1Ti_6:1-21 How to deal with Different people - B

1Ti_6:1-2 Servants

1Ti_6:3-10 False teachers [money-liking teachers that do not teach according to good-fear (reverence)]

1Ti_6:11-16 How flee from this, and preach truth instead

1Ti_6:17-19 Rich people

1Ti_6:20 Reminder of Timothys Mission

1Ti_6:20-21 How to avoid corruption


2nd Timothy

The Structure and highlights of the epistles to Timothy


2nd Timothy Summary

Pauls final written exhortation to Timothy to be faithful

1 You have been faithful, now keep being faithful

2 Here is how to live out faithfulness

3 Live out faithfulness in light of the end times

4 So keep faithfully proclaiming, because most will turn away in the end times, just like they have now turned away from me at the end of my life


2Tim 1

>> Make this consistent with above summary:

Give yourself faithfully to the favor of God by being faithful to the truth and favor in others who are real Christians

1Ti_1:1-18 Pauls  relationship with Timothy (& then others)

1Ti_1:3-5 Paul likes Timothy a lot with Gods Love

1Ti_1:6-8 - He wants Timothy to be a man of God and Love him back

1Ti_1:9-10 Real Christians should be excited about Loving each other because Gods favor is all over them!

1Ti_1:11-14 Pauls commission and Timothys charge in all of this

1Ti_1:15-18 The faithful and the unfaithful (examples)


2Tim 2

1Ti_2:1 So Timothy should be faithful to favor because of this

/\ Make this consistent with what is said in summary above







2Tim 3



2Tim 4



2nd Peter


2Peter 2



2Pe_2:1 - there will be false teachers... (Jud_1:4)

2Pe_2:2 Many will follow them the way of truth will be blasphemed

2Pe_2:3 - covetousness

2Pe_2:4 - angels (Jude-like section begins)

2Pe_2:12 - non-speaking natural animals

2Pe_2:13 - revel in the daytime... spots and blemishes...

2Pe_2:14  - having eyes full of adultery...

2Pe_2:17-18 - false promises/ lusts of the flesh

2Pe_2:19 - promising to them freedom...

2Pe_2:20-22 - better to have never been saved

(Compare 2Pe_1:9-11)





Jud_1:3 - contend for the faith

Jud_1:4 - [have] crept in unawares (2Pe_2:1)

Jud_1:5 - saved people can be destroyed

Jud_1:6-7 - angels/ Sodom & Gomorrha

Jud_1:8 - dreamers

Jud_1:10 - what they know naturally, as brute beasts

Jud_1:11 - Core

Jud_1:12-13 - spots...

Jud_1:14-15 - Enoch...

Jud_1:16 -complainers... respect of persons

Jud_1:17-18 - remember apostles! (Jud_1:4 / 2Pe_2:1)

Jud_1:19 - soul-based divisions (see: Jas_3:15)






Rev 17

Rev_17:1-2 -  the great prostitute... many waters (Rev_17:15; Rev_18:3)

Rev_17:3 - scarlet-colored animal

Rev_17:4 - ritch!

Rev_17:5 MYSTERY (Remember 2Th ?)

Rev_17:6 - blood of the saints (Rev_18:24)

Rev_17:6-7 - Why did you Marvel G2296 ?

Rev_17:9-18 - interpretation

Rev_17:16-17 - burn her with fire (Rev_18:7-8;  Rev_18:18; Rev_18:20-21)

>> neciasarily talking about the church

Eze_16:37-44 - Jerusalem

Lev_21:9 - daughter of priest burned


Rev 18

Rev_18:2 - Babylon the great is fallen

Rev_18:3 - all nations... (Rev_17:1-2; Rev_17:15)

Rev_18:4-5 - Come Out!! (Mat_25:6)

Rev_18:7-8 - "god doesn't want his children to suffer"

Rev_18:18 - smoke of her burning

Rev_18:20-21 - Rejoice over her


Rev 19

Rev_19:1-6 - Praise God for Judging her!




Larger Summaries




12/8/13; 12/13/13; 12/15/13; 12/29/13; 1/2/14; 1/5/14; (othe

r dates); 1/10/14-1/12/14



Heb_1:3, etc. (Jesus = the standing under foundation)

Heb_3:6, etc. (Heb_3:9 - they percieved God's works, but did not remember them by faith)

Heb_3:12 - departing from living God

Heb_3:14 - hold down the standing under



Heb_10:24 onward...


Heb_10:36 Promises/Firm Pronounced Messages

[κομισησθεG2865 V-AMS-2P τηνG3588 T-ASF επαγγελιανG1860 N-ASF]

Heb_11:9 - Promised land

Heb_11:11 - Sara lead God's pronouncements to be faithful to her

Heb_11:13 - Did NOT recieve promises... [μηG3361 PRT-N λαβοντεςG2983 V-2AAP-NPM ταςG3588 T-APF επαγγελιαςG1860 N-APF]

Heb_11:17 - he (Abraham) who had recieved them [οG3588 T-NSM ταςG3588 T-APF επαγγελιαςG1860 N-APF αναδεξαμενοςG324 V-ADP-NSM]

(Heb_11:19 καὶ ἐν παραβολῇ ἐκομίσατο. )

Heb_11:33 - DID Obtained them [επετυχονG2013 V-2AAI-3P επαγγελιωνG1860 N-GPF]

Heb_11:39 - Did NOT recieve promises... [ουκG3756 PRT-N εκομισαντοG2865 V-AMI-3P τηνG3588 T-ASF επαγγελιανG1860 N-ASF]



Heb_11:5-6 < Gen_5:22-24