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1/30/10; 3/18/10; 8/28/10; 1/15/12; 1/23/12; 5/14/12; 7/12/12; 9/3/12; 11/1/12; 3/25/15; other dates; 4/7/15 (Al, JS); 8/30/16


12/1/16 – Persecutions Continue to Stall Us From Working on the Book

We are being bitterly hated and persecuted by our family again.

We are in desperate need of housing for safety, but there are not many people who care or are interested in helping.

How can this entire country be so rich with resources and yet so desolate in compassion and faith toward those doing kindness and sacrificial love toward all humanity?

If I did not have hope in the Judgement and the coming of saving Justice I would have no hope at all in this bitter and sorrowful age…




8/28/16 – Still Needing Help

We strive and are in danger and stand in much need, and are often threatened and persecuted, and we are hated by all men, and though we have the light of Justice which the whole world needs, yet it is the false prophets who are at ease with many resources to advance their cause and indulgent message and build their own kingdoms. While others have more than they need, the “priests and Levites” have had to take up secular work and wait on tables, and the Word of God is reduced upon the earth in the hearts of men.
    The righteous have families and mouths to feed, and housing expenses, and other obligations and “bills”, and the integrity of Scribal work is SERIOUS labor that requires full-time devotion and focus.
    The “Divorce and Remarriage Repentance Revolution”, the Purity Proclamation, the Biblical Dress Code, The Keys to Obeying the Sermon on the Mount, and countless others all “wait on tables” to the shame of the whole world. Heaven look down and vindicate His servants in a day of rejoicing when the proclamation of truth is greatly honored and helped more and more by the poor who so strongly believe.

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3/25/15 – Update: Bearing Many Constraints and Threats and Persecutions, and Longing to Work on The Book

For the last number of years we have been distressed and threatened and persecuted to such a great degree that we have not been able to work on the divorce and remarriage book and publish our latest labors. We long and wish to finish up these last updates, but with as much trouble as we are facing, I have not been able to risk the well-being of our disciples to work on writing and revising.

    At times, we are still being harshly threatened, insulted, hated, and chased, so we are often hard pressed. Recently I had a family member say I was evil and satan, and said, “you deserve to be crucified and tortured for the rest of your life... you deserve to burn on a cross for all eternity”. (1/21/15)

>> while helping poor souls to be courageous to continue in extreme modesty of Bible-obeying groups is

I also had a leader in the permanency of marriage movement reject me with insults, saying I was self-condemned, and saying, “The things you have written take my breath away in their evil and ignorance.” (3/1/15)

It is very obvious that Jesus was exactly right when he said His disciples would be hated by all men, and be betrayed by friends and family for His name’s sake.

    We are burning with zeal to promote truth on the earth again and we are constantly watching for timing and resources to get to a safe place [dwell on a safe and settled premise   Find a place to live at that is safe and settled] so we can simply lead a quiet and peaceable life and write truth to help save and benefit many other people. If you have any ideas, please let us know: www.TrueConnection.org/contact


9/3/12; 11/1/12

I am still colaboring fervently with faithful disciples seeking to get a major update published in the next month or so… (please stay tuned).


Update: We were stalled a bit in October for truth’s sake after finding a few more important discoveries that we had to research before moving on, but we are eager to finish this latest update of the book sooner than later! We are laboring every day, and I trust, moving forward toward another critical update in the next number of weeks or months… please stay tuned!



Today marks the official “10-Year Anniversary” for the day when I first wrote a small, 5-page paper on “Divorce & Remarriage” (7/12/02) which eventually became Divorce and Remarriage Repentance Revolution”.


As you might have guessed, I am laboring intensely to get another update finished and made available on the website. As with other updates, with this update I’ve been researching for many countless hours and I am extremely eager to get these critical updates and corrections incorporated into the book. This update brings the book a step closer to eventually being ready for official review. If you know of anyone who would be willing to help with some very basic proof reading please let me know!



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2/14/11 (with clarifications) -11/12/11; (1/23/12); 9/3/12

After about 9 months and countless hours of great labor it looks like I finally have a long-awaited update to “Divorce and Remarriage Repentance Revolution”!


I added many new sections all throughout the book, especially enhancing Chapter 3 [which is now about to be Chapter 4] this time, laboring greatly over the countless, weighty, exciting details of the exception clause.


Also included in these updates is the long-awaited section on * The Seven Examples * where God actually used men of God to call real people to get out of unlawful marriages.


With all of these very numerous additions and thorough revisions we went from having 167 pages to 231 pages. With more than 60 pages of new content, needless to say, I don’t think it would be practical for me to name all of the extremely important new sections that are all throughout the book, but I am praying that they would benefit people who are in desperate need and hungry for truth (but perhaps I may get to include a highlight list of these new and important sections at some point). My prayer is that it could somehow help us all actually obey God and somehow make it to heaven in this age of great apostasy.


Although these are very defining and important updates, there are certainly many more updates where that came from. Please let me know whenever you find any mistakes or particular sections that need critical clarification because I really do need help like this so I can continue to make needed revisions. As some have noticed, although I am going on 2 years past my original goal to get the book printed, I am laboring greatly to bring this book to completion as soon as God permits!


May God finally be honored;

May lawless heresies be confronted;

May people (especially church people) be saved from darkness and slavery to sin!

May God call the Modern church to repent!



I am currently preparing another critical update soon where many corrections have been made, and a few more exciting sections have been greatly revised and added.


1/30/10 – 8/28/10

We have been working on getting the book in print. Countless hours have been underway in updating and preparing the teaching for this next step. Some updates are in mid-process and we don’t expect them to all be immediately reflected on the website until major sections are revised and completed.

    We are not sure if we will get a book in print within 2010, but we are continually laboring to get it in print as soon as God will permit us. Our resources are limited but we are praying that God will help us resume working on the book at “full speed ahead.”



·        College bible study pastor intensifies round two of harsh persecution (1/12/09; compare Act_9:1-2; Act_26:9-12)

·        Abandoned and persecuted by more old friends

·        Disciples persecuted on every side, kicked out of college bible study, and compelled to flee from persecution at church as well (March 2009)

·        With the Disciples in Florida at about 8 people, we corporately started doing “Book Days” to try and finish the book.



·        In the midst of praying one morning, while gearing up to pray with my friend (Jason Davis) over the phone, around 6:30 AM, while up in NJ, I suddenly understood from praying that I should rename the book from simply Divorce & Remarriage to Divorce & Remarriage Repentance Revolution.

·        Launched www.DivorceAndRemarriageBook.com

·        Shortly after setting my face to finish the book, I got funding to get it in print



·        After being asked over and over, I finally perceived that God wanted me to get the book in print

·        Fri 5/18/07 – Was asked Bible questions by 3 new people I had not yet met after a large college bible study, and stayed up till about 5 in the morning talking about truth. This was the beginning of the Disciples in Florida.

·        Fri 9/21 – Sat 9/22/07 – Harshly kicked out of college bible study by their pastor for giving Bible verses about marriage to a student



Jan 2006 – TrueConnection.org & Divorce and Remarriage Conference

·        Launched www.TrueConnection.org

·        Helped with the first “International Marriages for Life” conference in Orlando FL (right after launching TrueConnection.org)

·        Asked speakers if they knew anything about logos in Matthew 5


Divorce and Remarriage Research

·        Finally discovered logos in the Greek Old Testament (LXX)

·        Got extremely excited to finally have some answers!

·        5/27/06 – Wrote 1½ paper on “Logos in Matthew 5” (which was eventually incorporated into the book in 2009)



·        Memorized the Greek Alphabet, and then started really learning Greek, especially in light of taking a short community education course called, “Basic Greek 1” (September 2005)

·        Discovered logos in Matthew 5!

·        Started asking everyone I could about why logos was in Matthew 5



·        First major persecution for the marriage teaching

·        Asked to leave the church I was at

·        Abandoned and betrayed by most of my previously close and faithful friends

·        Was in a continual “exile” of harsh trials for about 3 years



·        Graduated college



·        Started going to a large mainline denomination that had a core of real Christians (1999)

·        Did initial intensive research on the marriage issue

·        Started writing a number of papers on marriage in college (1999-2003)

·        ­­Wrote a small, 5-page paper on “Divorce & Remarriage” (7/12/02) as a Bible project for a church internship that I was in, which eventually became the book called Divorce and Remarriage Repentance Revolution



·        Repented of living in sin and started obeying the Bible [see testimony]

·        Heard the teaching that the marriage covenant was permanent

·        Read “Till Death Do Us Part” (by Joe Webb)




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The only reason I put this here is to avoid people misusing this work with bad motives. This is officially copyrighted to protect it from those with money in mind, and to preserve it for free distribution, especially in the unlikely event that someone might think to make money off of it rather than maximizing its distribution. You are permitted and encouraged to freely copy and redistribute this work in its entirety, via standard copy machine or electronic documentation as long as you make no money off of it. If you wish to reproduce this work on any larger scale, please contact me at Josiahs@trueconnection.org. You may also quote this document, by citing the reference as:


“[Name of Bible Study]” By Josiahs Scott, www.TrueConnection.org



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I am looking forward to posting some exciting updates here as soon as I am permitted…!


1/23/12 – Looking forward to Review

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As long as I am able to work full time on the book, it seems that we are constantly getting closer to finishing all of the major new sections that are critically needed before printing.


As long as I’m able to work full time on the book, it feels like we’re getting so much closer every day. There’s a small chance that we may indeed get to print it at some point this year (2012) but this is not all the way clear yet. I’m getting very close to completing all of the new sections that I need to complete before bringing it to print. If I may be able to get that much complete, then I think the rest of the needed work means revising, revising, and revising some more until everything is complete and acceptable.


At some point we are eagerly anticipating the input of volunteer reviewers, and if you think that you would like to be a part of this please contact me. We need all the review help we can get with this huge project. You do not have to be good at anything, just available to help.

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1/23/12 – Important additions

Like I wrote previously, there are too many additions, enhancements, fixes, and exciting new sections to list, but here is a developing list of important sections that I am frequently asked about