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6/28/21 (recompiled); 7/9/21; 7/11/21


Obeyers Virtue Guide (OVG)

Obeyers Virtue Guide - The Prayer List Used by Every Bible Obeyer in The World!


(1) Obeyers Virtue Guide -- Micro




·        Business-card size

·        Double-sided

·        Prayer Logos (graphics)

·        Easy to skim, remember, & pray


(2) Obeyers Virtue Guide -- Full-Text Version



This is somewhat of a “Teacher’s Guide” especially for disciplers, or for advanced disciples who have already been taught.


(3) Other Versions Planned for the OVG

·        OVG -- Micro-Magnified: Prayer poster (for your wall) with our “micro” (business card) theme

·        Specialized versions for particular needs


Prayer Posters

·        Our great ambition is to make “Prayer Posters” with Scriptures and “Prayer Logos”, as an expansion of our OVG.

·        Every OVG “Prayer Logo” virtue correlates with a “Prayer Poster” we long to make to help Bible Obeyers pray.


Other Prayerful Resources

·        Spiritual Interface (Bible study)*

·        Songs of the Righteous (Song Book)*

·        Any other suggestions to add here?
(Anything else Bible Obeyers Love to use to pray and be great?)


* Links to some of these resources are pending (they can be added here when ready).


Why to Use the OVG?

An introduction to the prayer list used by every Bible obeyer in the world!


The OVG (with accompanying “Prayer Posters” and resources) is a prayer list used by every known Bible Obeyer in the world.


We know that's quite a remarkable statement, but isn't it exciting that it's still somehow True?


Hang on and stay tuned and let's explore why striking statements are actual real...


Goals Accomplished by the OVG


Let's please just be raw and honest here: basically no one has a very impressive prayer life where they're not living in any sin and they are actually obeying all the Bible and becoming a truly deep and wise man or woman of God.


After all don't church people treat prayer like "15 minutes a day keeps the devil away"?


and are you sensitive enough to know that your prayer life desperately needs some serious help?


and I fear lest you or anyone else might already be so pathetic, complacent, full, dull, and callous so as to be content with what they already have in their prayer life - especially if you have never even experience the power of obeying all the Bible in prayer!


This is why every known serious Bible obeyer in the world uses the OVG.


Most people don't even have a clue that they're supposed to be praying massive amounts of time every day with their life, much less do they actually accomplish any real meaningful Bible obedience to change their life unto excellent divinely inspired virtues.


and not only do we need to accomplish the good that everyone else is foolishly neglecting and blindly passing by, but we also have to defeat all sin among many hurts and trials in life that most people simply drown with the pleasures of this life.

almost no one gets real virtue in prayer because they're too complacent to even get free from sin in prayer.


Every time Bible obeyers have struggled with something wrong in our hearts, and every time we have gotten stuck spiritually, and felt "off", disconnected, and confused, first of all we can actually notice it, which is way more than pretty much everyone else in churchianity can honestly say.


But beyond simply noticing our trials when striving to actually obey all the Bible, we can also actually do something about getting back into divinely inspired perfection, which is even more unheard of in churchianity.


and whenever we fall into a trial and find ourselves contradicted in seeking to obey all the Bible, and seeking to maintain a walk of absolutely no sin, it just about always has something to do with something mentioned in the OVG prayer list - so we can essentially rely on these virtues as a sure roadmap to find our way out of sin and temptation, and to get back into obeying all the Bible, and to get unstuck from just about every trial.





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PRAY! -- Virtual Prayer Room for Bible Obeyers to Learn to Pray!



@team: Prayer Resources Update


We have 2 new links to help us quickly get to our important prayer resources:


(1) PRAY = our new “Virtual Prayer Room” where we can find links to all of our major prayer habits.


I am developing it as a growing “Virtual Prayer Room” where it has all of the digital files that we might use to print our prayer tools for our walls / bedrooms / etc.


Whenever we might not be at home with easy access to our prayer tools we can just go here to view the same printable tools as PDFs.


(this is actually a big project for me to move and consolidate all of our prayer resources here so it can keep growing into a truly useful and feature rich resource location)


Of course, ideas and feedback are very appreciated :+)


(2) OVG = an easy to remember shortcut to go directly to our “micro ” (business card) Obeyers Virtue Guide.