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Josiahs Scott,,

Recompiled 1/9/10; 11/29/10; 1/13/11; 5/7/11; 5/14/12; 7/6/12


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Table of Contents

Preface Explanation  1

Personal Questions. 2

Testimony  2

Testimony / Call to Ministry. 2

Spiritual Growth. 2

Where am I at now with Jesus?. 2

Type of Person  2

Basic Info about Josiahs  3

Picture  3

Youth Ministry. 4

Why Youth Ministry?  4

Youth Challenges  4

The Quality of the Input 4

Counseling and Discipleship. 4

Discipleship Resources. 4

Abilities. 5

Personal Spiritual Gifts  5

Spiritual Gifts. 5

Strengths and Weaknesses  5

Any Debt?  5

Skills  5

Leadership Structures  5

5 Books  6

Devotional Discipline  6

Ministry Philosophies. 6

Career Goal 6

Your Dream Church  6

Ministry Expectations  7

Repentance is Serious. 7

Embracing Reverence. 7

Progressive churches. 7

Teaching the Bible. 8

As it Relates to Money. 8

Commitments. 9

Part-time/Full-time  9

Relocation  10

Salary Expectation  10

Small-Budget Scenarios  10

Years of Commitment 10


Preface Explanation

I hope this entire document is helpful for challenging people to believe the Bible and obey Jesus. Nevertheless, these FAQs are directed specifically at answering questions that are geared toward “interview” inquiries that people have asked me to determine if they would like to have me come and serve at their church. I am ready to go and preach anywhere in the World as much as God allows, and I hope this section can help determine on the “Ministerial” side of things, if an inquiring church would be interested in having me come to their location to serve.


The theological counterpart for these FAQs is found at the following link:



Personal Questions



Describe briefly your conversion, your subsequent spiritual growth, and your current relationship with Christ.


Testimony / Call to Ministry

I was raised in church my whole life, but ended up playing the hypocrite for many years. I became desperately depressed, to the point that I wanted to kill myself. After much hardship, I finally stopped most of the sin that I was in, seeking to be right with God.

    On a certain day around late 1996 or early 1997, the church that I was at was having a typical service and I was deeply discouraged and hopeless, especially in light of this, so I stepped out of church at some point and cried out to God.

    I looked at the church next to me and felt such deep despair because I knew there was not one person there or in the rest of the world that I knew of who Truly Loved Jesus and could help me. So I cried out to God wishing that there was someone else on earth with answers, who really wanted to live for Jesus as much as I did, and could help me get a hold of Him. About a month later I met someone leading a Tuesday night Bible study who had what I had always wanted in life- Jesus.

    Many things happened, and it took a while before God also set me free of depression, but I found myself running after Jesus with all I had on an exciting adventure that I never imagined I would live out. This culminated in early 1997, and many years later I am still burning brighter, and I feel the urgent call to see the church repent and get right with Jesus.


For more, please see:


Spiritual Growth

After first repenting, some important spiritual growth took place, as God established many core values in me. But it wasn’t until God had mercy on me and set me free from spiritual bondage that I shot off like a rocket and got totally captivated for Jesus!

    There have been several key factors that have produced spiritual growth in my life. In past seasons I have had people who called me to obey Jesus all the way. I still stand amazed by the Bible, and how God writes Words down that are constantly revolutionizing my life. But all of these have been solidified most of all by life-changing encounters with God in prayer. My spiritual growth is summed up in all these things.


Where am I at now with Jesus?

This is easily the only thing that matters to me in life. I eat, sleep, and wake every day to be connected to Jesus and to connect others to Him.

    In this season of my life God has been pleased to open up so many unforeseen doors which makes my life given to transient unpredictable seasons of exciting ministry in various places while making disciples locally in the mean time through many Bible studies and prayers, much effort in studying the Bible personally to get a hold of truth, writing about the Bible, and doing all I can to call people to truly follow Jesus.

    In many ways the things that I’m experiencing at this season are the answers to so many prayers in the past, and the fulfillment of many promises that I have waited for, for so many years.

    In recent times God allowed me the privilege of traveling to a number of churches in a number of states to preach his truth. Many of these things are represented on the MP3 Sermons page of my website.

    As ambitious as I am to see Jesus’ kingdom come with as much of my life as possible, this usually means much preparation and prayer. This often involves intense “breaking” by being crucified in this flesh, and exciting solidification in truth.

    So between taking a hold of promises and fighting through spiritual barriers I’m at an important and transitioning season in following Jesus, always preparing for and asking God about what He has in mind next for ministry and calling people to follow Him, while being continually eager for what He is willing to teach me, and how He would be willing to reveal Himself to me in prayer.


Type of Person

In ministry, what might a friend say about you and the type of person you are?  What would they say about your sense of humor? 


Many people think of me as “hard-core” for Jesus, and some say I’m a prophet (while I do not claim this).  When I teach the Bible we have a lot of fun, even though we end up often talking about serious truths.  I also perceive that there is a mutual sense of Love and appreciation among the participants when we study the Bible. But I think it’s even better if you hear these things “from the horse’s mouth…”


Please see: Character Summaries


See Also: References


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Basic Info about Josiahs

Name: Josiahs Scott


Contact Info: Click Here


Age: I was born Nov 14th 1980, so that means I turn…

30 in 2010

31 in 2011

32 in 2012

33 in 2013


Marital Status: Never Married

Single, and not looking. In fact, I’ve never been in any romantic relationship at all:


Joh_3:27; 1Co_7:31-33


Also Compare:


Employment: Self Employed:


Life Mission and Calling

To call the Modern church to repent



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Youth Ministry


Why Youth Ministry?

Why are you interested in youth ministry?


I want to give my life away for the Gospel. I want to “spend and be spent” to see people follow Jesus. I’ve deeply enjoyed all of the opportunities I’ve had for many years to affect youth and pour into their lives; I am happy to continue doing this as much as God allows the opportunity.


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Youth Challenges

What are the top three challenges facing youth today?


1. Churches that don’t offer the Truth; 2. Peers who pressure into worldliness (sin); 3. No perceived hope for change (resulting in lack of hunger for change)


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How to do Youth Ministry

As a youth pastor, how would you seek to help redeem the lives of our youth and lead them into the flourishing discipleship of following Jesus? What Strategies would you use to reach them?


Two Parts

I think that there are at least two main ways I would answer this question, and both are necessary to address.  Most everyone seems to naturally be interested in knowing what kind of intentional strategic “timeline” type of plan a perspective youth pastor would have in mind for the youth.  But usually more neglected (yet more important) than this strategic plan, is the vital understanding of what kind of input is necessary for the students growth in Jesus.


Which Is Greater?

Both youth as well as church people in general are most dependent upon clever and entertaining “gimmicks” when they are lacking true life-giving content.  Seeing that this is what we ought not to be going after, if we are going to address a strategy, let it be spiritual in nature and based on honoring God rather than depending on man. 

    Problems are frequently encountered when we miss-prioritize the methodology as the answer, and seek for a technique and plan doable by man, rather than reassuring ourselves through the fear of God that our labor is righteous and eternally worthwhile if we place all of our hope in Gods Words and doing things His way by faith rather than pragmatics.  But though seeking methodology cannot give us righteous quality, seeking righteous quality will give us reasonable grounds to be assured that God will work out our methodology as well.

    Though I would say that the input is more important than the methodology used, I’m addressing both of these below with a few different questions that are usually asked.


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Youth Group Strategy

What type of strategy would you use to develop an effective youth ministry?



Strategic education, including Bible-notes handouts, various resources, and other things for students to interact with during youth group, as well as to take with them to dig deeper when they go home.


Key Players

Interns (student leaders) – Intensive, focused, intentional discipleship.  Hands on learning, training, and practicing, in the context of leadership responsibilities in the youth group as well as preparing for ministry in life in general.

Volunteers (adult leaders) – Chaperones, mentors, leaders.


Parental Dynamics

Ideally this means…

(Also see below)


Experiential Adventures

Retreats, missions trips, and getaways


Relational Dynamics

Counseling – One-on-one talks.  Those who I disciple know that they can call me at any time whether in a crisis or just for advice.  I richly enjoy doing this on a regular basis; it’s my pleasure.

Visiting – Meeting kids for lunch, Bible studies, and even going to see their games, performances, and presentations.  Also visiting with parents, or having them over at my house, (as appropriate).

Social Elements (see below) – “Fun” is a real need that cannot be neglected while properly claiming to do one’s job in youth ministry.  Though we may be able to get away very well with this element missing in many ministry situations, it is all too easily and quickly noticed in youth culture which is very sensitive to situations where this need is being ignored. 

When the “fun need” is being met in the pursuit of Jesus (or at least in this context) as it was intended, then in many cases we have made Jesus available in their concept of life and its needs, and have removed the unnecessary and false concept of a Jesus who is irrelevant and unconcerned with their needs. 

Youth are aware that a Jesus who is not concerned with their needs, is not concerned with them. And we ought to be out to destroy such faults concepts by displaying the real which makes people “more alive,” not “more boring.”


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How to Start

What would you do with your first 30 or 90 days as a youth minister?


BUILD. That is: relationships, trust, foundations of Truth, a group of volunteers (if possible), a “core” of dedicated youth to especially disciple and prepare for service, accountability system for my work to be done with integrity, and a daily/ weekly schedule to entreat a move of God upon the youth.


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Essential Elements of a Youth Group

Tell us your idea of the essential elements of a Youth program.


Youth Group Elements


● Displaying Jesus through the Gospel. (Meaning that every aspect should reflect this message)

● Organized, intentional, focused, strategic presentation of Life-changing Truth

● Pervading Love and passion to see youth transformed into God’s kingdom. Without relational-pastoring, there is no substance to what is taught.

● Submission and accountability (in every respect)

● Good-standing with parents (as much as possible)

● Willing volunteers

● Appropriate avenues to meet social/“fun” needs (ie. Games, events, lock-ins etc.)


Keep in Mind

More than any of the specific styles and strategies that are useful for running youth groups, the most critical element for defining the spiritual success in students’ lives is the need to challenge them to take Jesus seriously as the defining factor and all-consuming dictator of their lives.


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Youth Group Values

I would want the character and attitude of the youth group to be built on core values including the following:



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Parental Involvement with Youth

What role do you believe parents play within the student ministry?


Ideally, if all parents were doing what they were supposed to do, then we probably would hardly need “youth ministry” in the first place. But we have a lost culture and a lost church that needs help! We also have youth who want to reach out to their friends who's parents do not follow Jesus, and many other factors including cultural qualities that make youth ministry all the more worth wile.

The benefit of having parents involved with youth ministry is that they can team up with the youth pastor to reinforce Truths both in the home as well as at church. Especially when the parents and the youth pastor both have the common interest of investing in the lives of the youth, it proves very important to maintain good relationships in this area. All of this can maximize efforts in raising up Godly youth into revolutionaries for Jesus.


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The Quality of the Input

How do you seek to qualitatively instill Biblical values in the youth?


Counseling and Discipleship

While there are countless methodologies and strategies to doing effective youth ministry, there is no way to substitute a youth group’s truest need.

    I am convinced that there’s no way to avoid the need for regular quality time from a godly role model invested in pouring into people’s lives. If the youth are going to be deeply affected and personally changed, they frequently need one-on-one guidance to understand and grapple with the issues that they’re facing.  This seems to usually take the form of counseling, discipleship, mentoring, (“role modeling”) and overall focused attention to see them grow.  Interestingly, it is often difficult or impossible to aid a person with the problems in their life while we stand outside of it.


1Th 2:7-8 EMTV  But we proved to be gentle in your midst, as a nursing mother cherishes her own children.  8  In this way longing for you, we were well pleased to impart to you not only the gospel of God, but also our own lives, because you had become dear to us.



Although I understand that many youth pastor openings are “part time positions,” or that they just have limited funds in general, it is my joy either way to be on call 24 hours a day for prayer, counseling, and advice for the youth.  Attitudes of availability like this can be essential in providing the proof that students are crying out for that they are valuable and that their youth pastor is interested in their struggles and willing to invest in their lives far beyond the motivation of any financial compensation or simply because they are just trying to meet some obligations and “job requirements.”


My desire and goal would be to meet with students throughout the week for personal discipleship, in addition to the regular youth meetings.  Out of this I would like to raise up leaders, eventually in the form of a kind of “Church Leadership Internship.”

Whether officially or casually, my desire is to seek every opportunity to invest in raising up disciples.  This can include things like:

- Meeting up with kids at their lunch break at their schools

- Going to see them perform in school activities like presentations, games, and things like this

- Mission Trips

- Retreats

- Other things that maintain involvement in their lives and bring them into fellowship, discipleship, and training.


I think we can see that when God is with us in our efforts, intense and effective discipleship brings people fully into the calling that God has set aside for them.  My desire is to seek this with as many avenues as God provides, including the very practical and necessary social avenues they have in their lives.


Discipleship Resources

It is a joyful habit of mine to develop materials and tools to explain the truths of the Bible for us to live by. This was a major starting point for my motivation in making the primary website I have:


After having developed quality materials for teaching God’s truth, I have found that we can connect the dots to the student’s lives by investing quality time in bringing that truth to them when speaking the Word of God to them.


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Personal Spiritual Gifts

What are your personal spiritual gifts?


Spiritual Gifts (from 1Corinthians 12, and others)

Discerning of spirits (1Cor 12:10), some Prophecy (v. 10, 28; Rom 12:6; Eph 4:11), Wisdom (v. 8), often words of knowledge (v. 8), Teaching/preaching/evangelizing (v. 8, 28; 14:26; Rom 12:7-8; Eph 4:11), (and I hope one day Apostleship, v. 28; 2Co 12:12; Compare what I wrote on “Apostles” above). And yes, (Biblical) tongues also (v. 10, 30).


For more see:

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Also Compare: Gifts of the Holy Spirit; [Back to Contents]


Strengths and Weaknesses

Please discuss your strengths and weaknesses as related to ministry.


I think I am weak in just about everything I do, or at least, that's my ambition. I believe in the favor of God that this is glory for me by faith in Jesus' cross.


My main strengths are prayer, relentless dedication, and comprehensive knowledge of the Bible. I strongly Love those I pray to see changed for Jesus. God has also made me able to lead effectively. My weaknesses can be perfectionism (spending too much time on one project), and at times discouragement. This is another reason why I am relentless about maintaining accountability in my life, so as to not fall to these things.


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Any Debt?

How much debt do you have? Specify amounts for the various things.


A grand total of… $0.00! (I thank Jesus greatly!). In fact, though I’ve moved several times, paid bills, and managed money for many years, I’ve never been “in debt” because of the values that I have established against spending money I don’t have.  Now all I have to do is pray through how to deal with a mortgage if I ever have to face one.


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What are your skills and hobbies?


Creativity/Art, writing, Music (piano), Spanish, Greek, Computer Media (and computers in general), Scuba Diving, some outdoors, pets (especially birds, cats, & dogs) etc.

For a more full description, compare Graphic (occupational) Résumé: Résumé.pdf


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Team Leadership Experience

What process have you used to assimilate people into teams or groups?


I was asked to train an entire outreach team of hundreds of missionaries from many different churches, in a drama called “Redeemer.” []

I used a highly managerial dividing process of selecting first those who already knew the drama, and assigning them “training quarters,” and then by delegation, had groups decide which people from their team would best play parts in the drama.

This was probably the most complex thing I’ve done with hundreds of people, divided into different locations, providing each location with the music that went with the skit, and a means of playing the music, while having 5 different scenes of the skit being practiced simultaneously!

It was quite a seen seeing scores of people assigned to one person who knew a certain part, and all of them imitating the complex choreography to the music at once.

I knew the whole skit backward and forward, so I went around and helped as needed, and made sure that all of the necessary resources were available.


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Leadership Structures

List and describe the various leadership structures that you have worked in.


I have been in and worked with churches from just about every variant and tradition you can imagine, but the main ones I have been significantly involved in have been:


Baptist – (autonomous church structure) the top authority seems to consistently be the deacons

Assemblies of God – (which has a light hierarchical structure), where either the pastor or the deacons may end up acting as the authorities, but it seems more-so the pastor in my experience.

Methodist – (Committee-based, but also hierarchical) which tends to make members of the congregation the authorities

Nondenominational – Everything in-between


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5 Books

Name the most important books that you have read which have most deeply affected you in ministry.


Key Books I Have Read

1. The Bible (over and over and over...)

2. The “Apocrypha” (Deuterocanonical Books)

3. Still Reading The Ante-Nicene Fathers (the writings of the early Church)

4. True Discipleship

5. Till Death Do us Part?


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Devotional Discipline

How do you order your personal devotional time?


A minimum of 2 hours in the morning for prayer, about an hour of Bible study, Usually 10 - 30 min of mid-day prayer, and about an hour or two of prayer at night.  My goal is to pray at least 3 or more hours a day.


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Ministry Philosophies


Career Goal

What is your ultimate career goal?


The only defining, life-long, “Career Goal” I have is to pour my life into benefiting people by proclaiming Jesus’ truth and calling the modern church to repent; whether I am helped financially or not is a very small detail that God has kindly provided for. If I could do nothing besides preach, do Bible studies, and witness, and pray and prepare to preach, do Bible studies, and witness, and pour my life out to make true followers of Jesus, I could die happy. My idea of a good time is to travel from one place to another, preaching from church to church, and when I read of how the Apostles did this in Acts, I burn inside with desire to do the same. If all of this includes being considered an official “pastor” along the way, that is good too, if God is willing.

For me this is the most natural response I could have after being blown away by what God did in my life and the things He put inside me.


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Your Dream Church

What would be your vision/dream of an ideal, highly effective church?


A Church of all (or at least mostly) saved people pursuing God with everything that they had. It would be good to have leadership that was fully armed in all the capacities needed. For example, it would seem effective to at least have both an elder (experienced person) in leadership, as well as one who was being raised up to “carry on the legacy.” People need not only teachers, but also evangelists, prophets, apostles, and the other gifts, and the Bible says they need them:


And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; 12 For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ: 13 Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ

(Eph 4:11-13 KJV)


[Seeing that these things obviously have not been accomplished yet in any Church body, we can be sure that we are still in need of these things. >> Compare: Gifts of the Holy Spirit]


In such an ideal Church, people would love each other second only to God. They would be courageous enough to take the Gospel around the world, and real enough to live it in the workplace. They would give their lives, their time, their money, their attention, their heart, not to advancing their own religious social organization, but to revolutionizing this dead world (including most every church today), and bringing the life-changing Truth of God to hopeless darkened souls to save them from Hell. They would no longer play games with God’s Word, but would fearlessly embrace Him head-on for everything He says about Himself, about sin, about us, and our lives.

They would give their lives away to be martyrs for Jesus, by life or by death (Phil 1:20)

Now that’s a Church worth living for (1Th_3:8), because that’s a Church that embodies Jesus Himself; and only a few people have seen such things in our dark age!


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Ministry Expectations

What can be expected if we ask you to come and speak or to be a pastor in our area?


Repentance is Serious

I am here to call the modern church to repent. I am not willing to play church games like everyone is a nice “christian” in a congregation that I may be privileged to speak at. You will not be happy with me coming to your area if you want someone to come and help maintain or inspire a nice religious social organization. I am here to benefit the humble and oppose the perversion of this age, not to entertain rich heretics.


I’m addressing “speaking engagements” as well as pastor positions in the following answers.



In seeking to preach the true Gospel as well as seeking to fulfill my specific calling, I have often emphasized the following values:


Truth, submission to the Bible, the need for repentance in the Modern church, holiness, purity, the fear of God, righteousness, the favor of God, taking a hold of the promises of God, deep spiritual insight etc.


Obviously, there’s a need to start where people are at, and I do not teach church attenders the same way I teach real disciples, nor young people the same as “more mature” members.

In every case I hope and pray that people will always see and hear from me about the fire and zeal of God for His truth, and the exhortation to disciples to take hold of the goodness and favor of God.


Gal 4:18 WEB  But it is always good to be zealous…




Embracing Reverence

Much of what I’m writing here is explained in detail in this unfinished Bible study:


Reverent caution is a strong theme most people will be likely to notice when working alongside me in ministry. There are a lot of things that I will be careful not to do for the sake of testimony and for the sake of doing all things in faith (Rom_14:22-23). The one main request that I especially make in all these cases is that one would not expect or require me to go against my conscious, other people’s conscious, or actively participate in things that are questionable or shady, not to mention things that the Bible clearly and directly warns against.

    Especially when there is the possibility that optional activities could be wrong, inappropriate, or even be perceived that way, I consider avoiding it to be the God-fearing thing to do (see above). It is a small thing to ask for us to change something in light of honoring God and loving people by avoiding offense. I can always recognize when a person is addicted to indulgence when they cannot be flexible to another person’s conscious. Let us be truly free so that we can both do things as well as not do things for the sake of loving others as God has so clearly commanded us (Rom_15:1-3).


So whether these things are wrong, or even perceived to be wrong, we are told to avoid them. Anyone who is a real Christian will happily agree.


Progressive churches

In many self-termed “Progressive churches” the unspoken rule of thumb is to be as indulgent as possible without losing the perception of being a church.  But though there may be many fun new ideas that are not necessarily wrong, and some of which could even honor God more, the direction of a Church should not be a sense of indulgence, but of self-denial (see below)!

    For this reason, while many churches pursue indulging in the name of being “Progressive” I strongly value the Biblical mandate of embracing caution. We are not commanded to express ourselves and experience life, but to deny ourselves and give up our life!


Mat 10:38-39 WEB  He who doesn't take his cross and follow after me, isn't worthy of me.   39  He who finds his life will lose it; and he who loses his life for my sake will find it.



Mat_16:24-25; Mar_8:34-35; Luk_9:23-24; Luk_14:25-27, Luk_14:33-35;


Especially because of the nature of my secular occupations in graphic design and computers, I have had to develop specific purity standards for my work. These were basic moral principles, and should be a given in any church situation.  One might think that this is only necessary in secular positions, but I found that I have to say that no matter where it is, as much as possible, I do not want to do, or help in, anything that is even close to compromising God’s standards, or anything which has potential of being defiling, even if I have to set standards in ministry at a “church.”

    Purity before God is more important than convenience and being relevant combined, or any other practice that we may be accustomed to.


Teaching the Bible

As long as I can be assured that I can teach the Bible, I am ready to serve God’s truth anywhere in the World that God opens a door to preach.  Unfortunately humans have always sought ways to limit this and act like they’re still honoring God:

Isa 30:9-13; Pro 15:27


Also see:

2Ch_16:7-10; 2Ch_24:19-21, 2Ch_25:16; Jer_5:31, Jer_11:21; Jer_26:11, Jer_26:20-23, Jer_29:27, Jer_38:4; Amo_2:12, Amo_7:13; Mic_2:6; Act_4:17, Act_5:28; 1Th_2:15, 1Th_2:16; Rev_11:7

(Treasury of Scriptural Knowledge)


But contrary to this God says, “…Don't my words do good to him who walks blamelessly?” (Mic 2:7 WEB).


So we ought to stand up for and preach what’s true and not hide God’s Word from our midst.


At the same time I know that there can be conflicts.  In these cases submission is what I seek for, and is my preferred solution to all conflict in ministry as a whole.  My goal is submission and peace, and my obligation is the integrity to represent and preach God’s truth.  While seeking submission I must hold on to integrity by loving God first, and by holding His Words and truths above all men, (Rom_3:4; 2Co_8:5). Integrity to truth demands this, and obedience demand submission as much as possible in this context.

    The best representation of how I serve in ministry and what I teach is my website, and the best resource to summarize this is my FAQs. For the sake of wisdom, God's timing, and the need for submission, I would not necessarily teach everything found in my FAQs, but at the same time I'm liable to teach any of these things on the basis that I must follow that example left by Paul:


Act 20:20, 26-27 WEB  how I didn't shrink from declaring to you anything that was profitable, teaching you publicly and from house to house… 26  Therefore I testify to you this day that I am clean from the blood of all men,  27  for I didn't shrink from declaring to you the whole counsel of God.


And also:


Psa 40:10 WEB  …I have not concealed your loving kindness and your truth from the great assembly.


If these values and expectations sound good and reasonable to a place inviting me to come, then I’m ready to go there to preach as much as God allows.


As it Relates to Money

In many places I have stated that I’m not in it for money.  You can review my travel and moving policy and see this displayed very clearly.

    It is critical to be thankful and appreciative in acknowledging it when any group or individual financially helps a pastor for his work.  But infinitely more than this it is important that one's loyalty and devotion in preaching truth be determined exclusively on the basis of honoring God, and not the reimbursement of money, lest the preacher's words be found as the contemptible words of men (See: 1Pe 4:11; 1Co 3:3c; and see: Absolute Truth)


For the conclusion of this, see the Blinding Bribes section under the Righteous Finances Bible study.


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Are you interested in a part-time or a full-time Pastor or Youth Pastor Position?


I am interested in proclaiming God’s truth no matter what kind of a “position” people seem to think they have open. I understand that what is called “part-time” may be more limited financially, but whether “full-time” or “part-time,” I aim to work full-time. (I’m not in it for the money).


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Are you willing to relocate?


Yes, I’m counting on relocating:


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Salary Expectation


I expect to give my life away and die for Jesus, not make money. I do not need money; I need humble people who are willing to obey the Bible. In the mean time, if a church is pleased to help in some way this is very appreciated, even if it was not that much financially.


I prefer to let “salary” be based upon the church's ability. If a church can afford a “reasonable” income, that would be ideal. It is likely that I would need some means to pay bills and other needs. Notwithstanding,



Also See: Small-Budget Salaries; [Back to Contents]


Small-Budget Scenarios

What if a church could not afford to pay that much?


I understand that a small to normal-sized church sometimes cannot afford to pay that much. But salary is not very decisive on my end of things anyway, because my real goal is to take whatever door God provides to pour out my life and see people made into disciples. I am serious about this, to the point that I'm ready to go the extra mile to see it happen. I am committed not to let payment sway things in my mind as much as possible.


    There are several things that could help in such limited cases:

I would think that if a church could not pay much that they might be able to find someone willing to open their house to help their youth pastor afford to relocate without financial compensation.




>> Do I need to mention my home business?

Besides these things, for this very reason I’ve setup my own home-based business to provide income for ministry when financial help is limited, with the idea that it can “relocate” with me if needed. Please see the website I made for this business:


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Years of Commitment

How many years would you be willing to commit to our Pastor or Youth Minister position?


The Apostles (lit. sent out ones) traveled and preached as much as God gave them a door to profit others spiritually by proclaiming truth. I have taken this as my model. I am willing to stay as long as God keeps a door open for me to be there.



I don’t have any plans of leaving in the first place. I do not count discouragement and hardship (typical with any pastoring) as reasonable grounds for leaving any ministry situation. Nonetheless, even in a difficult situation without any sign of good favor from a church, it is probably safe to say that I would be willing to commit at least a year. But with a more favorable church situation I would like to stay at least 5-20 years depending on how long it took to raise up godly leadership.


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Other Information


Jason Davis

Faithful friend and supporter in ministry

7474 NW 120th LN Alachua, FL 32615

Cell: (352) 246-5352

Home: (386) 418-0015



While you are welcome to contact any of the churches on my Ministry Résumé, I would generally recommend contacting the following pastor:


Pastor Travis Moody

Office: (352) 472-3845

Home: (352) 490-7408

Cell: (352) 354-5131


“Professional”/ “Secular” work references (from my Occupational Résumé):


Wayne Rilko

University of Florida Faculty

(352) 745-2509


Jayne Grant

Santa Fe Community College Instructor

3000 NW 83rd St. #M160 Gainesville, FL 32606

(352) 395-5464


To get other references, including references from people I minister to, please email me:


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Bible Verses About Ministry


Have Nature of Service

Phi_2:5-8 - Jesus did not exalt Himself


Have Sympathy (Like Jesus)

Heb_4:15-16 - Heb_5:1-2


Baptist Pastor: 'choose your calling over your burden'

Act_16:6-9 - come over to Macedonia... concluded the Lord had called...


Moses Overloading

Exo_18:18 - You will surely wear away

Num_11:14 - I am not able to bear all this people alone

1Ki_19:4-14 - beware of self assessment during overload



Make sure that self assessment is not self assassination


But see Paul:



We overload when we don't clearly know what God wants us to do


Ministry Temptations

3Jn_1:9 - Diotrephes, who loves to be first...

3Jn_1:10 - Opposing accountability to truth



Resist: “Positional Immunity” (like “Diplomatic Immunity”)

“Because I am in a unique position, I have unique privileges”

Don’t attempt to fulfill the empty areas of the opposite gender

Don’t let bonds of healthy appreciation lead to unhealthy bonds of romantic affection

Feeding sensual desires behind legitimate screen


Risk Factors; Jeopardizing Safety

Physical exposure (a culture of undress)

Heart sharing (an exposure of the Heart)

Private Communication (alone, email, text messaging, notes)

Close working relationship

Unhealthy Humor; teasing

Sharing personal items (coats, cups, etc.)